the wolf in sheep's clothing ; nix

"Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon, and each month it cries for a love it will never touch."

Nixon Elias Brooks
Nix, Alpha, Wolf, Moonswift, Winterheart, Snowscape.

Adult . Male . Halo . #15
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First entered the Forest on April 13, 2012.

Elk with obvious wolf influences. Higher body heat temperature.
Muscled, but more lean than some his size. Canine teeth.
Carries the scent of evergreens and a slight hint of frost to it.

Feels others emotions to the extent they can over power his own feelings.
More hyper sensitive towards strangers & first meetings can develop long-lasting impressions.
These powers are in better harmony with those he's closer with.

` LOVES snow!
` Enjoys any and all company, social or quiet.
` Lover of lost souls - enjoys caring and mending others.
` ADORES fawns, will happily be anyone's babysitter nanny.
That being said, heavily against adopting fawns as his own due to past ill experiences.
` Strong inner sense of justice inside him. Judges - namely strangers - by it.
` Grudge-holder. Doesn't get over betrayals easily - if ever - and takes things extremely personal
once he lets someone close to him. Careful with who he becomes attached to because of it.
` Often sees submission as a term of respect towards those he holds dear. Although relaxed in the
company of strangers, still would never show this side of him until they're known to be trusted.
` Does not feel worthy of love. Because of this, even more-so treasures the time he has with his
loved ones. Fiercely protective of them, even to the point of death, to take care of those he loves.
` Soft towards friends, family, and loved ones. Also to an extent with strangers if he reads a pure or
innocent energy from them. Has the tendency to feel guilty over being deserving of close friendships.
` Hot-head, as much as he tries to control it. Can be easily triggered past his point of control.
Others emotions can easily cloud his better judgement and cannot easily calm down because of it.
Once pushed to that point, needs to excess the energy out of himself before being able to control

Feeling super happy and relaxed this rut. Finally feeling like he's fitting into a 'grove' again instead of the usual brooding he was becoming too used to. Only has his friends to thank for that. A nice escape from the family drama going on in the human realm.

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Krisha, Axel, Diamond, Johnny.

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Tig, Segin, Lesath.

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Top art by Wake, below art by Keepiru ♥
Nix is 100% IC and does not represent the player.
Interactions are welcome through Forest, this bio, or discord: Laur#3136.
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Saw him today at the pond!

Saw him today at the pond! Whatta nice guy |:D

N'awww I'm glad you thought

N'awww I'm glad you thought so! Sorry he was kind of awkward today, he's usually much more out going ^^' He's just in a weird mood :c

Oooh what a handsome

Oooh what a handsome boy!

I'd love my Akantha to meet him XD I don't think she's ever met a stag, before.
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N'aw, thank you so much!

N'aw, thank you so much! ♥
And that sounds good! Nix would be a good starter boy for that :'D He's pretty laid back and easy going ^u^
Your girl is gorgeous!
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Thought I was tracking

Thought I was tracking this...

Oh hello cB Thank you for

Oh hello cB
Thank you for the track!

Haha! XD Awww that is

Haha! XD Awww that is perfect, and thank you so much!

Would you like to RP here or on Akantha's bio?
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I don't mind on here if you'd

I don't mind on here if you'd like c': Did you want me to start?
But small warning, sometimes I randomly lose my muse so I'm sorry if it seems random if I stop replying at one point! ;v;

Sure! But honestly, no need

Sure! But honestly, no need to apologies XD I am the exact same way.
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Yeah if I don't get much to

Yeah if I don't get much to work with, my brain just goes mehh ^^;
All right, my beginnings are kind of lame ;v; I'm sorry! Just a starter setting I suppose...
The Forest was quiet for once, as it always seemed this time of day. No deer seemed to stir nearby the pond, which always put Nix in a weird type mood; no energies for him to latch onto. Leaving him to his own dealings with his moods.
His front hooves were stood in the pond's water but his back hooves still on the dry shore. He appeared to be lost in thought, though really all he was wondering was if he felt like bathing his bite wounds he had received along his flank. Merely an ear twitched as he heard something stir beside him, slowly casting his gaze over.

(OH GEEEZ I am so sorry for

(OH GEEEZ I am so sorry for missing this! DX Also it's fine, I am the same way haha I am so sorry for the derpage. Besides, you did a good job with the starter!)


The bushes nearby the large antlered deer rustle; their leaves bouncing, disturbed from their original stillness as something moves near them. Suddenly, long spines raise themselves above the bush, followed by the head of a sleepy doe. The female parts her jaws in a gentle yawn before hoisting the rest of her body up from its original laying position. Some leaves from the bush she had been using to shield her from the chilling winds kept themselves stuck to her winter fur, though Akantha didn’t bother shaking them off, as her attention was immediately shifted towards the sight of a figure, nearby.

