trading punches with the heart of darkness



After a brief meeting on the night of the 31st, made a date to take Riya to the forest. Could tell the Mechanic had little faith in her words with belief, and honestly couldn't wait to show her and prove her wrong. Without realizing, overwhelmed the other woman for quite a while during her showing of the woods. Seemingly far too excited to have someone to show around that she, for now, gets along with. Upon the approach of a fawn, could not hold back a smirk when she whispered an ask of how to greet. Yelling in their face or laughing, most specifically. Told her definitely neither, despite a shallow want to see the inevitable moo fight that would have ensured. Settled upon the hill near the ruins later on, after showing the landmarks that Shahla knows, and conversing about the forest. Surprised to learn about one specific landmark she seemed most drawn to, and despite keeping the next bit to herself, found an understanding in the Mechanic's explanation further regarding it.


Over the past few months had her second business venture stall upon a new addition (Riya) joining beside her. Does not see it as a loss, however, considering what her new business partner is bringing to the table and how much easier it will be with her expertise and skill. Has been able to put more attention back into Vroue for the time being, and having meetings at the establishment for the second business has made both much easier. Two birds, one stone. With the success, as well as the second venture stalled, has an influx of earnings that had been sitting pretty. Made the executive decision to upgrade and buy the spaces on either side to grow it out grander. Has since completed the addition and finds the place much more upscale than she could do with the smaller size of before. Has grown close to Riya since their first meeting a couple of months ago. So much so, that she shared the secrecy of the forests existence to. Can only assume that it is only she and Xiao who live in Ceishore and know about the Endless. Offered a visit with the Mechanic, and looking forward to showing the newbie around.


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going to blows with your fear incarnate
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look out, kid.

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if i fits i sits

if i fits i sits
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Sigi by Wake

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Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)