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Real name is "'Scratcher behind the head of' Prince-Of-A-Thousand-Names"
So his children are mine too: "Sorrel star", "Heart hole", "Dry Drowner"

The world is one werid place

There was pebble, pebble, pebble, pebble, pebble and pebble and... -//-
This one was jade, that one was emerald, the other lime and this one had spots, that one had stripes, this one was a little chipped and that one was shiny, this one was pale, the other was bright, this had a spiral and this one was glass... -//-

In this little world, all those pebble children, they knew eachother. Little pebble child had friends to his left and right. He could point out something really special about them, and they could too about him. But the further pebbles from him, the less he knew them, the rarely he saw them.

This was his little bubble, his own reality and world, the truth in his exsistance.
But this bubble world, so had this pebble child, this pebble child and that pebble too had this bubble, and this pebble child and pebble child had his bubble, so did... -//-

Were they really all that unique?
The pebble child would look out of his bubble, out of the selfish i that so far satisfied it's need, a realization came. Was the uniqueness an illusion?
Each pebble cast onto them, loose their identity to become gravel?
Did the outer, unbiased observer see but another unimportant particle that created this world?
Devoured and stripped of all that was them to become just another small stone in the gravel?

For it treaded in gravel, not pebble and pebble and pebble and... -//-

Deep within the pebble child, came fear from it, fear and despair. Were they really nothing?
Or would it be something else, the often feared selfish i;
All pebble children, friends left and right from me make me important.
Because...the gravel is as much me as I am gravel.
i am


What can push you over, but not catch you...

Water and sun make trees grow larger, but what do they make smaller?

Little lady in red, skin very delicate, very harmful for you. What's her name?

This tiny treat is guarded by a hedgehog.

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I like..

I like..

avatar by Sithrim!

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Thank you.

Thank you.
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The picto looks familiar.

The picto looks familiar. Wasn't it them sitting with us by the pond the other day?
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Perhaps, I am not sure

Perhaps, I am not sure anymore. First appearance was during halloween where -it- would loiter around for a short time...?

Who even needs heads...

When you have a hand"!!