And We're Back!

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Feels good to have the community back online!
Well, that took a lot longer than I wanted it to. :/ It was much more difficult than I had hoped to upgrade things and iron out bugs and I know its probably still not exactly perfect. So, I want your feedback (leave a comment here.) Let me know if something doesn't work the way it used to (if you want it back.) Let me know If you'd still like something to change, I will let you know if it's possible. I will still be testing some things and tweaking once you all start coming back and using the site... It's easier to see how it's working when there is some activity.


  • You can now assign your blog entries to a category the same way you've been doing for Pictures. It is not required but it will make it easier for people looking for your deer bio or for your creative writing if you add it to a category.
  • post URLS are now by node/# and not the same as the title of your entry. This way you can edit the title and the url will not change. None of your previous posts urls should have been effected by this.
  • you can use more HTML tags now for formatting. I added IMG, blockquote, h1-h4, i, b, br, p, tt, pre and strike... more info here. If you don't know what i am talking about, you don't need it Laughing out loud
  • I put in a hard coded limit of 1024 pixels across for images. Anything wider than that will be scaled down. And I hope that you will try to limit the size of your images as sometimes they get really huge and that is not so nice for browsing around. (And you can always put in a link to a larger version.)

    I would like to implement some sort of personal tagging system, so you can organize your entries for yourself also, but that is a bit more complicated and will have to be for the next time I do some crazy upgrade adventure >} Exclaim

    I am also thinking we should have a selection of header images, maybe the site's color and theme should change seasonally. Maybe at the Equinox and Solstice... or something. Anyway, hope you guys like the "new" site!

    all the best,
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    Yay! Thankyou guys for your

    Yay! Thankyou guys for your hard work and effort!
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    Oh my GODNESS! The new

    Oh my GODNESS!
    The new Community site looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the changes!
    *runs exploring the new stuff*
    Thank you so much, I love you guys. <3

    It looks absolutely

    It looks absolutely fantastic! Thank you Gods, I can't wait to see all the new things you've added in.

    You are truly kind, thank you for giving us your time to fix the site and make it even better. <3
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    All the stuff you've done is

    All the stuff you've done is brilliant! Thank you so much! <3
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    Now to get the actual game to

    Now to get the actual game to work xD
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    I spot a typo in "About TEF".

    I spot a typo in "About TEF". Is that extra c supposed to be there?

    And thankyou very much, M&A! Good to have this place up again!
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    Wonderful news Auriea!

    Wonderful news Auriea! Congratulations on getting everything back in working order.
    And thank you so much for the diary categories, I'm really pleased that that suggestion went through and was put into place.

    I definitely support the changing header images, keeps things fresh!

    One thing I did notice is that I am still unable to change my display name, it gives me a "You have to specify a valid author." warning and won't let me post.

    AND YAY A SEARCH! I'm so excited.
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    Wandering around the website

    Wandering around the website has been a learning curve and I'm clicking through everything. One thing I miss is being able to go through all blog entries at once and all pictures at once, without going through a category. Is there still a way to do this? The recent posts section is very confusing because both pictures and diaries have been grouped together.

    Browsing through the diaries looks very messy for the most part where people have separated their post into 'Read More', though I did notice that writing new entries does this automatically. I think I prefer the old view for looking at diaries, but the pictures looks great how it is.

    I don't meant to heap all this one you! I just wanted to give my feedback. <3
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    mmhh. There is currently some

    mmhh. There is currently some front page wonkiness that I am trying to iron out.

    - yes the 'c' in TEFc is for 'community' Smiling
    - I was trying to find the most convenient ways to browse images. i thought it was better by category instead of all together... but i will see if i can get all the images together too.
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    I love the categories for the

    I love the categories for the diaries and images but I think it would be nice to be able to browse both ways, all together and in categories like the images used to be.

