Holly on the Old Oak - Christmas Stories and Artwork

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In celebration of the Christmas Spirit, I wanted to write 12 stories for the community. I asked for ideas for stories, and got some great responses! I made sure to include a deer from the person that came up with each idea, and I put guest appearances in them too.

In addition, you can write your own stories or do Christmas artwork and I'll list them here.
Just provide me a link to it and I'll add it to the list!

This is my way of saying 'Thank You' for being a wonderful and supportive community for the past 3 years. Enjoy!

Nov 30th - Preface

Dec 1st - A Christmas Wish
Featuring a nameless stag
Dec 2nd - Good King Silun Featuring Silun, LaRuna, and Pent
Dec 3rd - The Strange Red Orb Featuring Toukan, Cloud, Aeis, and Auriea
Dec 4th - The True Meaning Featuring Redd and Michael
Dec 5th - Christmas for a Monster Featuring Sionnach, Zerg, Ourania, Raigho, and Quad
Dec 6th - Chime Featuring Brd
Dec 7th - The Winter Dance Inspired by Vandettta
Dec 8th - Yuletide Fawning Featuring Kaoori, Wesker, Mar Sart, Yorres, Mystress, RedKora, and Zephyr
Dec 9th - An Evil Christmas Featuring a lot of evil characters
Dec 10th - A Deers' Night Before Christmas Featuring Dag, Tails, Caden, Eva, Tyssen, and Temnota
Dec 11th - First Flight Featuring Halafax, Raleigh, Zerg, Scape, Ourania, Snow, Celeste, Ignis Divine, Tusse, Michael and Auriea
Dec 12th - Walter Scrooge Featuring Walter, Silence, Laghodessa, Trunks, Mystress, The Creature, Caden, Quamar, and Virgil

Dec 12th - Final Thoughts

Here you can share your Christmas/Winter writing and artwork. Please post the links to them in the comments and I will add them to the list.
(Anything done in previous years is welcome here, too)


The TEF Twelve Days of Christmas by Vandettta
Christmas of Ghosts by Hornhook
Christmas Spirit II by Hornhook
First Snow by Bigcrow


Quad, Zephyr, and Iugulare as cats by Halafax
Polar by Tinkee
Pega's characters by Pegasicorn
Christmas Fawn by BrokkenSaint
Surreal ant eater christmas reindeer horse by Shulgalaj
Poor Rudolph by Two
Christmas with Ninja by Dampir
Merry Christmas Everyone by Kaianeddog12
When they aren't watching by Narina
Christmas Deer by Arrowcrest
Jingle Bells by Xylv
Merry Christmas, Everyone! by Pretzil
Merry X-mas by Vala
The Holly and the Ivy by Anjali
Oh, Rudolph... by Shulgalaj
Happy Solstice by RedKora
Happy Holidays by Lurvis


Christmas. A season for all. by Ayanel
Christmas Foods by Selene38
Do not open before the 24th by AliceV
Random Holiday Factoid by RedKora

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Pent by Wotsits
Iugulare by Hraeth
Quad by Kaoori
Quad by Nopje
Blixt by Scythe
Nekumbra by Wotsits
Quad by Wotsits
Quad by KonohaHiiragi
Quad by VeryCrazyGirl
Quad by Haru
Quad by Butterbrot
Nekumbra and Iugulare by Aeska
Quad by Shimmyshimmy
A message from CelticMystress

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While you guys

While you guys wait...


Also if you happen to have Christmas artwork or writing already, let me know and I'll post it up. And it can be from previous years, I posted one of Halafax's artworks from last year.
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Baw, Quad, that video is

Baw, Quad, that video is fabulous! They've done it so well! ^^

I contribute this as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33MCZSs8No4
Edit: and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAieqyqd8W8 (unfortunately not the whole thing Sad)
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Going to go ahead and track

Going to go ahead and track this. If I come up with anything, I'll definitely link you to it!

Signature by Roo ♥
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Trigger - I tried the first

Trigger - I tried the first link but it wouldn't work. I really liked the second one, those dogs were awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Skitties - *nodnodnod* thanks!

Everyone else - I edited this just a little to include 'winter' writing and artwork, so if you've done anything that isn't necessarily Christmas but is Winter themed instead, you can link it here and I'll put it up on the list Eye
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Added a 'Christmas Gift

Added a 'Christmas Gift Giving List' section. So if you've done any Christmas or Winter artwork, writing, or are doing any gift giving, link them to me here and I'll add them to the list.

And if I miss anything at all, please let me know! I'm trying to keep up with everything posted Eye
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Does Christmas-themed artwork

Does Christmas-themed artwork from last year count? Because I drew this last year for Christmas.

should slowly start to track

should slowly start to track this..
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Pega - anything christmas or

Pega - anything christmas or winter themed that has been done can be added! I'll add that to the list Eye
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A little update on this - I

A little update on this - I have decided to release each of the stories once a day. The reason why is because releasing 12 stories at one time might be looked at as flooding, and also releasing them one at a time will make it easier to get to enjoy them individually.

