the wolf in sheep's clothing ; nix

"Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon, and each month it cries for a love it will never touch."

Nixon Elias Brooks
Nix, Alpha, Wolf, Moonswift, Winterheart, Snowscape.

Adult . Male . Halo . #15
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First entered the Forest on April 13, 2012.

Elk with obvious wolf influences. Higher body heat temperature.
Muscled, but more lean than some his size. Canine teeth.
Carries the scent of evergreens and a slight hint of frost to it.

Feels others emotions to the extent they can over power his own feelings.
More hyper sensitive towards strangers & first meetings can develop long-lasting impressions.
These powers are in better harmony with those he's closer with.

` LOVES snow!
` Enjoys any and all company, social or quiet.
` Lover of lost souls - enjoys caring and mending others.
` ADORES fawns, will happily be anyone's babysitter nanny.
That being said, heavily against adopting fawns as his own due to past ill experiences.
` Strong inner sense of justice inside him. Judges - namely strangers - by it.
` Grudge-holder. Doesn't get over betrayals easily - if ever - and takes things extremely personal
once he lets someone close to him. Careful with who he becomes attached to because of it.
` Often sees submission as a term of respect towards those he holds dear. Although relaxed in the
company of strangers, still would never show this side of him until they're known to be trusted.
` Does not feel worthy of love. Because of this, even more-so treasures the time he has with his
loved ones. Fiercely protective of them, even to the point of death, to take care of those he loves.
` Soft towards friends, family, and loved ones. Also to an extent with strangers if he reads a pure or
innocent energy from them. Has the tendency to feel guilty over being deserving of close friendships.
` Hot-head, as much as he tries to control it. Can be easily triggered past his point of control.
Others emotions can easily cloud his better judgement and cannot easily calm down because of it.
Once pushed to that point, needs to excess the energy out of himself before being able to control

. Recently .
Has taken his newly (and surprisingly) three youngest siblings under his wing. With the help of Bronx and Ashe, trying his best to raise the triplets despite seeing a clear streak and resemblance of their mother in them. Recovering mentally from the loss/murder of their mother as well, the hand both he and Bronx took part in, but has a huge sense of relief that that's one less thing hanging over the Snowscape's head. Feels he should feel guilty, but doesn't - which is what disturbs Nix the most. Also worried on where this could lead his newest siblings in the future, however trying his best to raise them in as stable as an environment he can provide.

. Bronx, Morrow, Daze, Azura.
Ezekiel, Berstuk, Ison.
Okibi, Shizuka, Akahi, Kyoyuu, ...
Krisha, Axel, Diamond, Johnny.
Vikram, Savitha, Vaani.

♥ . Thais, Ashe, Jovan, Rhiannon, Kerosene,
Tig, Segin, Lesath.

+ . Llyr, Sethunya, Isiel, Yasu,
Altijd, Bayleen, Chitz, Sadiki.

= . Grimkell, Rhea, Jaelyn, Izara, Gia,
Dante, Noah, Sebastian, Dágrun, Ross.

- . Maggot, Amaroq, Mandel.
Sage, Hammel, Vitani, Serena, Dardan.

x . Angel, Donovan, Draven, Cole.

Top art by Wake, below art by Keepiru ♥
Nix is 100% IC and does not represent the player.
Interactions are welcome through Forest, this bio, or discord: Laur#3136.
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rt OUO

rt OUO
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Thank you, lovelies ♥

Thank you, lovelies ♥



*u* !!!

*u* !!!
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Can i just gush about his

Can i just gush about his design for a moment because his is one of my top fav ones js <3


I was wondering at one point if I wanted to alter his design when he returned to the Forest (like I did for Alli) but I couldn't imagine Nix as anything else than this d:
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&hearts;! Forgot to retrack

♥! Forgot to retrack as well. :)


Thank you! ;u;
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BAHA glad Nix was as

BAHA glad Nix was as disheveled from the sparring stags as Bay was ;D

He was giving them the evil

He was giving them the evil eye from a distance until he realized Bayleen was there too LOL then he decided to be a hero and 'save the day' /shot
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Aha, definitely freaked her

Aha, definitely freaked her out a bit, she was glad to see a familiar face right after though.
Also, do not be alarmed if a random deer with a picto like "H8" comes along and lies next to Bayleen. That is my friend I know in rl who wanted to go in-forest to witness the rain. She isn't active here on the community site, though, so I just wanted to give you that note OOC-ly :>

e; p.s if she falls asleep, do not fear, it's probably because I'm drawing them right now so I'm multitasking hah

That's totallly fine! Nix is

That's totallly fine! Nix is always welcome to new comers (unless they're aggressive like those stags LOL)
Nix might fall asleep here and there too.. I'm on YouTube so I'm not 100% paying attention to the Forest |D
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Aha, neither am I ;D I'm just

Aha, neither am I ;D I'm just playing good rain-music. Nice thing at least about the rainy TEF weather is it just gives me an excuse to do nothing and just relax in-game <3

Everyone's so lazy when it

Everyone's so lazy when it rains; I feel like no one ever really is doing anything!
I've been avoiding playing Nix while it's raining because he usually just sits around being grumpy, but it's nice on days your mostly AFK xD Plus the sound is so relaxing, gahhh ;u;

Edit: I love your friend's deer's set, oh man ;o; It's simple but so freakin' pretty!
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Mhm, that's true. The forest

Mhm, that's true. The forest itself practically falls asleep during periods of rain mmm. Very meditative and serene, ahhhh...

