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Mental?? Sad
NotesA fresh egg! Open for all interaction!
Someone name the baby omg
Current events

Keeping up with bios is hard sometime.
Has hung out with the fawn more, with Larkspur and with Theo.

Today, found a big toothy guy. DAD! No im kidding, followed Neath around for a little bit while the half-god was completely dumbfounded with the little screecher.

Got distracted by a dark looking deer (Chitz) and the kid following her (Kriegslied). Unaware Chitz was obviously trying to guide them away from Neath. Yay jumping!! Krieg seemed more curious of the monster too but, then there were more kids (Tameka, Niamh) and a lot of dancing, which Baby doesn't understand much (JUMP??). Got exhausted quick.
Woke up to lots of noise and yelling, and then there was a fight in front of them. Didn't understand, but a big white deer (Cresent) came to keep them company and that made baby feel better.

Still stuck with the anxiety the chaos brought without understanding what that feeling meant. When things got quiet, followed the smell of blood to a group of deer with the doe that had been playing with them earlier (Chitz! Noooo!) Doesn't really get why that made the feeling worse, or why she didnt get up to dance with them again.


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I will keep it company c:

I will keep it company c:
- By thewhitefawn
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Egg egg egg!!

Egg egg egg!!

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boops <3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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what a wonderful egg) Of

what a wonderful egg)
Of course I will make a company
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Party1: Thank you!! Egg will

Thank you!! Egg will be warmer a while longer thanks to Anpiel.



Thank you!! Egg appreciates it, but can't really voice so!
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Holy smooth animation. Is

Holy smooth animation.
Is this open for written interaction?
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Uit: Absolutely!! I will try

Absolutely!! I will try my best to reply with the options an egg give me, but it's very open.
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Egg! Egg! Egg! lark protect

Egg! Egg! Egg!

lark protect

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Omg what a cutie! Thanks a

Omg what a cutie! Thanks a lot!

I would like some interaction between An and the egg. ♥
- By thewhitefawn

aw poor egg need love~

aw poor egg need love~
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Lathyrus: Thank you Lark

Thank you Lark ♥

The egg doesn't stir, it's too early for that! But perhaps subconciously, it feels secure.

The egg can't do the approaching I'm afraid, but it's in-forest, and feel free to write what An would do!

Sure does, left all by itself.
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It was a good old spring

It was a good old spring afternoon, the grasses trembling, the breeze blowing, and the birds singing, when a regular fawn leapt out of the shadows, kicking old twigs away.
The ears pinned back, and a look fixated on the prize, the kid dashed across, doing his run-up towards the egg. His sight halted him in his tracks, right on time. The upturned sand kindly washed over the blue and the hind leg hung in that unfinished swing. That was no puffball he was looking at, and definitely nothing to kick at. This was real.

Slowly, he scanned the environment, and then he put the leg down. With narrowed eyes of something like disbelief and regret, snapped his head back to cast another look over his shoulder, then to the sky, the fawn talked in a hushed tone, "Jesus, lady, you're nuts." "Why feed them?" He slowly shook his head.
While he couldn't feast on this egg without wasting a good deal of it, it was a perfect bite size for the monsters of the forest. Maybe he was envious. His face with his eyes closed rubbed them over its smooth surface, seemingly admiring, but it was greed.

And in the middle of that greed, with the fine hairs that were growing on the kid's face, he felt something like.. Breathing. He picked it coming from inside the egg. He "listened" intently and he found out, the egg was losing more heat than it was taking. And then, there was the thin pulsating line. "Why are you even.." With the head pulled back from it, and in thought, the fawn let his eyes dart over the ground, blank. "Just like me," he firmly concluded, and plopped himself next to it. Tried to stretch some of his skin over the egg, but he had none that loose, really. Too young.

He understood something today, and that something galvanized his body and kept him around. Coiled and ready to strike. He could hardly wait for his newfound family to arrive. And he'd fight tooth and nail to let it happen.

