Lemon's Journal - Jan 8, 2009

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Today was another rambunctious day. I woke up with a ton of energy! Right off the bat, I ran into Quamar, and a few other deer. I didn't know who they were, but I was feeling unusually friendly. I guess when you go so long without much social interaction, you start to miss it.

We had fun being generally quite silly.

Before long, I ran off to run around with Montie, and two other deer I didn't know. I hid in a tree until one of the unknown deer discovered me, and started blasting me with mask spells! After that, we played around for quite a long time.

Feeling a bit exhausted, from so much unusual interaction, I went off on my own for a bit. I returned to the birch forest; a place I have grown rather fond of, when I wish to be alone. I stayed by myself for a bit, practicing some tricks. Then, Quamar came galloping up, followed by his troop of friends! I was glad to see his familiar face.

As I was still feeling quite silly, we had more goofy fun.

After a while, I settled down with an identical fawn, and everyone began to run and leap around us.

Vala even showed up, after a while! We had a dance party, and I got chased around by a sleeping Tabitha! That was... pretty freaky.

Anyway, I fell asleep for quite some time. Some hours later, I awoke to quite the ruckus. Shaking away the sleep from my unseeing eyes, I realized that there were two rather large deer standing right over the top of me. Startled, I scrambled to my feet, and backed away. It was then that I recognized one particularly comforting scent -- it was the phantom! From the sound of it, he was fighting off another male deer, evidently protecting me from the perceived danger. I moved to the phantom's side, snuggling against his warm pelt for comfort. I watched in awe and fear as the two stags locked antlers -- not able to see what they were doing, but easily able to hear the clack of their horns, and the angry grunts of their breath as they fought. Luckily, the fight didn't last long, and the other stag soon lost interest.

After the other stag had left, I felt much better. I breathed a sigh of relief, giving the phantom a thankful nuzzle. I'm not sure what I'd do without him watching over me -- a fawn as small and helpless as I am is in enough trouble, as it is. I mean, most of the deer in the forest are kind and sincere; but there are some real troublemakers out there, who would like nothing better than to make a nice snack out of a little thing like me. And you never can be too careful, in any case.

Anyway, I should be more careful about where I go to sleep, I guess. I won't always have the phantom to watch my back, after all.

The phantom and I played in my favorite little field of poppies. We had quite a bit of fun leaping around joyously, savoring the feel of spring warmth on our backs, and the smell of flowers in the air. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do much, because I soon had to leave the forest.

I had a lot of fun with the phantom -- he seemed much more playful then he usually does. I couldn't help but feel a little edgy, though. I'm not sure why, but every distant moo made me jump in surprise. I think that stag kind of pushed me into danger-mode; I was so startled to find him locking-antlers with the phantom, right over where I was sleeping! Honestly, I would rather like to know what lead to such a confrontation. I know the phantom can be a little... protective. It doesn't seem that he makes friends easily, either. I've seen him give a wary eye to a few stags, carefully avoiding them when they are near. I've also seen some stags lower their antlers at him as we pass by, for no apparent reason. I think that I'm beginning to understand why he's such a secretive fellow. I wish I could show the other deer that he means no real harm; that he is truly a good deer, once you get to know him. I owe him a lot, for being such a good and watchful friend, and for defending me when I would otherwise have found myself in deep trouble.

I'm sure I'll find a way to pay him back, some day.


PS, I finally learned to sit-jump-sit! I was so proud of myself, I could hardly believe it.
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hello Lemon it was nice

hello Lemon it was nice meeting you XD by the by were any of these taken yesterday?

Why is it so hard to be me Jadine?
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Nice meeting you, too!

Nice meeting you, too! :')

They were all taken today; all except the last one, of Lemon with the phantom. That one's from the 1st. :3

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lol watch out for mask-spell

lol watch out for mask-spell casters
it's bad if they can find you in trees HA. but look on the bright side, at least you got a new mask at the begining.

-best of luck-
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