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Notes: Please note, This is a predatory character and CAN be antagonistic at times. If you wish for some interaction, or to be left alone, please dont hesitate to let me know! OnyxOryx#4800

Health: 10%
Satiation: 100%
Energy: 15%
Status: Fed

Injuries:A few deep gashes along her sides and rear. Scratches and tender areas. Slight concussion, took a kick to the head. Torn Blowhole. Bites on her face and head. Torn ear. Exhaustion. Blood loss. Deep tear on neck as well as gashes on her chest and forelegs. Puncture in the back of her jaw by antler tines. More gashes and claw marks marr her hide. Broken leg, severe blood loss, left eye gouged, tear in dorsal fin, cracked ribs.


Healed up a bit overnight and was actually well rested. Woke to rain. Still. Not a bad thing in her mind. Noticed a commotion and went to go stalk about. Some wolf creature was hunting it seemed. She was also getting attacked by many. Ever the opportunist, Blackfish followed. She tailed the fight until the predator was limping. A sign of injury. She took her chance. She was still pretty injured herself but the prospect of a meal was too great to pass up. Chased and clashed with the wolf. Blackfish had every intent to kill. Joined by Jae and Osha watching. Kissare and Matthew showed up, as did the ebony doe from a few days ago. They joined the fight. Blackfish tried to stay focused on her quarry but it's possible she hit the others. Couldn't really tell if they were helping her, or attacking her. Eventually the wolf dropped and Simpi felt rather proud of herself.

However, before she could dig in, Kissare launched himself at her. Spicy boy why you do? Fought him a bit only for the ebony doe, some massive wolf beast (Krueger), and MAYBE Matthew? Joined in. This prompted Jae to come barrelling in and Blackfish hoped he was on her side. Stayed out of Jae's way and delt mostly with River and Kissare. Then a big vampire boy (Vikal) came over.

SHE JUST WANTS TO EAT!!! Had several scuffles with Vikal and tried her best to fight for the carcass. Didn't win. Left the fight badly beaten and hungry. After a few minutes, limped back over, watching a massive demon beast (Chrona) at the kill. He left and River followed. Vikal was still nearby but not AT the body, so she took her chance to go eat whatever was left.

Name: Only given to those she trusts.
Aliases: Blackfish, Akuhn, Shamu (Thanks Sen)
Age: Ageless
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Size: -X-
Species: Ahklut (With added cervine traits)
Picto: GildedDragon

Personality: Akuhn is neither good, nor evil. She just is. She is a primal spirit and is very instinctual. However, she does have sentience and high intelligence. As a predator, she has a need to hunt and consume meat to survive. She hunts only to survive. She doesnt do so out of hate or to be wholly malicious. As a spirit, she has a mischeivous streak, but will not kill unless neccessary. However, she will defend herself fiercely. She is curious of this strange world and knows not of it's 'laws'.

Being an ancient Orca spirit, Akuhn takes a lot after them. She is protective of family and preferrs to be around others. She also likes to play to expell energy. Jumping and rearing as well as running and shoving are forms of play. She is a highly intelligent hunter and is rather calculating and careful of her targets. Enjoys the rain and water. Likes to sing.

Info: Hunts in strange ways. Often rears up to look around then goes back to the ground when hunting. Her form of 'spy hopping'. She will often circle her chosen target and then launch at their sides with her head. She will also leap over targets if possible while grabbing part of them with intent to tear off what was grabbed. Despite her large claws, she rarely uses them in hunts. They are more for defending herself. In both instances, she will use her fluke to bash prey and attacker alike.


Jae - Interesting
Osha - Curious
Gaia - Hunted. No ill feelings toward
Set - Stuck up and pretentious. Strong dislike.
Kissare - Spicy Boy. Likes but also enemies with. He seems to try to thwart many of her plans. Annoyance but.. in an oddly fun way?
Kalei - Attempted to hunt. Failed. Would have been find but mocked and harassed by. Annoying little whelp. Needs a smack.
Dedalus - Strange. Curious.
Vikal - Big toothy thing. Fought over a kill and lost to. Blackfish will remember this.
'River' - Ebony doe with big courage. Has fought a few times. Not a good hunting target.
Umbra - Small weird thing. Possible prey. Smells bad.
Obadiah - SKITTLES. She plans to TASTE THE RAINBOW
Krueger - Big. Predator? Ally? Enemy?? Not food...


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Ooo interesting :eyes:

Ooo interesting :eyes:
Pixel picto by Draak

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Placing my eyes on to this

Placing my eyes on to this beauty! :eyes:

Pixel picto by Draak
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yesss I love her

yesss I love her
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track! really cool character

track! really cool character

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Rainbow ram Skittles Crayola

Rainbow ram
Crayola boy

Is this cause i called her 'Shamu'? Eye XD

free willy :pensive:

free willy :pensive:

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Sen: Yes Ems: RUDE Everyone

Sen: Yes


Everyone else: <3 ilu thanks for the track ^^