Her ears swerved back. She hadn’t been expecting to awaken to company, and she had never been so close to an antlered, before. The most company she was used to was the birds and bunnies of spring that sought the protection of her sharp spines from the many demons and devils that dwelt in the Endless Forest; the home she learned was once dominated by the peaceful children of the gods.

Her pelt's fur instinctively shivered from the sudden tickle of the bush leaves, prompting her to shake herself and thus rattling her crown of thorns. At first she is unsure as to whether she should stay and investigate her company or take the easiest and safest route; instant flight. Nevertheless, there was a lonesome aura that she felt coming off of the male, and her eyes widened as she noticed the wounds he bore. Taking a leap from behind her bush, the doe approached him a few small hoof-steps.

"A-are you...are you alright, Sir?” She softly asked, ducking her head slightly as if in fear of her own voice. It had been a long time since she had spoken to someone, and now she was beginning to become unsure of herself, hoping she had not approached too close or too fast. She backed off slightly; her tail and head lowered; her crown of quills shimmering before flattening out. There was a powerful air about this stag. He was large and strong in appearance, and she could not keep back an awe that came from her belly and eased into the expression on her face.
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Nix's eyes were already

Nix's eyes were already fixated on the doe, her emotions having his pelt jump a little bit because of her being nervous. Nothing he couldn't handle, though he never found himself to be the intimidating type to anyone...besides does, it seemed.
The bull's ears perked when she spoke up and a small smile formed on Nix's face, shrugging his shoulders casually. "Yeah, I'm fine," he spoke easily, looking away briefly. "They look worse than how they feel. Nothing I can't deal with."
He looked over her body language that was corresponding with her aura, though he didn't make any comment on her nerves. It was usually best if he didn't when he first met others. "I'm Nix, by the way," he added, giving a slight bow of his head in greeting.

The doe's reddish brown eyes

The doe's reddish brown eyes widened slightly as the stag introduced himself. His small yet noticeable smile was quick to calm her nerves, and the nervousness that had once caused her bones to stiffen made way for a feeling of awe. Akantha had seen many stags from afar, though they had always either been fighting or glaring around while protecting their does. Then again, she had not seen many stags; although this was her first time actually meeting one in person. She had been somewhat of a hermit for most of her adult life; using her time and very being to shelter the more defenseless animals without much thought.

Managing to raise her head and take a dainty step forward, she took her calmed time to examine the stag before her. She couldn't deny he had an impressive appearance with his large rack and simple yet unique and pleasant markings on his pelt. A small, welcoming smile of her own came upon her features. This stag was obviously not a threat. He seemed rather polite, actually, especially with that greeting bow. The spined doe chuckled slightly to herself, feeling a bit silly for her previous cowardly behavior. What a nice first impression, no? With quite a bit of effort not to keep looking at his wounds, the doe shook her head and bowed slightly, herself, though more dramatically as she lowered her neck with her head.

"Ah...well it is nice to meet you, Nix. My name is Akantha...and I'm sorry for flinching, there. I haven't exactly met one such as yourself in person, before.." She explained, smiling sheepishly as an ear tilted down. Her crown rustled slightly with embarrassment before finally returning to its original relaxed position.

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The bull tilted his head at

The bull tilted his head at her response and furrowed his brows slightly. No one such as himself? The first thing he could think of was his breed, though he knew there would be no way of her knowing this upon first meeting.
"What do you mean by that?" he asked, eyes still light with curiosity. He hadn't exactly met anyone such as herself either with her quells on her head, though Nix was quick to accept the differences between others. Most deer were far from 'normal' in the Forest. "And it's a pleasure to meet you as well, Akantha," he added, taking note of her unique name.
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gonna watch this species

gonna watch this species confused unusual stag.

Akantha felt heat rush to her

Akantha felt heat rush to her cheeks and ears as she realized how rude she might have been, especially in not being specific on her meaning. Clearing her throat, she shifted her dainty hooves about the ground as if she were a young fawn, still mastering the art of standing still.

"My apologies. I-I meant...I've never...well...met an antlered one, before..." she examined him quickly with her eyes.
"A male.." She hoped that did not sound too awkward or strange, but she was rather fascinated by him; hos broad his build was, and the large crown of "trees" sitting atop his head...not just as a male, but as an individual, he was fascinating. Perhaps it was also because of the fact she had not met many other deer in general, but that didn't change the fact that she was awe-struck, and much nicer than she originally thought.

Mustering up her courage, and letting curiosity take the wheels, the doe inched closer to the stag. Her nostrils flared as she got herself familiar with his scent.

"You are very kind, though," she added, almost in a whisper.

((I am so sorry my posts are derpy XD I swear I have the most underdeveloped character ever.))

