Lemon's Journal - Jan 10, 2009

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When I woke up, I was greeted by two rather no-gooder fawns, who evidently found it entertaining to see a little blind fawn cower in fear, because she has no idea if their taunts and teases are serious, or in good fun. Given my experience, I take all threats seriously -- and when someone lowers their antlers at me, I take offense. Thus, when these two fawns continued to lower their antlers, tease, and rear at me, I began to feel quite fearful. Where was the phantom when I needed him? I stayed where I was for a while, hoping the fawns would grow bored of their cruel games, and run off. They did, and I split.

Eventually, I found the phantom. We collided into each other by accident -- he running full speed toward me, and I running full speed toward him. It was a rather curious and silly moment. We ran about in our usual way, taking rests often.

At one point, he took me to the stream, where we drank. Then I spotted Quamar, sleeping on the bridge. I ran over to say hello, but he didn't stir. That's when I saw Seth! I was so excited to see him, I galloped over and gave him a heartfelt nuzzle, letting him know how happy I was to see him. The phantom hung back, watching as we kicked up our heels in glee. If there's one deer who can always brighten my day, it's Seth.

After a while, I tried to introduce Seth to the phantom. The phantom, however, would hear nothing of the matter, and refused to come near Seth. Discouraged and saddened that my two favorite stags would have nothing to do with each other, I resorted to bouncing back and forth between one and the other. I'd stick by Seth, playing and laughing, and then run off to accompany the phantom in his silent, watchful ways. It went on like this for a while -- Seth and I tried to get him to come closer, and join us. He never did.

Seth and I practiced our acrobatics and other unusual antics. We probably looked quite silly, but it was a ton of fun.

After a while, I fell asleep again. When I awoke, Seth was sleeping next to me. And much to my surprise, there was a deer looming over us. He began to paw at Seth. After a while, his actions took a less-innocent turn, and he began to lower his antlers and stomp all over Seth and I. Frightened and shaken to the core, I leapt up and ran off. Some other deer, who had seem what happened, followed me, and convinced me to turn back. I did, and we shooed the no-gooder deer away from the sleeping Seth. Some deer can be so rude.

I was glad to be rid of the trouble-maker. Several more deer joined us, after the no-gooder deer left. Feeling enlivened by a day spent with Seth, I welcomed the company. We jumped around in glee, being silly and having fun. I even ran into my newest friend, Dynamite. He is very similar to me, you see. We suffer from similar emotions; orphans that we are. It's hard to get used to him being so close all of the time, but I have learned to live with it.

After a while, Dynamite fell asleep, and Seth woke up!

I climbed up onto Seth's back, and we became the unstoppable duo! Then another deer joined us -- a really nice deer, who was there when Seth was being bombarded by that trouble-making deer. We then became a freak-show act!

Some interesting experimentation lead to some rather.. peculiar antics...

I don't know what this is supposed to be, but it doesn't look right. xD

After that, Seth and I ran to the pond, where Seth decided to sit on an unsuspecting Perplex.

Then we took a swim in the stream; which was.. strange.

Something's not right here... wait, I'm drowning! DD:

I could see the phantoms pictograph, I knew he was around. But he did not come join us; he didn't even watch me from a distance. I wonder why he refuses to come around, when I'm with Seth? I was quite sad to know that he wasn't looking out for me. But Seth's company more than made up for that.

Soon, another deer came and began lowering his antlers at Seth. I watched, frightened, as the two stags locked antlers with each other. What is with all of the aggressive stags, lately? There must be an extra dose of testosterone in the air, or something.

Anyway, after that, I decided to go sleep. I said goodbye to Seth, and ran off to find the phantom. I found him laying on one of the playground rocks, all alone. I gave him a little nuzzle, hoping he would wake up. He didn't stir. Resigned, I curled up beside him and went to sleep.

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OW! The skeleton doe in the

OW! The skeleton doe in the fifth picture? Did you think she was angry at you and Seth? NO! Shocked
She's my Grimmer. She slept somewhere beside you and Seth as a mini doe. She saw when this setless stag came and lowered his antlers to you when you two slept. Grim sneezed her mini-spell off and defended you two. I'm kinda sure it looked like she was angry at you two, because she was so close. Grim just tried to put herself between you guys.
Grim would never start a fight without good reason. ):
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Aww, sorry about that.

Aww, sorry about that. x____x I wasn't sure if it was you or the other deer making trouble, I woke up in the middle of it all. Don't worry, when I realized who you were, I figured you meant no harm. <3

I don't know what that deer's problem was, honestly. 8|

Hope I didn't hurt your feelings, deary. These last two journals of lemon's, I didn't want to post. :'( I don't like writing this kind of stuff.

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It's okay. <3 8D I think he

It's okay. <3 8D
I think he wanted someone to cast pelt spell on him, and there was no one awake to do it, so he got annoyed and lowered his antlers to you. But because Grim never really sleeps, she saw this and took action, she loves to defend others. And for looking more dangerous she sneezed off mini-spell and tried to sneeze off doe-antlers.
You certainly did not hurt my feelings, don't worry about it. I hope to meet you as Grimmer in the Forest someday. (:

EEEE! I love the freak-show

EEEE! I love the freak-show act! I could not stop laughing!! Laughing out loud I was laughing so hard, my mom came into the computer room to see if I was ok! 8D Humm.. yeah, I wish the Phantom would stop being so skittish around Seth. 8( Seth is just a big teddy-bear inside a deer. He wouldn't harm a thing. (That is if it is nice to him and his friends. x3 ) Oh, that deer that was lowering his antlers at Seth was Walter. He has anger issues. Eclipse and Echo get along with him fine, but he seems to hate Seth. O.o Ohhh, and that other deer is Shyla. She is very nice. ^^

LEMON, please do keep on writing these! I love reading them; you have talent when it comes to writing. (Not to mention art!)
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Narina -- Good, I'm glad.

Narina -- Good, I'm glad. xD That was very courageous of Grim, even if it looked a little suspicious, at first. :> Lemon loves hanging out with Raunun, so I'm sure she'd love Gimmers. <3 As long as there aren't any feisty Seth-hating Walters around, that is. xDD

Echo -- I KNOW. xD I was giggling like a maniac. I'm sure my family thought I had officially lost it. 8')

I wish the phantom would meet Seth, too. :'( Lem likes Seth a lot, and she thinks of the phantom as her father-figure (hence one of the reasons why she doesn't see Seth that way, heh.) So having her adopted 'daddy' not approve of her best friend is kind of depressing. :'( :'( But that's just how he is.

And oh, Shyla! So I finally met her! :'D She was nice, indeed. I was wondering who she was. <3

And oh gosh, thank you. x3 I'll keep writing; it's a good outlet. :3 Most of the things Lemon goes through are related to my real-life emotions, so it's nice to have somewhere to let it out; even if it's through the guise of a little virtual fawn. <3

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My favorite part had to be

My favorite part had to be the part where Seth facehugged Shyla. HILARIOUS YES!? It would have been funnier if Shyla was playing in First Person X3 XD PAHAHAHA


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Awwwwwww @ Lemon trying to

Awwwwwww @ Lemon trying to divide her attention between Seth and the Phantom. D':

I love the acrobatics. XD I've never learned to air walk or sit or whatever but it's always hilarious to see others doing it. XD