    I second the above comment- I

    I second the above comment- I love the separation between categories, but I think it would really make it easier if there was an option to browse the Pictures as a whole, as well as the Diaries. Other than those minor things, I can't comprehend how amazing the site is! Lovely work <3
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    Sweet! Thanks. <3 The

    Sweet! Thanks. <3
    The categories should really help (and I love having node/ # for posts now).
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    Well it's getting late here.

    Well it's getting late here. I haven't announced the re-opening over at our main blog yet because I want to leave it overnight and make sure things are functioning on the server end as well now that the site is getting some traffic.

    Goodnight all you dear deer. See you tomorrow!
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    (Will the no-signature-anymore-setting stay?)
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    uwaa thanks so much! I can't

    uwaa thanks so much! I can't express my appreciation for your work in words. the site looks absolutely gorgeous. the colors are lovely 8D aah and the banner! thanks again you guys!

    Thank you so SO much for all

    Thank you so SO much for all your hard work, the site looks AMAZING! :'D
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    This is awesome~! I love

    This is awesome~! I love everything here~! Thank you sooo much~! <3
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    Definitely worth the wait =3

    Definitely worth the wait =3
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    Ditto! I'm having fun

    Ditto! I'm having fun exploring the new additions!

    Thank you so much for fixing the community site up!
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    Incredible! I love the

    Incredible! I love the categories, it makes everything a lot easier! I'm glad my older posts aren't bumped anymore when I update one little thing.

    I do have some 'bugs' I think.

    When I want the whole text in a certain color, it will only take the first few lines. Even if I put [ color ] at the beginning and [ / color ] at the very end of the text. It didn't do that at first.

    Also, when I edit my blog and I press preview to see how it looks, when I press back the things I edited are gone! So I have to add them in again.

    I hope this explanation was somewhat useful. ^^;

    To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul


    *does a happy dance and prances around screaminh*
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    This is gorgeous, Auriea. Blues and turquoises and browns~

    [Ah- I...hate to nitpick, but ah...the Online Users bit over there on the side. ;,; The lime green is rather hard to read against that blue.]

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    I didn't even notice that

    I didn't even notice that there were no signatures! I'm curious to know if they will return as well?
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    A big thankyou for all the

    A big thankyou for all the wonderful work you've done, It's looking great. I wish you all the best for the future. Take care and happy galloping.
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    oops! i hadn't noticed the

    oops! i hadn't noticed the signatures either. I put them back now. Also fixed the lime green user list in the sidebar. thanks for the feedback! looking into the other errors reported. we are talking to our admin about the Display Name problem (seems its hard to fix Sticking out tongue)

    Ah, and if you think there are any other blog categories that would be useful, let me know.
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    Yay ! It looks great Thanks

    Yay !
    It looks great
    Thanks for doing it 8D !

    An "other" category for blogs

    An "other" category for blogs would be nice. Some things I just don't know how to categorize.

    Anyway it's good to be back! Laughing out loud
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    Thank you so much M&A!! It's

    Thank you so much M&A!! It's perfect! Congrats! Smiling
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    Bwahaha, thanks a lot,

    Bwahaha, thanks a lot, Auriea, for the signatures back!
    I'm deeply in love with the new site. <33 Thank you so much for putting it all together!
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    ah and i just added IMG to

    ah and i just added IMG to the list of useable HTML... gosh don't know why that wasn't in there all this time Redface
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    OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!!!! The

    OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!!!! The changes are so cool!!!! Definitely worth the wait *bounds off to explore the new features*

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    Gah, sorry for the double

    Gah, sorry for the double post *stupid computer*
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    Thanks for already fixing

    Thanks for already fixing some things! Laughing out loud

    By the way, the problem I mentioned earlier with the colored text. I forgot to say that I used BBCode to do this. Or else you might not know where you should look. ^^;

    EDIT: I noticed I DID kind of explain that. Ah well. XD

    To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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    @Fenqua, I am not seeing the

    @Fenqua, I am not seeing the error with preview. Are you hitting preview and then using the Back button in your browser? You should see the post in an editable field below the preview so that you can continue editing there without having to go back. But maybe I am misunderstanding what happened when you did it?