Yesss I love it for the first

Yesss I love it for the first few days.. but then the lag gets to me. Takes so long for me to load my Forest with the effects :<
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DANG IM SORRY I accidentally

DANG IM SORRY I accidentally tabbed out btw ;; Awh well I had to go anyways ;;


But it's fine! I had to leave soon at the time anyways d:
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TY TY &hearts;


Boop. Hello there.

Boop. Hello there.

Track this ^^

Track this ^^

Tysm guys ;u;

Tysm guys ;u;
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Thais enjoyed the company

Thais enjoyed the company today, Nix seems to be a nice guy. <3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥

N'aww Nix enjoyed how

N'aww Nix enjoyed how peaceful and nice it was ♥
Hope to see her in the Forest again sometime! c:
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Thank you! n_n

Thank you! n_n
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*wiggles eyebrows* hello I am

*wiggles eyebrows* hello I am tracking

Why thank ya c;S

Why thank ya c;S <- (that's a fail smiley face... I tried to make the wiggly eyebrows ;__; /slapped )
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Track! &hearts;

Track! ♥
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Pep, you absolutely could

Pep, you absolutely could have gone without re-tracking it! Oh my goodness, hi!

I've been doing.. well, I suppose you could say. My internet's gotten so bad that it's very hard to run TEF, and I just don't know what to do with her, so she's.. inactive? I don't know what to do with her at all, and had really just.. stopped even thinking about trying to progress with her, since her story wasn't wanting to come out. She'll most likely turn back into an OOC deer, but that's even assuming that I'll ever get back into the Forest. It's sad thinking about everything's she's probably missed out on, and now I'll think about her more, lamenting that I don't have any ideas for her, and very little hope to roleplay anything out. Two years.. I haven't touched her for two whole years.. Wow.

How have you been? Is Nix's bio the place to ask? I'm not sure, but I feel a re-track is worthy in its own right. Maybe seeing Nix growing and living may help me with Isa, who knows? I've missed you quite a bit, you know. How the heck have you been?

I'm glad you're doing okay

I'm glad you're doing okay though!! Ughh sorry you have a terrible connection ;_; But I know what you mean by 'not touching your character for two years' bc I had left the Forest for around two years, and just hopped back in the saddle with Nix. But I can see why that's hard with the connection problems :c But if you ever manage to make it on, Nix will come say hi for sure!! ♥

LKCJLSKDJFLKSDFJ Missed you so much too omg ;w; I'm so glad to be back here and that you're still around is amazing! ♥ I didn't think I'd remember anyone once I came back on, so it's always amazing to see friends again gahhh ♥

E: Everything up to date!
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O3o ooooooo

O3o ooooooo

>u< &hearts;

>u< ♥
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love the css

love the css <3

N'awww ty! All credit for it

N'awww ty! All credit for it is in the V tab on the bio ;u; one day I'll get him a proper CSS but this is a nice place holder until then :'D
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I don't have skype on my pc

I don't have skype on my pc XD thus why i am commenting here haha. I was in forest there a little bit XD

ACKKK so sad I missed you!

ACKKK so sad I missed you! Had to go to a baby shower with my sister so I could only be on in the morning ;n; I need to catch you in Forest sometime though!!
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Definitely though may be a

Definitely though may be a little while before i go in again XD. (rps always open though Laughing out loud)

So mad I missed you ;___;

So mad I missed you ;___; lemme know ahead of time when you'll be able to if you can! *u* Wouldn't have been a good day for Nix anyways, he's a cranky boy lately.
And we'll have to do another RP soon yes!
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aww nix and yay

aww nix and yay <3
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Icon - ahimsa.Signature - Qanat. ♥

Helloooo &hearts;

Helloooo ♥
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whale whale whale wat have

whale whale whale

wat have we here

An over-sized child 8|

An over-sized child 8| /smacked
NO BUT FOR REAL was so excited to see Shardous ;u; Tysm for the company!
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and poor Nix, sounds like he's been goin through a lot ;;

LOOOOL bruh you have no idea,

LOOOOL bruh you have no idea, I deleted most of his recent events (bc I delete it after I have so many days up) but there's always something going on apparently LOL
BUT it was so nice to see Bayleen again!! He was just kind of numb all morning so I'm sorry he was acting kind of dumb :c But he was happy to see her! He'll be back to his normal self soon ♥