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Update Summary: Pao will NOT be sticking to the three specific spots in the forest, like she did during the 2020 spring rally. Her pictogram is linked in the map section at the bottom of the blog. I encourage anyone who wishes to interact with Pao to add me on Discord or drop a track. You don't have to wait until I'm online to ask for a reading. I can be difficult to catch, so leaving a message to let me know you're interested is a good idea!
More services for Pao to offer, and she will be selling some thingies.

Thanks, everyone, for all your lovely support!

Can't find Pao anywhere?
No worries! Just comment on this blog to get in touch, or send a message to my discord**. She will find you when she makes her way back to the forest. If you leave a little blessing in one of her booth locations buried in a thicket, she's sure to find and keep an eye out for whoever dropped it...

⚘ ⚘ ⚘
Step right up, spare some dumplings! Some coin! Perhaps even a tuft of underfur! Are you prepared to have your fortune read? Take your choice of palm readings, a fortunate stroke of serendipity via Tarot, or gaze into a crystal ball to reveal your destiny. Whatever your destiny may be, accept it with open hooves, arms, or paws. Additionally, Pao is offering a multitude of new services on the side... keep scrolling to see what services and products can be requested.

What Services are There?
Good, old-fashioned fortune telling; via tarot, crystal ball, and palm readings. Per usual, Pao will record your destiny on some rolled up parchment.
Massages; deep tissue, back, facial, and leg/foot care.
War paints; Pao will help apply some temporary tattoos and markings to your body to raise your spirit during the Rut.
Sound therapy; the tanuki can ease aching tissue and stress with some mind-soothing harmonies, produced by either her voice, a Tibetan singing bowl, or both.
Crystal therapy; request crystal therapy to cleanse your spirit! The crystals placed over your body can be used to heal, empower, and clear your mind.

What Products are There?
Burning Herbs; Pao will be collecting and handing out herb sachets that are suitable for burning, such as lavender, sage, rosemary, thyme, and-- although not an herb-- dried fruit peels.
Performance-enhancing powders + herbs; a few pinches of this and a few nibbles of that might help give you some vitamins you didn't even know you needed!
Crystals; placebo or not, these stones are so pretty, they'll make you feel good, carrying them around.
War paint; if you don't have time to stick around and have Pao paint you, herself, she prepares small bundles of "just add water" powders that you can take with you to competitions. High-pigmented, may stain fur temporarily!

The Lady Luck Readings booth spawns at random points in the forest. It is
recognizable by a red canvas hammock, under other linens and banners hanging in the trees above.
The tanuki sitting on the bamboo mat beneath the setup can provide a glimpse into your future, if you wish.

No map this year!

**Get a hold of Pao by my Discord crabbycrown#3207
Check out the LLR FAQ here!

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huehuehue yesss ♥

huehuehue yesss ♥
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Oooh I'm intrigued!

Oooh I'm intrigued!
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I just KNOW Khanivore will

I just KNOW Khanivore will pay a visit for that massage and war paint service.
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!! :0

!! :0



track! I love this

I love this
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All of you, blessed

All of you,
blessed sweethearts ⚘ ⚘ ⚘


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A little track for the little

A little track for the little tanuki Smiling
Tiny Ursch & pixel picto © Draak

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Track here for lady Pao :3

Track here for lady Pao :3