Ysmir; rising of the horns

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Irina,From Greek Eirene, a word meaning 'peace.'
Riinah,Dragon-tongue, meaning "Furious soul."
Ysmir,Given name.
Dovahkiin,Given name and title.
Rona.An old chosen name.
Dovahsebrom, the Dragon of the North; Qahnaarin, Vanquisher.
The Dragonhunter, blade-for-hire, alchemist, and healing-mage.
Chimera; serpentine and draconic traits, cervid-like hind legs.
Smells of cold air, spice and burnt coffee, smoke. Heavy, powerful.
Genderfluid;Selectively and magically intersex, has both male and female genitalia.
she - they. Sapphic, polyamorous.
Ancient.Physically appears to be an older adult; later 30s.
Actual age is somewhere around 4000. Ages slowly.
Visits the forest to rest & recuperate.
The Celtic knot. Height. Toyhouse. Tumblr.



Leucistic. Lacks pigmentation on most of her body, excluding dark-colored extremities; horns, fingers/claws, hooves, tail/spines and ears.

Shapeshifter. Usually takes on the form of a less fantastical version of the mythological chimera, combining the separate feline/caprine/serpentine traits into one beast instead of the animal's body being localized to one area or three-headed. This form is of her own creation and how she chooses to present herself to others.

Able to shift into other living animals as well, provided she has studied them enough to know their mannerisms and biology. If she shifts in the Forest at all, she prefers to be small animals or a sabrecat. Sabrecat form is distinguished with the antlerless spell.
Specifically refuses to take a dragon's form because she knows that she would never shift back. The magical toll to turn into this form in the Forest would most likely kill her or put her in comatose, and she is aware of this.

Able to shift her physical sex as well; selectively intersex, has both fully functioning male and female genitalia. Able to impregnate and be impregnated, though is likely not to carry a child for personal preferences.

Heavily muscled and large in her chimeric form. Weighs in close to 1,700lbs, not including her horns, hair and tail. Closer to 1900lbs with everything considered. Hulking, but moves with the grace of a lioness.

Horns shed every 2-3 years based on metabolism and grow back a little different each time, like antlers, except they don't go through a velvet phase. Horns do not have nerve endings, but can feel tactile sensations, and are able to be carved like stone. Horn reference. Usually covered with engraved golden caps or seen with a golden band around them for decoration.

Covered with a menagerie of crossing scars. Distinct facial scars and tattoos originate from torture, and are always visible no matter what form she takes. Dislikes others asking about her facial scars and almost always lies about their origin, but does not mind talking about her genuine battle scars on the rest of her body.
Sometimes seen wearing a battle mask carved out of dragonbone.

Tongue was forcefully cut into a snake-like forked tongue, uneven. Rough and coarse like stone. free bristle-brush while grooming

Six-limbed due to her draconic blood. Front arms have "paws" that are used for travelling while the second pair of arms are used for fine motor skills - casting spells, holding open a book, head pats, etc.

Eyes have black sclera and burn a fiery, molten gold. Eyes can appear to glow white, depending on light levels. Similar to embers.
Pupil is versatile, and can both dilate and constrict vertically, like a cat, as well as globally, like a human. The appearance of her pupils aren't so much affected by light level as they are by her emotions. The more upset she is, the more cat-like they are.

Has several tattoos, usually depicting serpentine dragons. Some are ritualistic dragon-tongue/shouts, used to empower her shouts and magic.

Hair is long and pale-colored; very soft and fine, and often intricately/warrior-braided, though is let loose while in the Forest.

Personality & History:

Pacifist after several emotionally toiling years of violence and war.
War veteran, fought in a civil war that tore her homeland in two for over 10 years; once a shock trooper, has post-traumatic stress disorder as a result, and developed social anxiety after returning to a civilian life. Has not completely let go of the combat tactics engrained into her mind, both providing her an advantage in fights and crippling her; everyone could be a target, and it is hard to trust some individuals, but she has surmised that there is little threat to her in the Forest.
Finds it hard to let go of her past warmongering lifestyle - she occasionally will take mercenary contracts in exchange for coin or goods.

Riinah returns to the Forest from time to time to rest and recuperate from intense social expectations and whatever physical scuffles she gets in, the realm becoming some sort of a pocket haven to her.

Entirely self-sufficient, her skills being developed over the years of travelling alone in the harsh world of Skyrim. Avoided hiring a mercenary to follow her around in order to escape the possibility of taking the responsibility of their death. more ...
The life expectency in Skyrim is generally short and in return, it is common for couples to marry quickly, without room for long courtship. Riinah has never been interested in marriage and feels that she would not be able to provide enough energy into raising a child, so all relationships that she's been in have been short. more ..

Opening up to others both emotionally and in conversation is something that is extremely difficult for her. Riinah builds trust very slowly, and fully trusts virtually no one. She may tolerate someone's presence and seem amicable enough but she is always tense and ready to bolt or fight if necessary. more...
Not entirely antisocial, but is solitairy. Prefers to be alone than with others. She will not reject company, though.

Combat; Passive. She generally will not engage in physical violence unless she deems it necessary or she is forced to. Despite her attempts to live a pacifist lifestyle, she is unable to and will not stand idly by while another is being wrongfully attacked or targeted. Fights with unending fury.
Uses horns to charge and gouge. Lithe and airy movements, prefers to stay a few feet away from her adversary if possible. Claws are about 3.5 inches long. Teeth are similar to dog teeth in anatomy and placement in the mouth but are much longer - canines are 5 inches long with deep-set roots, and she lacks molars. The spines at the end of her tail are razor sharp and can be used like a spear.


Slight limp and strange gait from an old injury in her right shoulder. Experiences some muscle weakness in that arm from time to time but she doesn't worry about it much.

more later im sleepy ..

huz, wunduniik, kosiir do dovahkiin, rii nah, gejahrii voth nah, yol ahrk grah bahlok, wo jaaril daar lot himdah nol pogaan zomaar paal

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oh my muhfuccing YASSS

oh my muhfuccing


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dAMN. Gorgeous design.

dAMN. Gorgeous design. ♥ !!
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I LOVE HERRR edit: melle be

edit: melle be creepin
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e: ysmir is v confuse....... there is a Doggo.... an Pupper... does not know wat to do/
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time to have a Skyrim tea

time to have a Skyrim tea party.. Sheogorath style
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i'll bring the CHEEEEEEEEESE

i'll bring the CHEEEEEEEEESE
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*everything turns into a sweet roll
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what the heckie @ this gorgeous css
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thankee!! :>
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Ysmir, Dovahsebrom..

Ysmir, Dovahsebrom..
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Art by Qanat!!

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im gonna NUT

im gonna NUT
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When I read her scent I could

When I read her scent I could actually smell it and her character is so amazing and wow I'm stunned

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AlSO I LOVE, writing out what my characters smell like! i dont know why but i feel like its just another thing that gives them depth and i always take inspiration from things i've smelt in real life, and for her it was a cold night in winter about a year ago when my dad was burning incense and i had my window open and hogh it smelt good and i thought it fit her character perfectly
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this girl, yes

this girl, yes
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I must throw someone at this

I must throw someone at this lovely character. I've been dying too
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What an absolute lady. 10/10.

What an absolute lady. 10/10.