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Ideas Taking Root


11/26/2017 | Had a birthday on the 21st, and got myself a job, which is exciting! It's not the most glamorous thing in the world, just working as a grocery clerk, but it's my first job ever so I'm excite. Once that's good to go... hopefully I'll be able to work on building up to date portfolio stuff and build some more TEF profiles on the side.

10/22/2017 | WOW ok so it's been a while. I kinda sorta got sidetracked by graduating college and learning how to be an adult, so I haven't had the most time and gumption to get back into doing creative TEF stuff. I'm not on Discord as much as I used to be, but you can find me on Skype ( if you ever need me for anything. Be well, all!

04/20/2017 | Ugh, and right when my newest char's account has aged up, I've lost my gumption to play TEF. *deflates like a balloon* On the bright side, though, school is officially done and I'm starting new meds, so I should be more creative once I've had a chance to fully recover from stress and illness.

04/17/2017 | Haaah! And it turns out a lot of the stuff in my code post could be exploited or fucked with. Just my luck.

This has got me thinking about the topic of forbidden knowledge, though. In class, they never taught us all the ways our code could be exploited, and I guess it makes sense. After all, they wanted us to BUILD websites, not break them. But it begs the question of where one draws the line when it comes to that kind of stuff.

I mean sure, in class we knew that script exploits were a thing, same as we knew about SQL injections and such, but we never learned how either was truly performed. I feel like if I had, I would have a better idea of which code is safest to use out in the wild. But then again... I'd also know how to wreak havoc on unsuspecting websites.

It's a double edged sword, and I don't think there's any right answer when it comes to these things. I don't like the idea of "forbidden knowledge", especially not in this day and age, but at the same time... well, people are people, and people can weaponize knowledge for their own gain. Heck, I wouldn't trust a number of students in my class to use that knowledge responsibly.

Oh well. I'm just glad I haven't made things worse for people here yet. At least, not that I'm aware of.

04/16/2017 | Da-doink! Guess who updated their coding post with directions on how to load remote updates? Protect yourself from account hijacking donkeys, load your posts remotely to-day!

03/16/2017 | Drunk ramblings about my human faced deer before I wander off to do non TEF things ahead.

So I've realized Ed has the potential to be a very bad character. Moreso bad as in villainous than simply... not well fleshed out. At the same time, he also has the potential to be very good. Personally, I'd like to see him reach a certain threshold of goodness, but at the same time, what experiences he has and how those experiences shape him are somewhat out of my hands.

It's kind of intimidating, since I'm not even sure how I'd react in the worst case scenario. Or the best case scenario for that matter, but the worst is more concerning. As someone who's endured abuse in the past, I really don't want Ed to linger in his current, selfish state for too long. At the same time though, I also want him as a character to be believable, and that includes his reactions to certain things and beings, and even shitty viewpoints. It's just as possible he could become even more cruel.

I... dunno. I've always stayed out of RP, because it's so much less controlled than my regular writing, but part of the joy of TEF is that it throws me so far out of my element, so ultimately Ed's growth as an individual is a community effort. Still, I can't help but hope that whatever journey Ed takes, it's a good one.

This is probably a strange thing to get emotionally invested in, but oh well.

03/17/2017 | You know what I need? I need a fun OC. Someone who can play with fawns and mess about with spells and stuff without breaking character and doesn't grouch about the way Ed does presently. Sadly, inspiration for TEF characters comes and goes more than it does with my regular creative stuff, so who knows when I'll get around to creating 'em.

03/16/2017 | *DEEP INHALE* Guess who just figured out how to load external javascript files on TEF bios!

This likely won't mean anything to you if you're not a web design nerd, but essentially, when I was initially coding Ed's bio, I wanted to have the JS in a separate file so I wouldn't have to keep all my eggs in one basket and clutter up the code. BUT, using script tags didn't work at all, so I was kind of lost as to how to do it. I'm so glad I can finally link and edit external files.

03/09/2017 | Arglebargle. I haven't had much energy after the thing that happened last week, and what creative energy I do have has been going to non TEF related stuff lately (not a bad thing since I haven't done anything creative in a very long time). I will try and hop online soon. At the very least I wanna take one of my deerbutts to the Spring Festival. I bet Ed would be quite thrown off by it.

03/03/2017 | Today was a really bad day for me. I won't go into details since TEF is my happy place, but it's been the worst day in a long time. I'm thinking of throwing Ed into the forest and finally playing him IC for therapeutic purposes, but I'm not really sure if I should yet.

