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With the Spring Rally around the corner, thought I would put up a voting – which characters of mine are in demand to be in the Forest during the event. It's basically a popularity ranking: https://www.strawpoll.me/19480099
Also, I'm up for Spring Rally plots and my crew is always ready for some friendly sparring. Just hmu!

What's new?: Just this tab.



Accordion code by Sycamorre.
Ungulate size chart by Apeldille
Photos taken from: Pixabay and Pexels.

Feel the power of the rainbow!

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Abi – The Wingless – female – #27 – juvenile – human
Mix of Italian and Scottish Red Deer
Real Deer pelt (light) – Skull – Ram horns – mini

Current whereabouts:
Jumping between the Human World and the Forest.

Happy-go-lucky girl with love for mystery and drama. Leading a sort of double life: seemingly ordered and standard in the Human World - living in an apartment with parents and sister; going to school; but adventurous and daring in the Forest. Knowing that she can leave the world at any time, isn't really scared of anything or anyone. Likes acting and will take on different roles, from a damsel in distress to a dragon slayer.

Possible plot ideas:

-> Finding someone to rehearse lines with for a performance;
-> Any type of antlers, horns, bones, feathers, flowers or anything really is welcome for her as she likes crafts, could be gifts or trades for human stuff;
-> Mentors or rolemodels;
-> Likes drama and being in control, even though she has no special abilities;
-> Could be given some sort of powers in exchange for something.

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Tris – Hopeless Wandeerer – male – #26 – adult – human
Human-faced piebald deer/goat/antelope variation
No mask – Orca pelt – Antelope antlers

Current whereabouts:
Jumping between the Forest and the human world.

Short description:
Was sent to the Forest by Llyr because he saw/heard too much. Thanks to the fact that Jovan took him to the human world, Tristan at least partly broke the spell. For the first months of his stay in the Forest, the piebald male worked on his Cheeky Bugger title, creating a flirty persona for himself. With the passing time he has been drifting away from that persona, allowing himself to feel more comfortable in his own skin.

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Mel – The Fallen Star – female – #6 – young adult – ex-star
Chital + cosmic influence
Barn Owl pelt – Real Deer mask – Antlerless

Current whereabouts:
Jumping between the Forest and the Village.

Short description:
One night the Forest Gods brought few stars down from the sky to show them to the Forest inhabitants. One of the stars freed herself from the rope and fell down to the ground. Doesn't remember how she ended up in the Forest. However, had been watching it from above before the fall. Feels as if she had been dreaming about it. Always hears music in the background and feels the inner need to fulfil other creatures' wishes.

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Sin – Blackwood – male – #27 – teen – canine
Wolf + Plant + Deer hybrid
Skeleton Pelt – Real Deer Mask – Orca Antlers – Mini

Current whereabouts:
Jumping between the Forest and Sabit's apartment in the human world.

Short description:
Amaroq and Cereja's son, Val's brother. A smart kiddo who can take care of himself (despite getting into trouble), to the point it's like a game for him how much into trouble he gets himself and how well he can get out of it on his own.

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Ceryn – The Demoted – male – #5-ish – immortal – Gurundarah
Kashmir stag
Great Argus pelt – Skull mask – Key antlers

Current whereabouts:
In Meadow.

Short description:
Divinity and soldier. Thanks to succeeding in the quest given to him by Xanthe, was gifted a white wolf. But after a while the deity wanted to see who was faster. They raced and Ceryn won against Xanthe. Then the deity offered immortality in exchange for not being so fast anymore. Had to leave Gurundarah because of his feelings towards a higher rank general and because everyone wanted his golden antlers. Travels from world to world.

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Nat – Sakura Rooster – young adult – male – #31-ish
2/3 deer - 1/3 bird (of macaw origin)
Skull mask – Swan pelt – Magpie feathers

Current whereabouts:
Jumping between the Forest and the human world.

Short description:
Enchante's son whom she made her assisting porter. At night, his task is to move valuable items from Rococo France to current times. As for now he's unaware that most of the items don't belong to his mother and that he's an illegal smuggler and time traveller. Owner of the Rochelle Trinket. It draws energy from surroundings and transforms it into abilities.

