Lady Luck Readings FAQ

Lady Luck Readings
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do [I] have to bring as payment?
A: Pao doesn't ask for anything in return. It's
nice to bring little goodies (jewelry, shiny pebbles, food) for her, but it's more about manners. Knowing destiny is priceless! No monetary value can cover that. Additionally, the favour can be returned with a free service.

Q: How does a reading start?
A: Approach Pao with a topic in mind (love, family, wealth). When she asks what [you're] after, feel free to ask a question that's as vague or as personal as you'd like. i.e. "Tell me about my love life," or "Tell me about my relationship with Jane Doe, and our marriage." Pao will guide [you] through the process. Just sit back and relax!
(Palm readings do not require questions, as they are personality readings.)

Q: [I] don't know what to ask. What do [I] do?
A: Readings are good for general outline of [your] past/present/future, just as any specific questions out there. They can help make decisions or decipher the best course of action in one's life. No pressure.

Q: How many readings can [I] have in a day?
Per character, one. Each month, Pao can provide one reading.
Per player, it's unlimited!

Q: [I] I never see Pao around. How do [I] catch her?
A: I have a hard time getting in-game lately. If you can't find Pao, please don't hesitate to message me by my Discord or drop a track with a request to interact at a planned time in-game. I am ALWAYS available to role-play via messages!

**Get a hold of Pao by my Discord crabbycrown#3207