Lemon's Journal - Jan 11 & 12, 2009 (Image heavy!)

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January 12, 2009

The past few days have been relatively good. I spent a lot of time hanging out with Seth – though I won’t get into detail about that. I mean, er… well, you know, I wouldn’t want to bore you with … um, never mind. I’ll let the images speak for themselves, for now.

The thing that saddens me, is that I haven’t seen the phantom in quite a while. Not since I tried to introduce him to Seth, that is. I wonder why he hasn’t been around. Has Seth something to do with it? Is he... jealous? Frightened? Relieved that I finally found someone else to cling to? Whatever it is, I hope he gets over it, soon. I miss him.

I’ve come to view the phantom as a father, of sorts. He’s always there to protect me, watching over me, making sure I’m alright. Well, almost always. He shows me around the forest, taking me to the most secluded and beautiful spots. We have fun at times; but he knows when to be serious, as well. I love it during those rare moments when he breaks out of his usual shell, to pull off some silly antic. The other day, he air-sat near the playground, on top of one of the stone pillars. It was incredible seeing someone usually so reserved, break loose.

I heard his voice for the first time, too. In all the time I’ve known the phantom, I’ve never heard him speak. He spoke only as a call of distress, when we were surrounded by deer in the playground, and he couldn’t find me. I can’t tell you how I wish he would tell me his name, or something else about him. But I understand that he is a quiet fellow, as I’m the same way; unless I’m feeling extremely rambunctious and there are other deer ‘singing’ nearby, in which case I’m likely to unload an avalanche of calls. But in fact, I otherwise only moo when I’m frightened and I can’t find who I’m looking for. And of course, when LT hits the wrong hotkey. So if I ever moo in your face without reason, I’m either frightened beyond sanity, or LT’s being stupid again.

I… have been spending quite a lot of time with Seth, lately. It’s good to see him again; the last time I saw him, I was still very new to the forest. Well, as long as you don’t include the times I spotted him sleeping in the forest. I used to see him sleeping next to Calanthe, sometimes. Which.. I…

Yesterday, we came across a gathering of mini deer! I was a little frightened, but I didn’t let it show. Mini deer are a little too rambunctious for my taste, you see. While they are great fun, they are like fawns. One makes for delightful company, but when you get more than two or three together in a group, you find trouble.

Seth and I watched the minis, then retired nearby to play around in the trees. I got my head stuck.

After a while, one of the mini’s had to say goodbye, and everybody gathered around. We had a little funeral.

Seth and I met up with some other deer and played at the playground for quite a while.

It was there that I discovered this odd thing:

Somebody had left behind their picto! I took turns between being frightened and finding the whole situation rather hilarious. Then I got turned into a bat, and Seth tried to squish me!

After that, I discovered the wonders of the deermuda triangle; Seth and I took a swim. In the ground.

Today, I found a group of deer near the ruins, where my favorite patch of flowers is. We had lots of fun, and I was feeling especially mischievous. Dynamite was there, but he preferred mostly to watch our antics from a distance. There were lots of deer there, but the only ones I recognized were Raunun and Dynamite – the latter of whom went without a picto, for some reason. But I knew it was him; LT checked the live map.

Along the way, Raunun fell asleep, and I couldn’t resist but to spam him with a few spells. There was another deer there, though, who quite intimidated me. So I resorted to a slightly less obnoxious sort of fun; I sat on him, instead.

In fact, I sat on everyone. I went on a sitting rampage!

Some of these were taken yesterday, lol. But I put them all together for added effect. |D

After Raunun woke up again, we had a dance party, followed by a short chaotic sprint. Then LT went to grab lunch, and when she came back, everyone was sitting right next to me! I felt pretty proud of myself, for not being as shy as I normally am. I did pretty good, didn’t I?

After that, I decided it was time for a little seclusion. I went and found a spot where I was sure I’d never be found – inside a tree. I had been certain that my hiding place was flawless – but Seth found me in no time. Luckily, I was fully prepared. I cast a mask spell on him from my hiding place as he laid down beside the tree, giggling to myself in glee. He sure wasn’t expecting that! He leapt up, surprised, and I poked my head outside the tree. “Gotcha!” I exclaimed, and we both collapsed in laughter.

Seth, I think you ate one too many mushrooms…

After that, I gave him a proper greeting, and we proceeded to engage in our usual celebratory antics – running and leaping around the trees like maniacs.

That’s when a little fawn showed up. At first, I approached her carelessly, feeling unusually friendly. Rather than being met by the usual sniff-and-nuzzle that most fawns seem to prefer as their default greeting, I was met by stamping hooves and lowered antlers. Frightened, I shrunk back. That’s when I was surprised to find Seth trotting over and putting himself between us, much like the phantom would.

He tried to shoo the fawn away, telling her not to pick fights like that, and I was amazed to see the little thing lower her antlers at Seth! Seth is no little deer, I’ll tell you that! He’s huge! Did this fawn really think she stood a chance? If I wasn’t scared to death, I probably would have laughed at the sight. But, alas, I was too busy cowering. As usual.

Eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore. I hate it when deer fight, I just hate it. It drives me mad, and makes me want to burst into tears. So I galloped off. I had fallen into the pond earlier, and was missing my flowers anyway, so I headed over to the crying idol to reclaim them. Much to my relief, Seth met up with me there. More silliness ensued, and I began to feel a lot better.

After a while, the fawn returned – still determined to cause trouble. I continued to hide behind Seth as he tried to understand what she was about. Then another deer arrived, and started lowering his antlers, too! It was insane, I tell you! Luckily, this new deer wasn’t interested in picking a real fight – he and Seth were soon on the ground, laughing. I relaxed a bit. Encouraged by the arrival of this new deer, I cautiously approached the fawn. I sniffed her carefully, and then tried to give her a nuzzle, but she stomped at me. I stayed away from her, after that.

Our little odd group soon grew into a rather large gathering of deer. We had fun glitching and running around for a while. Then Seth had to leave. I was very sad, and loneliness began to creep up on me as we said goodbye.

I laid down next to him as he fell asleep. As soon as he vanished, I ran into the forest, found a secluded spot, and curled up. I laid there for hours.

Just… thinking.


[ooc: Bleh, I'm too anxious to write. x___x Sorry for the quality of this journal, I know it isn't great. u____u; ]
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WTF?? O: You sat oon

WTF?? O: You sat oon meeeeeh! x'D
Nala, the kind and oh so playful little butterfly doe.
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You sat on unsuspecting

You sat on unsuspecting Raunun too! You uninnocent child! 8D

I got out for a while, I was surprised and happy you all still were there. (:
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lolol. <3 Lemon's got

lolol. <3 Lemon's got skills, yes.

Nala -- sorry for Lemon running away from you, just a few minutes ago. @____@; She's in freak out mode because some stag was chasing her around the forest for like half an hour, lowering his antlers at her and taunting her. He wouldn't leave her alone. That's the third deer that's attacked her in three days; I have no idea what the heck's going on. And she's been avoiding deer she doesn't know for that reason; I didn't recognize who you were, until she was already gone. xD


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... Raunun -> Zombie

... Raunun -> Zombie antler-mode.

"Allrightie, WHO'S THE BULLY?"
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Bwahaha, I'm sure he didn't

Bwahaha, I'm sure he didn't mean to scare her; he was probably just frustrated because she kept hiding in trees and rocks. xDD

But this was his picto: xxx

Lemon's having a rough week. x_____x

Lemon: -hides behind Raunun- 8(

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Never seen him... But I will

Never seen him... But I will spy him. 8D

Raunun: -Grows little bigger seeing Lemon scared.-

Seth: I had loads of fun

Seth: I had loads of fun with you, Lemon. -nuzzle- I'm sorry about the Phantom.... I feel like it's all my fault he isn't in the forest anymore.. Sunday morning, I was asleep, and I thought I smelled him. It turned out it was the Phantom. He was watching me in my sleep. I don't know why he would have any reason to be around me. (Since he dislikes me so much.) Hmm.. and about Calanthe... I'm just trying to forget about her. I thought she loved me, but I don't feel the same about her anymore. She left me without a goodbye, and I'm not going to sit here and wait for her to come back, like a fool.. Heh, that fawn was just annoying. I wanted to just push her into the pond when she wouldn't leave you alone. I think I'll try to get into the forest in a while. My human is going on about leaving her cell phone on the bus or something. I'll have to have my eye open for this bully too. Eye

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Lemon: I've had lots of fun

Lemon: I've had lots of fun with you, too. You sure know how to turn a bad day around, don't you? And don't worry about the phantom; if he doesn't want to hang around, it's his choice. It's not your fault. I'd rather not think about that, anyway. It makes me too sad. I'm sure he'll come around, sooner or later. And as for.. Calanthe...


Thanks for showing me that the ruins aren't all that scary, by the way. Raunun took me there today, but I was too scared to get very close. No one's ever taken the time to show me that it's not such a scary place, after all. So, um... just, thanks. <3

You're a really great friend, Seth. I can always count on you for a good time. -nuzzle- Oh, and tell your human she shouldn't leave her cell phones on the bus. That isn't a good thing to do. @___@

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Seth: Good. I'm glad you

Seth: Good. I'm glad you had fun. ^^ Heh, I guess I do know how to make anyone happy. xD I haven't been in a good mood lately because my human has been stressing out about these test-tings she has this week. Why do humans get so worked up about things?

Don't worry about her...
I'm fine without her..

Ohh, yes I had a good time at the ruins too. 8D I had a good laugh when I got the close-ups of you. The one place that does creep me out at the ruins is the box made out of big graves. It's just creepy.

Eeee! I'm so happy that your doe day is coming up soon! 8D I bet you are excited! <3 I remember when I was going to grow up I ran around the forest until my legs felt like they were going to break!

My human said her bus driver (What ever that is.) is really nice so she'll get it back tomorrow morning. She seems happy. See you later, Lemon. <3

(I can upload the close-ups if you want. ;D )
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Baha, please do. xD I'll

Baha, please do. xD I'll upload your close-ups, too.

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durhur Cal was that

durhur Cal was that Argus-pelted doe in the last screenshot CB Sorry if she scared Lemon, she........ does that to people. FDFSFSF WHAT she's insane btw. cB <3 lol Lemon is so fun to be arouuuund. :3