Tumblr (Bio under Navigation)

Chanti – Page Girl – female – #27 – adult – human
Half deer – half macaw
Peacock pelt – Barn Owl mask – Magpie feathers – Mini

Current whereabouts:
In the human world.

Short description:
Being the fruit of a daunting stag and an adventurous macaw’s affair, Enchante is the walking statement of Art. Playing the role of the Court Floral Artist of the Forest in her free time as she came up with the job herself, she tries to create Art with whatever stuff she finds on her way.

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Anne – Pink Jasmine – female – #32 – young adult – Quaglossian
Nyala + elf influences
Swan pelt – Secretary Bird mask – Koi antlers

Current whereabouts:
In the human world with the fam.

Short description:
Exiled from Quagloss because of not obeying a rule, Anne ended up in the Forest. The doe had spent most of her time locked away until she decided to try to be more social. She succeeded, meeting new friends and finding the love of her life – Matthew. Since then they're walking through life together, watching their children - Tammiku and Madison grow.

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Glen – The Icebound – fawn – buck – #14
Succubus - Whitetail Deer Hybrid – Deity - Northern Hart
Secretary Bird mask – Barn Owl pelt – DOTD antlers – fawn

Current whereabouts:
Santenyal. In the Forest with parents.

Culzean and SubRosa's fourth born child who almost immediately fell into a coma after being born in the Forest one sunny summer day. The parents never gave up on him and took care of their son. In that state was able to immensely connect with the Spirits and thanks to that they made it possible for his soul to wander freely, learning about his family and homeworld.

Short description:
Matt's co-worker and right hand man, Madison's bodyguard/babysitter.

Current whereabouts:
In the human world with Ashe.

Links on request.

Solyn – Nap Queen – adult – female
Skull mask – Beluga pelt - Beluga antlers - Candles

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Trackin' B)

Trackin' B)
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♥ ♥
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Ooooh Laughing out loud
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Hush, you don't see me.

Hush, you don't see me. :3

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by Sokoora <3
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Yea! \o/

Yea! \o/
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by VasilisaKonti <3

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Thank you each and everyone

Thank you each and everyone for the tracks, sorry for today's bumps as I was remaking it.
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A very late track c:

A very late track c:
sig by AceAshling, icon by HeartClock
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Welcome here, Dazzle!

Welcome here, Dazzle!

Added a poll under the General Information tab, asking people to take a sec to vote, thanks!
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I'm here now &hearts;

I'm here now ♥

By Draak
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Thank you Lots of positive

Thank you Lots of positive energy for you, WildflowerDeer!
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*Eyebrow wiggles* Hey Heyy! A

*Eyebrow wiggles*
Hey Heyy!
A gentle track for you ~
Icon © Sluggs
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?( ? ? &ang; )_

∠( ᐛ ⌋ ∠ )_


&hearts; t.

♥ t.
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Um, hello! Remember me? I

Um, hello! Remember me?
I found something when I was cleaning up my files today.
I think I started drawing this over two years ago? Can't remember. Anyway, I made some finishing touches and I finally want to give you this (:
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dont mind me... just sneakin’

dont mind me... just sneakin’ in here late♥
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@Humi, of course I remember

@Humi, of course I remember you! Good to see around again c:
And oh my! It's Mel, she's so pretty! Thank you so, so, so much! : D

@Morto, hi! No need to sneak, please come in and stay~
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Hello, Rose! I really like

Hello, Rose!
I really like it here, so neat. Among other things, you're a true archivarius.
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Enjoyed that party at

Enjoyed that party at Michael's lost body the other day. I have nice memories of seeing your chars in the forest.
Happy new year and all.
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(No subject)

<3 <3 <3 hii
sorry for bad english.

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Basen and Melodi, hey-hey

Basen and Melodi, hey-hey o/
Uitleger, enjoyed it too and likewise, always a pleasure to hang around with you.
Lupen, awww, such a nice compliment. The archivarius's job is never finished x D