Nevermind the length, lol. And don't feel pressured to respond, either. I just wanted to contribute.
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AW That’s so precious! TYSM

AW That’s so precious!
TYSM aaa Lark just wants the egg to be safe and warm♥

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Uitleger: That was a lovely

That was a lovely bedtime read for me, let's see if I can write you something back..
For the egg, the world was limited. There was it's own heartbeat, which it could not hear but only feel. There was the darkness, which it could not see and only be. There was warmth, but most often there was cold. And why one was pleasant, and one scary, the egg didn't contemplate. It's tiny, new life just was, and it depended on whoever took pity on it.
Someone could take pity in a different way, too. Perhaps it saw it's struggle end quickly,when found by a big enough maw.
But the maw wasn't that big, and soon there was warm again. And it's heartbeat kept steady, fed by it's own nutrients until the day it'd break out. When the shell would be too cramped. It only had to wait, between cold and warm.


Yaay! Lark did a great job, I had to close my PC last night but we saw how long he was there! ♥

For anyone else:
Negative interactions are also fine! I would really rather not the egg actually be murdered hahah, but hey if that's IC for your character, then that too is fair. The egg could be damaged. Maybe someone would want to defend the egg. Maybe there can be...
~Character Interaction!~

I'm enjoying all these

I'm enjoying all these interactions, might contribute soon if I get chance. : )
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Yours, too, was good read.

Yours, too, was good read. Well put.
Safe to say, that fawn is gonna be a recurring thing.
Mainly through mentions/text, since I ooc in game a lot, but he may check in there, as well.
Now, here's today's visit.

"Jhuuno, nemlesh untu fussh." [You know, nameless aren't too fast]

The fawn spat out a wad of chest fur that was sticking out of his mouth, right onto the "sibling", and started to "arrange", by smearing it down to the base of the egg with his hoof. His drool left a glimmering trail on the way.
Tail high, harsh breathing, and brows tied in a knot, the kid was proud of his idea.
"Damn," he concluded, staring at what he accomplished there. It looked like a beard.
"Look at you all grown up."
He joked, while he dreaded the amount of skirmish it'll take to finish the nest. They were slow alright, the nameless, yet also dim and strong.
One unlucky kick would just end his life. And who knew whether they might have memory and come after him, he'd always avoid them, before.

He sat next to the bearded egg to share his heat, then got up, sure that his heart was being too loud, and offered the other side of his ribs.
He'd rest there for a time, enjoying the adrenaline leftovers until they wore off.
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One day, like any other,

One day, like any other, Anpiel got up from his nest alone, again. Sometimes he felt that this feeling of loneliness that sometimes seized him was similar to what he felt when he was still in the egg. He missed the warmth of his family and could feel them.

Bored and not knowing what to do, he began to wander through the forest, looking far away, to the nests of his family and friends in case, at some point, he could see them.

While walking, looking at the ground, with a sad look, under a tree, alone and a little cold, an egg was found. At first the child looked around for its parents. And he wondered, what was doing this egg here alone without anyone ... without even a small place to hide. He looked at it confused, came over to smell it and tap it with his nose. Maybe something happened to them.

But nothing, just saw, that the little egg, most likely it felt more lonely than him. It reminded him and his brothers, his parents taking care of them, and their friends. And a tear escaped from his eyes. Then he made a decision. '' I'll take care of you little egg. I will not let you cool down or feel alone, now or after you are born." He smiled at the egg and curled up next to him to give him all the heat he could. ''I'll take care of you as my parents did with me, so you will not have to worry anymore.'' And he gave it a soft kiss.
- By thewhitefawn
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During a time when visitors

During a time when visitors or surrogate parents were not around, Ixnay stumbles across the egg. He'd give it a good nudge, then a sniff, then try to bite it. Ultimately he'd give up on it, figuring it's still warm and it smells like a bunch of things ("You got a family, egg?") so it must belong to someone, and be on his way. He leaves behind a loose feather from his wings, and a scratch from his teeth on the pretty blue shell.
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"Alone then?" Finally, some

"Alone then?" Finally, some quiet.

