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the sun swallowed me ; esam

Bio subject to mature themes after he ages!
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sounds like something that i used to feel ; morrow

GUESS I'LL make a bio for her too while I'm at it..
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light me up like a match soaked in gasoline ; jagrav

A lil bio so i can maybe do updates on him.. someday.. when i can't even update all my other char bios.. hue.
Bio subject to mature content! Mb.. eventually.. putting this here just in case tho :pensive:

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light in the air ; camiss

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Up for grabs

Literally just.. idk offer what you want for them, or could trade or.. literally hmu on discord for whatever I'm p chill/flexible with all of it. These are just designs I haven't much attention to and are lookin' for new homes. (AND OFC credit goes to original designers, I didn't create any of these!)

Trade 1

Trade 2


discord: Laur#5933
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CSS testing #6

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the devil's underneath your grin

I scrapped her bio bc it was sO OUTDATED so have this for now..
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