Fool's Gold [Nérias]

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Hung out with Noelle and gang ♥


Rut blog stuff


Pretty chill! Found the kitty again, named them Asil. They seem mute, but how do you adress someone without them having a name? Explored with them a little, collected fawns. Agrees fawns are just, super cute.

A sun spot was found and napped in. Approached by a new face (Tristan). Realized as he got up there were quite a few more deer around (I didnt look everyone up, Cu was there!). Ran around a little, did some spells, overall had fun! Tristan left eventually, sat back down with Asil. Naps are great.


An eventful day.
Doesn't remember exactly how he got here, but is here, and so it goes. Found a large critter looking slightly like a cat, and explored a bit with them. They eventually found a sunny spot to rest in and, that was very much irresistible. Sure kitty!

Took notice of a predator (Scavenger) roaming around. Well, assumptions, the creature was big, very toothy, and stalking. Feels pretty founded in his conclusion. But also noticed a family sitting behind them, a huuge handsome figure with this teeny itty bitty child.

And of course said predator wanted fawn meat. Oof. Eventually went over to check on them, when he was noticed by the stag (Cadaver). Suprised at their friendly greeting, actually! Had a brief panic when he left the kiddo to greet Nérias though. Hadn't meant to do that!!! Get back to kid, there's a hunter about! Quickly demonstrated his intention, yelled at Scavenger a bit, and Cadaver got the hint very quickly, driving him off.

But the predator stuck around. Had some thoughts, some thinking. Pretty quick on his four feet. Decided to try and distract the predator, he's pretty small and edible looking right? Darted in front of his feet until the plan worked; sprinted off.

Eventually Scavenger tired of this, as Nérias zig-zagged through trees and squirmed through the playground. Nice though, family saved.

Had thoughts of returning to check on them, check that stag out a bit properly, but thought better of it and sat back down next to the lazy, mute kitty he'd met.

Forest name
Androgynous, male
Skull mask - DotD pelt - Peacock antlers - Mini

Pretty vain
Multi-colored hooves
Small, spunky, doesn't mess around
No strength; only speed and stamina
Adores children, will always welcome them
Just don't be too loud, he's not very fond of that
Golden feathers on his forehead form a damask pattern
Fae in origin, of a race from another world, interacts with portals.
Quite likes big, sturdy company, but doesn't mind just about anyone

A huge work-in-progress! He has no real background or relations yet, and I'd totally be up for some family or friends or history-whatever! I'd love him to be someone's ex or something, or cousin. Hit us up.


Kolgrimr ++
Nöelle ++

Original design by Vessan
Art by Apel
Need to contact me? Add me on Discord! MisMantis#4207
As far as mature content warnings go, I really do try to keep these things very tame, there might be cursing and potentionally vague mentionings of mature stuff but I really can't think of anything right now.

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Yes, he's here

Yes, he's here Laughing out loud
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oh i loooove

oh i loooove
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yes many times

yes many times <3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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by VasilisaKonti <3

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blows kisses

blows kisses
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Eee thanks you guys &hearts;

Eee thanks you guys ♥ ♥ !
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what a stunner!

what a stunner!
by saturnia

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What a stunning design!

What a stunning design! Tracking
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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I must say, the way your

I must say, the way your character looks is very enticing. ♥
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oh i love him

oh i love him

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Hahah thanks people!! Vessan

Hahah thanks people!! Vessan makes the most adorable adopts. Who doesn't like feathers..
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Whaaaat, I wasn't tracking

Whaaaat, I wasn't tracking this??
Later track for this boy!
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oof this design

oof this design
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The pretty boy is back :3

The pretty boy is back :3
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Sooo pretty

Sooo pretty

avatar by Sithrim!

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Bloodygoddess: Haha, right in

Haha, right in time for Apel to give it some changes :")

Yeees!! He just needed some behind-the-scenes work I think. Hopefully a prettier bio sometime.

♥ ♥