♥ Tracking this like

Tracking this like nobodies business~ 8D
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X3 Gonna try go get another


Gonna try go get another story written tonight. I got my Christmas Carol DVD but I still think I'm going to save that as the last story since it was the first one suggested.

I've got the Rudolph and Night Before Christmas stories left to write. I went ahead and wrote the Night Before Christmas story. So Rudolph and Christmas Carol are left. I want to rewatch the Christmas Carol story and write my version simultaneously. Eye

Edit #2 - I'm determined to get the Rudolph story written tonight. I'm going to use the remaining characters in the 'waiting list' to fill in the spots of the reindeer, and maybe have a few surprise appearances where I see fit. Not sure where I will take the story but it'll be interesting anyway.

Maybe I won't necessarily have Santa in it, but instead, the Twin Gods have something going on that needs the 'reindeer' and a sleigh.
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A creative solution, Quad.

A creative solution, Quad. Sounds good.
Best of luck.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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My brother did something very

My brother did something very nice for me today. He rented the animated Christmas Carol movie for me to watch today. So while I was watching, I wrote down quotes from the movie for my story. I've decided that I will leave out a few things so it'll be the basic story without some of the details, if you guys don't mind.

I haven't really decided if certain characters will be in it, wasn't sure about Scrooge's Nephew or if Bob Cratchet will be in it either (I don't have anyone listed as either of them, but if I did include one or the other, it'll be Cratchet). I know it may come as a shock that some of the important characters may be left out, but keep in mind that this will be TEF based and it might be complicated to throw in human stuff into the story...if that makes sense.

Anyway, I may try to write it tonight since it's so fresh in my mind. As far as the movies, I still liked the '99 version with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge, but this one with Jim Carrey wasn't too bad. I was pretty happy that it was almost word-for-word with the other movie, and the special effects were kind of crazy but I sometimes felt distracted from the storyline, you know?

Ah well, I might get the Christmas Carol written tonight.
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My favorite christmas carol

My favorite christmas carol movie is the Muppet Christmas Carol. I've watched it every year with my family since I was a small child, and every year I find something new to like about it. The physical special effects are especially impressive to me.

When I was in Japan and so lonesome for my family, my mother and I watched it at the same time, talking over skype. I had to stay up till 7am to do so because of the time change, but it made me feel like we'd had Christmas together.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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I started Walter Scrooge but

I started Walter Scrooge but after a little something happened I didn't have the drive to continue writing it. It'll be ready for sure by December 12th, but I'm just a little sad tonight, so I can't write any more tonight.

I decided on a name for the Rudolph story, too - First Flight.

Also all of the names of characters appearing in the stories are listed. I still need more info on Nix's deer for the Rudolph story - I couldn't find any info on them, all I really need is a name, gender, and a little personality for the story.

Edit - Friday - I'm gonna try to write one of them tonight. Also I found an old Rudolph book of mine that glows in the dark. I always loved the artwork for it.

Edit - Saturday - ^ didn't happen because I was really depressed last night. Tonight, for sure, I'll get one of them written.

Edit #2 - Saturday - Finally got First Flight written. 11 stories down, just got the Christmas Carol one (Walter Scrooge) left to write. That's going to be the hardest for me since turning the story into something forest-based is tricky. But I'll get it done for sure Eye
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I'm sure you can do it, Quad.

I'm sure you can do it, Quad. ^^

I'm looking forwards to reading some of these!
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Gonna try to work on Walter

Gonna try to work on Walter Scrooge tonight. I'm worried that since I'm not going to write it exactly true to the story that the people who asked for it will not like it...but that's just me.

Ah well...bumping this again in case anyone has any Christmas or Holiday stuff to add to the list.
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Tomorrow's the big day!

Tomorrow's the big day! Going to post up the first story tomorrow afternoon, and then from there you will be getting a new story each day. Who's excited?
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*raises hand* I'm excited. I

*raises hand* I'm excited. Smiling I can't wait to see what you've written.

I'm also getting excited because school is just over a week until being done for me, as well birthdays and other things coming up, soooo, I think I'm just a bundle of excitement overall. C:
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I'm excited!

I'm excited! Laughing out loud
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I might go ahead and post the

I might go ahead and post the first one tonight, hehe so you guys might get an early treat.

Trying to get Walter Scrooge done but I'm distracted by VCG's livestream Eye

*edit* good news, guys! I've gotten about half of the story done! I hope you are okay that it's not exactly true to the story, I just left out some details, like the fact that Scrooge has a nephew. But I think you'll enjoy it anyway.

