center of the hollow moon

    Size -

    Gender -

    Haunt -

    Birthdate - 04/01/18

    Set -
    mini, nightfall, magpie, luchador

Been away from forest for a few months now, studying and growing in sass maturity. Yesterday spent the entire day with family before moving off at the first sign of a feline appearing child. Instantly enamored. Settled close beside them, and then turned somewhat when Iva joined. When it was just she and the Hellbroth, moved over to press herself against. Prettiest cat she's ever seen she reckons. Clearly still biased and obsessed with cat/human faces as she ever has been.. probably even more


but also

Soul -

Hissing is displayed as the 'sneezing' action in forest. Hisses a lot, even in play. Crab walks way too often.

Holds both demonic blood and a form of light magic essence. Both clash with the other, and the light constantly tries to purge the impurity of her darker genes

Despite her preferences, is generally pretty playful and welcoming. Rejects no company, but is unlikely to approach specific looking individuals herself unless a relationship has already been built

Suffers nightmares and night terrors. As she's aged, it's common for her not to sleep in the company of others unless it is with family. Rarely sleeps in forest, and if she's curled up alone it's simply her resting

Too brave. Recklessly so. Likely to charge into a fight if someone she knows is fighting despite size differences between opponents. Fights dirty though. Swatting with her claws at underbellies, latching on and 'rabbit kicking'. A firecracker.

Holds a huge preference for human and feline faces. Treats them differently and acts differently around them. Little to no interest in any meaningful relationship with a 'long face', and easily comes off distasteful towards them (she thinks they're ugly and human/cat faces are superior)

Appearance -

Mane and tail are curled

Born with her eyes shut and without hearing

Incredibly soft paws, retractable claws pack a mean swipe, even at a young age

Markings are dull in colour and patterns as a newborn. Will brighten and increase with age.

Pointed ears from Ronra's heritage, carries both rosettes and stripes from both mothers. Stripes are bright, whereas her rosettes are more subtle. More prominent when she's in the sun and her pelt glistens






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adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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Sigi by Wake

a baby

a baby

&hearts; !!

♥ !!
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so cUTe &hearts; !

so cUTe ♥ !
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Adorable!!! Holy crow

Adorable!!! Holy crow

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Enjoyed reading about Arun!

Enjoyed reading about Arun! <3



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Exclaim aaAa

the beaUTifuLEST babbin girls

the beaUTifuLEST babbin girls my heart can't even
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oh track! hope our bebs meet

oh track! hope our bebs meet someday!
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Sweet lil baby

Sweet lil baby <3

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ty guys sm im so excited for

ty guys sm im so excited for this bean :'(

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sCREAMS !!!1! &hearts; !!!

sCREAMS !!!1! ♥ !!!
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&hearts; &hearts;

♥ ♥
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shes so preCIOUS

shes so preCIOUS

Bb &hearts;


you two &hearts; ;;

you two ♥ ;;

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wat the perky beb!

wat the perky beb! Idea
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oh lord, I'm so sorry or

oh lord, I'm so sorry or blasting you with that pelt spell. My game glitched and I literally didn't see your character!! ;; Let me know i you need help getting your pelt again
By the way, I'm glad to see another sphynx! Tracking <3

&hearts;! omgosh no don't


omgosh no don't worry! She's a mini fawn so the pelt isn't important right now anyway ;; and i think we might have dodged getting it anyway if i was tabbed out of the game. YES im so glad too!

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you two &hearts;

you two

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In love already

In love already <3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥

precious !! bby !!

precious !! bby !!

&hearts; ty you both ;;

♥ ty you both ;;

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ahhh <3

(edit: i'll be casting transform spells on agatha from a different picto to get the mini, so if agatha moves about a bit to get out the way of arun, just ignore her!)

no worries! i can bring her

no worries! i can bring her over to the mushrooms and help you get it if you'd like?

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if you wouldn't mind! you're

if you wouldn't mind! you're too kind ;_; <3

(sorry about how long this is taking omg)

it's alright! it happens

it's alright! it happens ♥

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agatha can't get over how

agatha can't get over how cute this lil' kitty bean is... ♥

&hearts; such a cutie

♥ such a cutie


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cutest kittens

cutest kittens <3

&hearts; ty for putting up

♥ ty for putting up with this lil gremlin

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mmm kitten

mmm kitten

"My sweet, sweet darling...

"My sweet, sweet darling... You are not lost with me."

(except for when my computer explodes)

A chuff in response, eyes

A chuff in response, eyes shut lightly and chin tilted up so far that the underside of her neck is against the woman. There's a subtle kneading of the ground with her claws, and only a hushed, "not lost" spoken.

Sig: Aihnna

bab friend &hearts;

bab friend ♥
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imagining her crabwalking is

imagining her crabwalking is filling my heart
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Auntie belated track uwu

Auntie belated track uwu