something dark's living down in my heart ; rhysand

smol tef bio for my favorite troublemaker, DISCLAIMER that he's sometimes naughty. i'll slowly be adding more.. and will prob post updates here as well at some point :3

Rhysand Grimald Galahad
Rhys, Shadowsinger, Raven Reaper, Night Terror, Phantom, Grim, Darkling.
Adult . Male . Halo . #5-#17

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Reigning King of Vandelia, a nation in Adara. A Thessalonican realm.
Radiates a very dark and powerful energy.
Manipulates shadows.

Charming · Attentive · Social · Observant
Illusive · Mischievous · Spirited · Reflective
Petty · Dutiful · Hardened · Calculating
Cunning · Taunting · Cold · Violent

.Shared blood. Leonidas, Keiran, Lorcan.
♥.Whom he would consider his inner circle, though it doesn't directly mean he's vulnerable with or even have the same emotional connections with everyone listed. In fact, holds very different relationships with each closer tie, but despite this admires each one for various - or even outright conflicting - reasons. Whether or not the relationship tie is reciprocated or not, still those that catch his attention first and foremost. Canary, Azura, Hanodim, Osha, Yumi.
+.Thought of positively by the Reaper and looked out for to a certain extent. This could mean either growing friendships or just people he sees from a distance and holds a certain level of relevancy to him. Svanrand, Vikal, Phobos, Gisela, Acacia.
=.Neutral towards. His views on them could go either way, though they aren't inherently negative or positive. Acknowledged in some form by the Shadowsinger and aware of, but still held at an arms-length. Dorian, Sagira, Ruxandra, Umay, Blackthorn, Ajokoira,
Hala, Johnny, Ingolfr, Blade, Amaya, Kozan, Blake.
?.Questioning, curiosity. Similar to neutral where he holds no direct negative or positive view towards and has seen around enough to be aware of them. However, still hasn't put a label on how he views them as of yet. Pyriel, Illrose, River, Raavonik, Vivian, Carmine, Yrsa.
-.Negative.. This opinion can range due to petty misgivings or actual insulting and life-threatening deeds. But regardless, disliked. Lazarus, Zagreus, Rusk, Damien, Set, Kali.

Art by Becca, design by JD with alterations by Luana ♥ !
Rhysand is 100% IC and does not represent the player.
Interactions are welcome through Forest, this bio, or discord: Laur#3136

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YES hello <3
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\o/ yesss
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*sploots down* yes hello

*sploots down* yes hello
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