an undying spirit, to be forged

Like wandering lone wolves we've ventured, never fitting in with a pack and chased out for not agreeing or submitting to the one in charge. You and I have picked up on a familiar scent. One that has lead to eachother, immediately finding solace in a mutual understanding and respect. Now together we traverse through the wilderness of society, occasionally finding others with a similar scent. Now binding together to form our own pack of like-minded wolves, with no set leader save a howl of unison. A uniting howl that seeks a freedom from the shackles of society that attempt to hush our cries. As overwhelming the other packs may be, we remain at ease, knowing we are not alone. No matter the future destined before us we will live each day accompanied by eachother and together as a pack there is no fear of the unknown.

(ra - nohn) → ID → male → #17 → age & species to be identified

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A new wanderer amongst a quiet forest, he seeks a familiar face but can find none.

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This character is 100% IC. Size chart by Apeldille. Contact the player here → Undying#6711 →