Theo had been watching distantly since he saw it that morning, waiting for it to be alone while cautiously curious of any parent that might return for it. None seemed to come and eventually all others left it, he moved towards it warily, ears perked to all forest sounds as though he expected someone to come the moment he let his guard down. Only settling down once he made it to the little egg's side, inspecting the shell and its markings as well as the traces left by the others who had visited so far.
He lingered for a time, curled up against it, keeping the egg warm while he retreated back to his own thoughts. As the day grew late he knew his time to return to his own world was coming.
With a sigh, he pulled from his satchel an old tattered scarf, taking care to wrap the faded grey fabric around the egg before tucking the ends behind it against the tree.
Something to keep warm with between visitors he supposed. "You may as well grow to be something I'll regret helping... but thats, not really your fault now is it?" He mused aloud, "Best of luck just the same I guess." Before leaving for the night.

I love these little egg plots so much
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Uitleger: The egg didn't

The egg didn't recognise it's visitors from one day to the next, yet somehow every warmth was unique. There were small ones, big ones, distant ones. And those who draped themselves over the egg.
Of course, much of the notion of fashion went over the egg's egg, but perhaps if it experienced the outside world, it'd felt a little bit more confident.
This time, though, the egg felt something vibrate through it's, uhm, yolk? Something that resonated, that it recognised. A heartbeat. It was quick, almost as quick as it's own, but it was larger.
And then it was gone.

Perhaps much like Anpiel, in essence the egg was alone. Science has long pointed out that the chicken came before the egg, so where was it's chicken? It'd been put here for, what reason? Did the chicken not like this egg, was the chicken worried about what'd come from the egg?
But the egg had no reason to worry about it's chicken. Many others had come to keep it warm, and maybe they did an even better job too. Today, there was a warm. It radiated a sadness the egg couldn't comprehend. But it was warmed, and that mattered.

The well dressed egg had no way to retaliate against the scratch, but maybe something deep in it's center stirred. Fear was one of the base emotions, instilled so an animal could survive. The egg didn't feel THAT, a scratch was just a scratch. It hadn't penetrated. But something, maybe. Something other than warm or cold, something alien yet naturally instilled already.

At the end of the day, the egg sported many marks and scents of visitors. Smells, gifts, even a scratch. It'd "seen" the shift in daylight, for when the sun hit the shell, it even penetrated unformed eyelids and undeveloped pupils. Dark and light, were becoming something the egg recognised. It's contents were growing, and came ever closer to the edge of it's shell.
Now, a large warmth enveloped it. It'd likely be it's final push through the night, though the egg couldn't really decide to use it's warmth sparingly. It just had to deal.
Yet, this could've been the difference between death and living, and when it's companion got up to leave, the egg almost felt something. A vibration, sound.
The egg didn't respond. But it's hipster attire got expanded upon. Next up; the man bun.


I'm having a LOT of fun with these, sorry I am not always very quick to reply, I might come back with some doodles too but the weekend has passed and here I am at work :") I've moved the egg to dandelion hill so it can be in the family zone of the Spring Ralley, and I will later enter Egg. Yes. An egg. In all fairness it'll hatch within the timeframe of the Ralley so this'll work out well. If anyone wants to say it was their character who moved the egg, go for it.
Egg is in-forest today, and I will keep an eye on what picto's I see with it, but yeah Im not behind my pc.
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how to make a whole nest )

how to make a whole nest )
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Ooo, an egg. And these

Ooo, an egg.
And these interactions are a great read.
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Sweetgrass knew the Forest

Sweetgrass knew the Forest quite well by now; its little quirks and moods and landmarks. And yet, he thought, he'd never seen a lone egg like this before. Such a big one too!
At first he had thought it was a bird egg fallen from a nest, but he couldn't see any large enough nests nearby, and he'd never seen any huge birds either (thankfully, perhaps).

Hauka had hissed at it, and nipped Sweetgrass' ear when he got closer to inspect it. A jealous spirit, Hauka had rather Strong Opinions on things like, well, everything - but especially who and what Sweetgrass showed interest in.

He'd tried to ignore it and go on his way, but what if it got cold? Or someone stepped on it? Or... another thousand dangerous things that could happen to a lone egg. So he had made his way over to sit with it, for a while, lend it his own scant warmth. Maybe he could bring the blanket Ross had lent him...?

He'd make sure to come by often... make sure the Egg is alright.

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The forest had almost become

The forest had almost become quiet, on his part. No children crying about their black eyes, no adults yelling about their things stolen.
No trouble whatsoever. Laying low, keeping near, bringing no shit on his tail. But the more he stood on the sidelines and stared at the colorful family the Egg amassed, the more a local rabbit colony endured for it later.

And the guy Egg's beard steadily kept on growing. Now with fur of different colors and textures. The nameless didn't buy the fawn's nuzzle trick anymore, so he improvised. By ripping the fur out of their behinds as they ran? Just maybe.

Aside from that, the fawn'd been coming every day. He'd fill the gaps, find the time no self-proclaimed guardians were there.
He had it decided, that the Family Time he had with the egg was to be now.
When it'd hatch, it'd follow and learn to become a copy of some stuck-up adult and so a great fence would rise to divide him, the Huck Finn of the forest, and his, for now, best chance at company.
He cherished what he could, while he had it, lying sprawled with his legs around, his face flat on the egg and talking up a storm about his day, his rabbits, his hair hunt, his snake spell experiment, the weird creatures he'd seen, yadda, yadda, yadda. Now and again, having said something, he'd put his ear on the egg, and listen.
The fawn'd stay and enjoy the simplicity, nodding off on occasion. And more, and more often, the more desperate he was getting, he wouldn't move even when someone else came by.
He already had all the scents memorized, and he'd try with the names, as well. He was keeping tabs.

"over the egg's egg" Good one.
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!!!!!!! Sorry with how behind

Exclaim!!Exclaim!!!!! Sorry with how behind I got!! It's been BUSY! Ikea, you know how it is.

Yumi has been sooo sweet to Egg!!


Righ!! I so agree, it's been fun!

The egg had no memory of when it'd been put here, and the passing of days kind of just happend. Sweetgrass' warmth had been welcome, since even with it's own internal growing, the egg did not emit any heat whatsoever. But it'd gotten heftier, and maybe if you pressed your ear on it, you'd still hear nothing, but nice try.
The egg would just be. For a little while longer.


Sorry that visual didn't leave my mind <_> Also Egg keeps changing sizes, I'm sure Fawn is bigger than that woops

Somehow the egg hadn't attracted predators yet. One would think it'd look like a huge, defenseless meal in the forest, but perhaps the resident meat-eaters were more interested in screaming prey. And the egg did not make a sound. Maybe everyone knew eggs tasted pretty crap, unless you were in possession of some salt and maybe boiling water.

Anyway, the egg looked great. A shiny surface (minus one scratch, noted), the biggest beard in the forest, a scarf, some bird's feathers. Just egg things.
Now, as the egg was developing, senses were kind of getting there. But it was like you were deeply underwater, and someone tried to scream at you but they had no mouth. But the intention was there, and maybe Egg experienced some of that.
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Levant's left some more

Levant's left some more feathers in hopes that the egg will be even cosier!

shadeless lays and curl up

shadeless lays and curl up to keep the egg warm. " don`t worry sweet little egg i will take care of you for awhile~" after a while shadeless fall a asleep next to the egg.
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Mis, Muahah, too accurate.

Muahah, too accurate. Egg looks like some philosopher's bust. I left the sizes up to you, wasn't sure how big the egg is.

Something wasn't right. It'd grown larger indeed, and the fawn could bet you he heard some movement under the shell. But something wasn't.. Kept him on pins and needles and maybe it wasn't the egg, after all. But what's to come.

"You must be an angel, y'know, a real one, not a drooling one. Your shell looks just like the sky,"
the kid mused. He rolled his head back to evaluate the smiley face he was painting on it with blueberries.
The face turned out pretty crooked. But hey, it was family. He started telling the face some story, but drifted off midway and rolled back up to the egg. Art is hard work, man.
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Wyldflower: Appreciated!

