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Anyone want to help me with vultures set?
Im having alot of trouble choosing what it should be
His non tef set is that of a bearded vulture like in my avatar, creams, light browns and a grey/brown colour.
I just love there colours of there feathers and such.

I was thinking on using either the skull mask or magpie mask?
The skull from vultures being a bird to do with death and the magpie mask from it looks like a bird ^.^;

Anyone want to make any sugestions for the pelt, antlers and mask
I woud be very grateful ^^

Magpie mask, antelope pelt?

Magpie mask, antelope pelt? Don't know about antlers D:

I tried xD;

The skull mask would match

The skull mask would match the face perfectly, I can almost see that vulture wearing a skull of one of it's brethren. OwO Maybe the antelope or the Noh pelt...and IDK about antlers... XD
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Hmmm Skull mask or Secretary


Skull mask or Secretary mask, Secretary antlers aaand the Great argus pelt?

*scoots away*

DraakxMitra C:
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If the skull mask wasn't

If the skull mask wasn't worn by so many others, I would say the skull. But since only a few have the magpie, might I suggest that instead? There are so many people running around with the skull mask, your character might not stand out as much.
As for pelt I think the second pelt from the left on the second row would do good simply because it has a cream underbelly and dark brown on top like the colors you had wanted, or the grey pelt which is one row down and second from the right might do as well:

As for antlers, I think the ones on the fourth row, farthest right would be best simply becasue they look like they could be the wings of a vulture a little:

So Magpie mask, winter real deer pelt or grey pelt, and huge spiky fan antlers.

Hope all goes well!

A wounded Deer leaps the Highest
-Emily Dickinson

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Wow thank you everyone to be

Wow thank you everyone to be honest, I didnt think anyone was going to give me sugestions.
So i say thank you to you people, I think i have found his set now with help from you guys so thanks <3