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Untitled Headworld Discord (+ Toyhou.se)
This server is my personal space for musings and world-building. It will also be functioning as a central location for future offspring channels, families who reside within my head-world, and other things. There are also intentions to host events now and then that will bring in and mix as many characters as possible, opening interactions and hopefully mutually benefiting all participants in expanding their OC's circles.

How to get to the TH Page is accessible via Discord.

People should feel free to come and go as they please, and I hope this place is convenient for all those who have ties to my musings, and over the top need for organisation!

Discord: Vee#1329

Rotating signature made here
Signature arts by: Saturnia, Aihnna, J!n, Kamaya, & Vessan

Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle.
Everything I do is stitched with its color.
- W. S. Merwin
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hey ♥ Glad to see

hey ♥ Glad to see you're still around!

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Hey, welcome back! A track

Hey, welcome back! A track for you ~
It's so good to see you online again, I hope you had a lot of fun during your holiday.

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puts thing

puts thing

wiggles happily

wiggles happily
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welcome back friend &hearts;

welcome back friend ♥

by sleepything
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I would love to see every

I would love to see every single one of those tiny little invertebrates!
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Sigi by Wake

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hi <3
by VasilisaKonti <3

So good to see you back.

So good to see you back. ♥
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yespls <333
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Been thinking about you

Been thinking about you friend
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welcome back you &hearts;

welcome back you ♥

If you ever need to talk,

If you ever need to talk, I'll always give a listen.

That's really awesome, all that traveling and your bugs. Do you have just mantids right now, or did you get others too?

It's so good to hear from you again. <3
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&hearts; I'm glad to hear

I'm glad to hear things are a little better
Would love to see any pics or videos of your mantids if you're ever inclined to share!
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Welcome back friend

Welcome back friend <3


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Sticks on a tracker*

Sticks on a tracker*
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♥♥♥!!! Thanks so much everyone, it really warms my heart to see you guys again. ♥

Jin: <3

I'd love to show the bugs I have! They've been a great joy for me to look after. There's a lot now, and will be more to come. I'll link my personal Instagram account after I make it, soon.

My male Phidippus Regius, Regal Jumping Spider. I've not officially named him yet, but I'm thinking Miles Morales, to compliment my friends male who's name I bet ya'll could guess if you know the names reference, hehe.
Pic Pic Vid Pic Pic Pic Vid Vid

Iris, female of above. Named after my late great grandmother who we lost earlier this year. I'm sure she'd feel complimented by it, she had a wicked sense of humor.
Pic Pic

Death's Head Hawk Moths, Acherontia Atropos. I really love these guys.
Pic Vid Pic Baby Pic

Unnamed baby Scorpion, Euscorpius Carpathicus.
Pic Their mother

I'm also keeping a growing colony of Black Beauty Stick Insects, Peruphasma Schultei. They were only officially discovered in 2005, in a very small area of Peru. They're endangered in the wild, but because of captive breeding, their numbers have improved significantly. They're really conveniently easy for me to keep too, considering their varied diet. They've already been laying eggs and it's pretty much always a party in their enclosure rofl. ;_;
Pic Pic

Stag beetle, Hexarthrius Buqueti. This lovely was a one time pet. His mate died, and I thought he looked awesome, so I got him at a discounted price.
Pic He was also ridiculously strong.

I don't have any pictures of them yet as they're very elusive, and fast moving when disturbed, but I also have a Damon Medius, or Tailless Whip Scorpion/Spider.
A slow growing Blepharopsis Mendica. I hope to get adult pictures of him if he makes it.
I also have two new colonies of Lasius Niger ants. Their workers are less than two weeks old now. I plan to sell one colony and keep the other.

My first breeding project is the Jeweled Flower Mantis, or Indian Flower Mantis, Creobroter Gemmatus. This is my unnamed female. On her first meeting with her mate she attacked him, but with better food bribery for her there's been no further incidents. The male has fully recovered from his injury too.
I only have photos of the female. I haven't yet found a fitting name for her, but she has a great temperament when being handled. Very sweet and laid back. Used to being handled by her previous owner.
Pic Pic Pic
And here are some of the babies. There are 16 in total so far with more Ooths incubating.
Pic In a plastic Martini glass with a fruit fly A newborn under the hungry gaze of mum

And I saved this to last. I also own two Idolomantis Diabolica, Devil's Flower Mantis. Male and female. They're notoriously difficult to rear and have a high mortality rate, but if they make it they grow into what I think is one of the coolest species of mantis in the world.
This is Luke, he's the first to mature and is my greatest bug keeping achievement so far, so I'm super proud of him. He's extremely highly strung and quick to jump into defensiveness, so I don't handle him too much so I don't stress him out.
This looks mean and ngl it kinda is. I briefly tormented him to film his display, which includes hisses and clicks of his own making. Although his reaction looks a bit rough, he wasn't harmed by a little bit of finger wriggling and I promise he's just being extremely over-dramatic.

His sister, Leia, hasn't matured yet. But if she survives her final molt there will be a lot of pictures coming up. She'll be even bigger and more impressive than him. Wish her luck, it might be in the next couple of weeks.

There's a bug show coming up in Bedford, Bedfordshire, on the 16th of Sept. Jin and I will both be there with my friend who's running a table. I plan to sell some of the baby mantids I've bred there, and see what I come home with. I'm interested in an Atlas Moth from Pupae as a one time pet, and I'm really interested in breeding Panther Mantis, Tarachodula Pantherina, and Idolomantis in the near future.
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hello! AAaaa I am in love


AAaaa I am in love with your Death's head hawk moth!! what a beauty ovo

I can't believe how strong the stag beetle was?! Woah!

Loving all the pics. I hope you have fun at the show - be sure to let us know what you come home with!

Good to see you back here. <3
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Okayi absolutely love the

Okayi absolutely love the spider. Jumping spiders are like tiny tiny spider-puppies. And daang that black beuty stick instect...some gorgeous they are! And Stag beetles are my favourite. Down at here along the coast they actually have maroon red pincers.
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I'm sorry but I think that

I'm sorry but I think that Iris stole my heart.. that first picture is so darn cute ;;

by sleepything

Good to see you around

Good to see you around ♥
Absolutely looove your bugs and seeing how passionate you are about them.

I adore your moths, and your

I adore your moths, and your mantids are beautiful too. Your beetle and black beauties are really impressive too. Loving the little scorpion baby and his momma too. It's really awesome to see how passionate you are about these guys, and I hope you have fun at the expo and come home with some wonderful new babies. <3
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Long time no see. :3 (Was

Long time no see. :3 (Was that Jirra that was on today?)
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Hey there!!

Hey there!! <3
Love that stag beetle
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I'm late to the train but

I'm late to the train but always good to see you around.

And of course a track from me

And of course a track from me <3 <3
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SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY. Jin's here on a visit so I'm prioritizing spending time with her atm. <3
SO THANKS FOR THE TRACKS EVERYONE. It's great to see each and every one of you.

I'm so glad you all like my bugs! We've been joined by another a few days ago. We call her Petal the Second, and she's a great dancer. Eye

Zerg: EEY ZERG! And nope, 'fraid not! I've been too busy to pop into the forest since returning here, but I'll be ready soon!

Ben: IT'S GOOD TO SEE YOU AROUND SERIOUSLY. <3333 ngl I've been p worried about you.

Edit: BTW personal Instagram. There will be many bugs.
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Hello &hearts; So many

Hello ♥
So many gorgeous bugs you have, I'm especially weak for those death's head hawk moths ♥ And the jumping spiders are so cute! I tend to get visited by a lot of jumping spiders during summer, not really too fond of spiders but those guys are just adorable :'D

Petal the Second sure knows

Petal the Second sure knows how to slay a dance floor.
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the latest track ever i stg

the latest track ever i stg

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snow: At least the jumpers

snow: At least the jumpers are adorable! I love watching the way they move and interact with their world. They look so inquisitive!

Tuo and Okami: Hi there! <3

Haha, that is true! And I'll

Haha, that is true!
And I'll send a friend request in pokemon go ♥
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^ I have no idea what

^ I have no idea what happened to my account name there, looks like the community site glitch kicked in, welp ;;

Added you on PokemonGo. My

Added you on PokemonGo. My trainer is Mjrrn. I don't play that much these days, but I always send back gifts when I get them.

can't believe I didn't see

can't believe I didn't see this before
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I would love to come keep

I would love to come keep company to any of your characters or oc if you feel or want so! Yet, i feel like I'm bothering you or something, but will seek you in the forest when you are on (:
No one should be alone in the forest, but yeah, it seems that for others it is very hard to interact or even go to say hello to others.

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Sigi by Wake

Sending positive vibes your

Sending positive vibes your way. <3


Sig: Aihnna

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I just wanna say I feel a lot

I just wanna say I feel a lot of what you do, and a lot of it is also me too along with real life just being consistently busy for me.
You can always feel free to approach me. And I'm thinking of you, I hope things look up for you soon.
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I'd love to interact with

I'd love to interact with your characters anytime ♥ I know we have had some interactions before but if you ever want any more I'd be happy to oblige.

I already feel a connection with you on a personal level just because we're going through some similar things. I'm happy to hear from you. I do the same thing with people where I may not talk to them for a while but might pick up a conversation right where it was left off. Just know that I relate to and understand all of this, so don't ever feel shy about talking to me if you ever feel like.
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snow: LOL it happens! Cheers

snow: LOL it happens! Cheers for adding me on PokeGo <3
pearlslug: Cheers dude! Sending gifts right back at you when you're able. <3
Siellby: No worries! ♥
Lost: ♥ Hope we can interact more too sometime!

Hautakumpu, ems, Kimi, Okami: I'll send u guys all the hearts since we've already talked on Discord hkdgk Seriously thank you so much. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



fix that now with a track :relieved: ♥