Appreciated! ♥

The egg could perhaps not understand the dark buck, but the intention was there. More warmth bringing it ever closer to hatching!

I am clearly not sure either hahah :") Egg is whatever size egg feels like, daily.
This time, the egg stirred. It'd waited long enough, and every inch of it was pressed against shell. Movement, a crack, more movement, a struggle. It'd been well taken care of, with the beard, and the warmth, scarves, feathers. Against all odd, a lone, left-behind egg was going to hatch.

And finally a maw emerged. A small maw, but a maw none the less. Green teeth stuck out, sharp teeth. And with a tiny squeak, it announced itself to the world.

Another squeak, a leg emerged, and after a bit of a fight, the critter crawled out of the shell. It was covered in muckus of some sort, whatever had been left of the eggs nutrients. Standing on it's legs was.. Well, hard. Much like a newborn fawn, they needed a moment to adjust. Both to the harsh light, and gravity pulling them one direction. Down. Another squeak towards the fawn this time, the first face it'd seen.
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He was a bad sleeper, and

He was a bad sleeper, and now, with the time of saying goodbye hanging over his head, even worse.
He'd slept through the deer gathering and the initial cracking, but the ol' gaze peeled open and he gawked.
Stared like his own eyes were about to hatch. And held onto the dear ground, for the risk of falling backward.
What peered back at him, in place of the angel face he painted, was a slime-covered, shiny and sharp toothed one. And it was wiggling its way out, clearing its gobbly throat.
And on its next call, it really was staring at him.
Yeah, the creature was dangerous. Yeah, nothing in the world could make the fawn part with it now.
And he was petrified, having realized it. "Lord save me. What do I do," he muttered, absentminded. For all his years, there was not a clue in his memory when it came to real families.
And heck, he still didn't even own a name. What a start. Meanwhile, the hatchling wobbled up to him with what seemed like conviction, in its step.
The fawn nuzzled it a few times, clearing the slime off its eyes and face in a reassuring gesture. Mostly for the gator, partly for himself.
He'd try and rub that muck off onto Sweetgrass's pelt later.

I based the last paragraph on the inforest interaction, correct me if I'm wrong on the croc's part.
And hell yeah, the fawn's happy. Shitless happy.
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The newborn was much like a

The newborn was much like a duck, where it didn't look like a duck at all. It'd followed the fawn as if they were it's mother, though also squeaked at the other deer who'd joined up whenever the opportunity presented itself. Finding it's legs had gone pretty quick, and soon they were running and sprinting after everyone with ease.

But their eyes were mostly on the fawn. It'd been led to water, and taught to drink. It'd seen the dragonflies, chased them, then ate one. Which was cronchy. Then they were invited to rest in a warm, sunny area. Perfect for a little gator. Whatever folk around them were talking about, or not talking about, the baby seemed perfectly oblivious. Once in a while it'd snap it's maw at a fly passing over, sometimes catching them. It was content to laze around with it's, well, family? Maybe it'd get the concept sometime.
For a newborn though, this had been super eventful! They'd gotten a bit tired, and seemed content to roll up against the fawn's side. Getting less slimey, at least.
Hahah yaay, no you got it all perfectly fine from our perspective too. I'm glad the reveal wasn't dissapointing for the fawn :")
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Unexpected but I love it!

Unexpected but I love it!
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turned out to be very

turned out to be very interesting and fun Smiling
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Galu < 3 (dont ask XD

Galu < 3 (dont ask XD
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:eyes: Hello there ;u; Fun

:eyes: Hello there ;u;
Fun little guy <3
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Precious little thing!

Precious little thing!
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The sweetest lil croco bby

The sweetest lil croco bby
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yes i saw this cute lil bean

yes i saw this cute lil bean sniffing around and forgot to check the picto!
glad i found them :>

Quote:Doesn't really get why

Doesn't really get why that made the feeling worse, or why she didnt get up to dance with them again.

my feelings
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we don't deserve this sweet

we don't deserve this sweet bab
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Oof I forgot to reply to comments but I love all you guys thank you so much for enjoying this Child!!!

Babies First Death!! 8D >8(