trading punches with the heart of darkness



A few days ago brought Simone back to Edros and had a 'date night'. Taught her bowling, ate trashy street food, and came back to her apartment to watch a silly horror movie after fixing snacks. DURING snack fixing though shared her business happenings, and asked about how things were going with her, mainly the sister in law because Shahla knew how tumultuous that had been. Excited for Simone with some news shared. Finally crossed that line with Simone that night, though the next morning was ofc naturally reserved. Allowed her mind to tell her possibilities until Simone woke and things weren't as bad or nonchalant as Shahla had worried herself over. Asked something that Simone returned. Eased at Simone's answer, but the offer she gave just before she left had Shahla feeling a thousand more things at intensive heights. Didn't get a chance to give her response as Simone left after giving it, not waiting for an answer. It was only last night Shahla got the courage to speak on it, and in turn ask for the same in return. Excited, nervous and scared about going forward and the future with this new change and addition.


With work in Edros taking off, and her new venture moving forward at record speed, has found little time for the forest save for the past few days. Spent time with Simone yesterday, before following a commotion to which she found her son involved in. Torn on what to do. Wished to aid his endeavors, but in the same breath wished for his independence to aid himself in a brawl. Watched closely, and only tore in to assist when she felt it was carrying on too long, or she couldn't keep her hooves grounded and still for any longer. Left him to his companions after it died down, and after a quick check over exchanged. Felt an excessive amount of pride, and a sense of nostalgic thrill to be somewhat a part of forest brawls. Returned to Simone's side before venturing home to tend to her own scattered wounds.

A few littered wounds | Tended to

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going to blows with your fear incarnate
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>:( <3
look out, kid.

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if i fits i sits

if i fits i sits
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Sigi by Wake

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