@Acurna. Ooooo thank you

@Acurna. Ooooo thank you ;u;

@Flora. Nix let out an amused chuckle while straightening his head back to normal. "How on Earth have you never met a male before?" he asked, his voice still easy and relaxed yet there was a clear hint that he was entertained by the idea. "Have you been in the Forest long?" He was assuming not, though he had met even farther skittish ones than her who had lived in the Forest for a long time so he couldn't be sure.
One of his ears flicked back at her compliment, a slight sign of shock by her sudden praise, though wasn't put off by it. "I could say the same for yourself, since you have yet to show me any aggression. But who knows, you could be a little fighter and I wouldn't even know it," he teased, something he did too often. Not all strangers took kindly to his jokes but that never stopped him before.
(You're fine ^u^)

Akantha's sheepish smile grew

Akantha's sheepish smile grew as she released a nervous chuckle in return; tilting her ears and glancing off to the side.
"I-I mean...perhaps in my fawnhood I came across a few, but...they were rather young, a-as I was. Other than that I...spend most of my time as a living bush to the smaller creatures, though never took the time to check if they were male or female" she smiled bashfully at this and softly huffed, now realizing how ridiculous it sounded.

As she caught the stag's little tease, Akantha couldn't help but let a giggle escape her partially-opened maw as she turned her gaze back to meet him. She never thought herself a fighter, even with the venomous spines she less-than-proudly held upon her her head.
"Hehe...and I hope you won't be too disappointed, in that case...I'm more of a runner than a fighter, I think. My crown is more of a shelter than a weapon." Akantha explained, shyly.

(Mehh XD You're too kind)

Heyoo! I see you keep bumping

Heyoo! I see you keep bumping this but I'm sorry I don't really have much muse anymore ^^' Been kinda busy/not much sleep lately so I'm lacking in inspiration, sorry! ;c

Ohh I'm so sorry! I'm really

Ohh I'm so sorry! I'm really sorry about that, thank you for telling me.

Anyways, I hope you get more rest soon! I know it's really hard to get through the day when you don't get much sleep DX
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(halloyes new layout is

(halloyes new layout is A+++++ mhm yes css is goals mmfff yup)

AHHH THANKS I love it too!!

AHHH THANKS I love it too!! Unplugged did an amazing job ;u;

Ooh wow! Lookin' good! XD

Ooh wow! Lookin' good! XD
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love love love

love love love <3 so glad the art fits XD was a bit worried bout that when drawing it has
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the new css is so lovely

the new css is so lovely <3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥

Thank you guys so much

Thank you guys so much ♥

@TreeDancer. OMGGG I'm still so in love with this picture, it really is amazing ;w;
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just going to place a track

just going to place a track here :3

Thank you ;u; You're fawn is

Thank you ;u;
You're fawn is adorable ommg ♥ Sorry Nix is being a freak today, just being a protective doofus :c
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awww ty ^^ and oh that's fine

awww ty ^^ and oh that's fine haha the little flower is happy with it since amaroq is around.

nice to meet this fella!

nice to meet this fella! sorry neither of my kids are particularly responsive today, they're kind of reeling about something :'^)

track tho

Nice to meet the whole gang

Nice to meet the whole gang too! And that's totally fine, Nix actually appreciates the calm company a lot c:
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Nix needs to visit Eloa some

Nix needs to visit Eloa some day XD she worries bout her brother

Yes definitely! Sorry I've

Yes definitely! Sorry I've been crumby with RP's/skype too lately ^^' my friend's wedding is in less than two weeks, so hopefully once that's over I should be more active again c:
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its ok!

its ok!
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Hi there, I was wanting to

Hi there, I was wanting to know if you were interested with RPing with any of my deer?

I don't mind! Although I

I don't mind! Although I gotta warn you that I sometimes randomly lose my muse ^^'
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What a beautiful bio.

What a beautiful bio. ♥

Oh gosh, tysm! All the credit

Oh gosh, tysm! All the credit goes to unplugged, they're amazing with their CSS c:


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Thanks you two &hearts;

Thanks you two ♥
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By the way, I saw you near

By the way, I saw you near the Oak recently, but had to exit. Do you want to meet once day? :33
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By the way, I saw you near

By the way, I saw you near the Oak recently, but had to exit. Do you want to meet once day? :33

Ahh yes I remember seeing

Ahh yes I remember seeing your little fawn sitting with Nix and Chizzune's character Rose c:
You're more than welcome to come visit Nix anytime, he loves fawns.
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Aww thanks ^^

Aww thanks ^^
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gotta track him!

gotta track him! <3

Gahhh thank youu! Been

Gahhh thank youu!
Been wanting to meet your girl; hopefully soon ^u^
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Yes, I'll be keeping an eye

Yes, I'll be keeping an eye out for his picto!
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it's hot in here

it's hot in here
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LUANA PLZ where is the chill

chill LOL