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Hello there. Welcome to my humble personal page and collection of characters. My characters are always open for interactions (negative or positive), plots, offspring, and overall connections. Please don't hesitate or feel shy to message me on discord or interact with any of my characters in-game, we happily welcome it from everyone!

Please keep in mind most of my characters are rated for mature audiences (18+ or older). While I'm not essentially in the business of making family-friendly characters, I do have few for younger viewers and will be mentioned throughout this page.

If you have any questions, concerns, or a general curiosity about my characters or myself for any reason, please let me know! I'm here to answer them. Smiling

Hope to see you on discord and in-game! ♥

My discord is @Undying#6711 ! Add me. ♥

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I would absolutely love to

I would absolutely love to keep playing with crescent and Rohalla if you want! I know I’m not crazy active but you can always message me on discord and I’ll reply when I get on to check! Hope all is ok and still got a friend in me here Smiling
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I'd agree with you on that!

I'd agree with you on that! It's alright if you're not super active, things happen, life is a thing. I get it. And of course, I'll always be your friend.
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hi.. <3

welcome back!

welcome back!

@rooke: Hello!

@rooke: Hello! ♥
@bunnybee: Thank you and helloo! ♥

I'm here

I'm here

!!! &hearts;

!!! ♥