I mean, for one, Ed is an asshole, and it's pretty unfamiliar territory for me to be an asshole, especially in a tranquil setting like TEF. I'm also worried I'd be less even-headed when playing in a bad mood. Maybe I'll prance around as Victor instead and see if it helps me suss out his design and personality more...

03/01/2017 | Guess which grumpy deerbutt got a fancy new bio? This grumpy deerbutt. Babby's first real TEF layout. <3


02/28/2017 | Seems that Edwin/"Mr. Sideburns" is already getting around. All the more reason to get his bio up soon! I'll admit, I kinda want to put up his and Carnyx's bio at the same time, namely because I feel like Carnyx would be a safer option to play IC when starting out. He can look sinister with the teeth and all, but he's actually super friendly! Someone's gotta be Ed's more outgoing foil. :Y Not gonna lie, a part of it also involves making sure my ducks are in a row from the start so I don't neglect to do them later, as well as plain old perfectionism and impostor syndrome and... being a designer I guess. More on these developments at 11.

Wow, I've had some extremely good fortune today. Had a psych appointment that went well, class today was cancelled out of the blue, and a due date I thought was tomorrow got pushed back to Friday. It's like the universe is telling me to post that bio already!

02/26/2017 | Don't mind me, just making this blog's internal workings easier to navigate.

02/25/2017 | What time is it? IT'S CODING TIME! Expect test thread spammage soon.

this show was a trip

I should hopefully have at least one of my layouts done by tomorrow night. Then I have to go back to doing boring school stuff.

In other news, I wonder why there aren't more peoplefacedeer about. Maybe it's an uncanny valley thing? I personally find them cute, but I'm a fan of liminal beings of all kinds. I mean hell, one of my deer's whole schtick is Angst and Anguish over What It Means To Be Human And Stuff, which is probably trite and stupid and overdone, but I don't really care. Not like I could get him to be otherwise at this point. Sticking out tongue

02/22/2017 | Created something resembling an art blog! It's not much but it's something. Maybe this'll help keep me drawing regularly once college starts up again.

02/21/2017 | So I finally got around to setting up camp here. I really need to re-do my layout code since what I have now is this bunch of... mostly stuff all slapped together and I barely know what anything is any more, but this should work for now. It only took an hour to whip this layout up locally, but I spent all night figuring out how to get it to cooperate on this site. \o/ Coding for TEF is a whole different beast than coding a from-scratch website, that's for sure.

c.j. | 23 | they/them | infp | scorpio

Hello and welcome to my page! There’s not much here yet. My name is CJ, I’m a 23 year old web design major. I enjoy art, writing, and design, and may share some here in the future. I’m fairly introverted, and not that great at socializing, but I mean no harm. Please let me know if I step on any toes!

I’m very new to online role playing, but I’m willing to get my feet wet. Just be aware that, since TEF is someplace I come to in order to escape the stress of real life, I can’t handle a lot of grimdark or overly violent roleplay. I’d prefer to keep things chill for now. I’m often busy with school work, or simply low on energy, so I may take a while to respond; I will try to get back to you within a day or two though.

Other than that, I am a huge nerd who loves toy collecting, cute snakes, and unsolved mysteries of all kinds. See you in the forest!


I’m still in the process of working out characters to play, so there may be some intermittent OOC/IC weirdness going on until my characters’ personalities are sussed out.

edwin | Very new to the forest, and not even sure if it's the place he belongs to boot. This guy's a bit on the grouchy and antisocial side at the moment, but he may overcome his feelings of hiraeth and warm up to forest life yet. It depends on what the forest has to offer him.

carnyx | Three words: character development hell.


art blog | Expect very sporadic updates.


I’m a bit shy, but I enjoy talking to people once the ice is broken, so feel free to get in touch. You can find me on Skype at , or on Discord at fireflyblood#2344. I might be a bit sporadically present though due to recent life stuff!

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Hey there. c: ~Tracking this

Hey there. c:

~Tracking this blog~
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~ Tracking c; ~

~ Tracking c; ~
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Thanks guys. ^^ It's nice to

Thanks guys. ^^ It's nice to finally get involved here.
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Glad to see you hadn't

Glad to see you hadn't disappeared! Congrats on graduating!
-by Sokoora by Kamaya

Congrats on the graduation!

Congrats on the graduation! Adulting is hard, but you'll get the hang of it.
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Late, but thanks guys! I'll

Late, but thanks guys! I'll hopefully be able to get more involved with TEF soon when energy and inspiration strike.
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Wishing you the best

Wishing you the best
-by Sokoora by Kamaya
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boop I've always admired your

boop I've always admired your code and it's been such a nice contribution to the community C: