new baby & forest screenshots

Hey people! I hope everyone is having a great day! ^^

Something really cool happened a few days ago - my sister had a baby boy named Adrian! =D He's a very cute baby, but he's really big. :3 The mother, father and the baby just came back from the hopsital yesterday, and now they're staying with us. I got my first experience of a crying baby last night, when I was trying to sleep. XD

I also decided to take some forest screenshots, just for fun. XD
Here is one of my deer as a fawn (I don't think she's grown up yet...I need to go check soon), that I liked:

Nothing too special about her in this screenie, usually I get the shiny white pelt.

Err yeah...haven't got much else to say other than that lol.
I'll be putting up some deer art soon, by the way. ^^

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Congrats on the baby! And I

Congrats on the baby! And I look forward to seeing the art you put up :3
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CONGRATULATIONS for your sister and baby Adrian - thats realy cool Owl. You will have sleepless nights for a while I think (Owls dont sleep at night anyway..).. Smiling

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Fledermaus (saying who I'm

Fledermaus (saying who I'm replying to just in case it doesn't specify on who I replied to): heheh thanks ^^ I should be putting up 1 - 3 pictures at some point, depends on how much art I feel like doing at the moment. ^^

Larr: thank you That's

Larr: thank you Smiling

That's actually true...I usually don't get much sleep at night so I end up sleeping during breakfast...and school. XD