    As for the color in BBcode, it seems to only work when the lines follow each other and not when there is a blank line in between. I am not sure if there is any way to change that behaviour. But I'll keep looking!
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    Yes, the BBC Colour code does

    Yes, the BBC Colour code does not work when you start a new paragraph, and neither does any other formatting like bold, underline, italicizes, etc. You have to create a new code for each. I noticed this when I was updating the Secret Santa blog and I tried to make 2 words red and green and italicized, but it would only italicizes the first so I had to do another code for the second word.

    I would really like to see an 'Other' or 'Misc.' blog category as was mentioned on the forums. I noticed a lot of people are putting things in the 'Community Events' that in my opinion shouldn't really be there, I was thinking of that category as party announcements, community projects, events, etc.

    And thank you for looking into the name situation Auriea, I really appreciate that. Being called bubblywums instead of Jen is alright, but I'd rather be known as Jen. Laughing out loud
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    I think you figured it out. I

    I think you figured it out. I did press the back button when doing that. Sorry, it was a mistake!

    And yes, that with the color code goes for size, font and probably other things as well.

    To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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    Nicely done, it was totally

    Nicely done, it was totally worth the wait. The colors are awesome and I love the new features! Thanks again!
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    oh my awesome work <3 nicely

    oh my Shocked awesome work <3 nicely done
    thank you ^^
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    I've made a category called

    I've made a category called Miscellaneous and put anything that was seriously off-topic from Community Events in there. Its not to say those posts aren't important but you are right, Community Events should be for things that are inviting other people to participate.

    The name thing should get fixed. Smiling

    As for the BBCode thing... if I can find a setting that fixes it...


    OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH IT HAS BEEN SUCH A HARD WEEK AND TO COME BACK TO THIS IS AWESOME!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you!!!!
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    This is magnificent. I have

    This is magnificent.

    I have been away from here for a few months, so I'm glad to return on such a great update.
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    Thank you for your hard work,

    Thank you for your hard work, it is looking excellent.


    About coding: Just type [br.]

    About coding: Just type [br.] (without the period) to make a new line to keep the color/size/style/etc. You can make one new line by hitting enter, and then use the "br" code to make another line. It's a lot easier than retyping the whole code every time.

    Although, you shouldn't have to do that. Usually in a forum you can apply a code to several paragraphs without having to use the "br" tag or retype the code.

    I've noticed that I am unable

    I've noticed that I am unable to change my email address in the account section. It acts as though the area is highlightable, but not an area to enter text.
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    Okay, I fixed the BBCode

    Okay, I fixed the BBCode issue. You can now have things like color effect multiple lines

    even when there is a line break in-between

    As for changing your email address. I believe this is unchangeable because it is linked to the account you signed up with (which is kept in a different database, to get all technical) I will ask the admin if there is some way to make this something you can change here. Otherwise, if you really need to change it now, please send us an email and we will do this for you.
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    This is great! nice, neat and

    This is great! nice, neat and fesh!
    i love the "Who's online" nobody can hide nowww mwhahaha
    I'm off to go and explore some more

    Nice work *gives you a cookie*
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    Wow, I love having this back.

    Wow, I love having this back. I'm still trying to figure out a routine for checking everything on the site, but I'll get used to it. Super job, particularly for such a short time. Smiling There's only one thing I would like to see added. I know you have all these little requests, but just until that wondrous live map is back, would it be possible to have a category of Who Are Yous? Because it would be nice when you're trying to find someone it doesn't immediately get pushed down and out of sight. Just a suggestion, since we all miss that map. Sticking out tongue

    Oh thank you ,thank you this

    Oh thank you ,thank you this is great! Smiling