The next part I'll be writing will be the Ghost of Christmas Present part (Mystress' part).

"Excited", can't even begin

"Excited", can't even begin to describe it. Keep going Quad! I know I've been tearing my hair out with trying to save my Patrick Stewart's A Christmas Carol, for when it's closer to Christmas-- it just can't come fast enough now! Take your time with it!!
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I know you'll love it, CM -

I know you'll love it, CM - I'm including a whole bunch of quotes from the story (obviously, I had to edit a few of them to be more deery/foresty), and it's really fun working with.

"You may be an undigested bit of pinecone, a crumb of mushroom, a fragment of an underdone grass. Eye

Heheheh I loved that

Heheheh I loved that part!

"An undigested bit of pinecone...? A fragment of underdone grass...?"
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Doing great! I'm glad I'm

Doing great! I'm glad I'm getting this written now, and I'm loving writing every bit of it.

I just got to Christmas Morning. Also I needed a few more guest appearances, so I hope Quamar and VCG don't mind that I included their deer into the story. Eye

Where I'm at, it's 2,796 words Shocked

Edit - Finished it. Grand total of 3,273 words, this is easily the longest story of the set.
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New plan - since my school

New plan - since my school schedule would have me getting home late in the afternoon, I decided that I will be posting up each Christmas story at 10:00 PM the previous day, starting tonight. So A Christmas Wish will be posted tonight, Good King Silun will be posted tomorrow night, The Strange Red Orb will be posted Thursday night, and so on.

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Trackery snackery.

Trackery snackery.
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Screw my advent calender, I'm camping out here.
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I'm tracking this X3

I'm tracking this X3
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It was really a lovely

It was really a lovely surprise that you included my deer in this. =) Thank you, and PLK as well for suggesting my deer.<3
I'm not going to leave 'tracks', but know that I'll be watching each story for updates.

Tracking the awesome.

Tracking the awesome.
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I'm glad this is coming off

I'm glad this is coming off well, and I apologize for flooding the recent posts, but I wanted to make sure all the links worked so you guys could be able to scroll through them easily.

This has been a great project already, not only because I got to get some more writing practice done and you guys get a present each night, but also it helps me get through the first part of the holiday season. This month will be insanely slow for me because I'm so hyped about Christmas as well as my Birthday.

So thanks again for all the support, I really appreciate it!
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Track! The stories are

The stories are wonderful so far, Quad. I can't wait for the rest! c:
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@ Kaoori and Trigger_Mortis:

@ Kaoori and Trigger_Mortis: I hope you don't mind that I'm linking your gift blogs on here. I wanted to make this a resource to make it easier to see if people have gotten giftart.

Also unrelated, but Klaatu42 on Youtube who did that singing animals video in my first comment is making another singing animals video, so I submitted one of Brandy's videos. There were over 300 video responses but I hope Brandy's gets to be included.
trigger_mortis's picture

I don't mind at all! Thanks

I don't mind at all! Thanks for the notice! Hopefully people will be able to see their gifties. To make it easier, I'll organize them into one blog rather than the separate picture posts. ^^

Good luck to Brandy, I hope she makes it! She'd be a wonderful addition!

Edit: Here's the blog that I made to catalogue the gifts. Smiling Hopefully that makes it a little easier! ^^
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These are great, Quad! I need

These are great, Quad! I need to hurry up and post something Christmassy soon...
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]

A Long Christmas "Thank You"

A Long Christmas "Thank You" List!

Something there for you too Quad! (:
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I'm commenting here so that I

I'm commenting here so that I may remember to properly comment on all of your stories, when I'm not at work. XD; What I've read so far, though, has been charming. Keep up the great work, Quad, and thank you for sharing these with us. ^^

Also, here is an updated link to my Christmas requests entry, as I carelessly changed the title without thinking that others may have already addressed it.
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Oop, I didn't even realize

Oop, I didn't even realize the address got changed. I've got the link fixed now, thanks for telling me!

And thanks for the comment! I know you will enjoy Yuletide Fawning and An Evil Christmas when they are released, since Kaoori and Wesker appear in them. Eye
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Ah, Quad, it's kind of you to

Ah, Quad, it's kind of you to post the Christmas dump posts here! I'm glad you're doing it- I don't want anyone's pictures to get buried. Thank you very much. Smiling

You do so much for the community.
quadraptor's picture

Not a problem, glad I can

Not a problem, glad I can help! XD

Happy Holidays, everyone! Eye
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A little announcement for

A little announcement for today, but since the private abiogenesis plans fell through today due to server issues, I'll treat you all instead by posting tonight's story 6 hours early. Expect to see it in 30 minutes.
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You're so cute, Quad.

You're so cute, Quad. ♥

And thank you very much for including my list. <3
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Let me know if I've missed

Let me know if I've missed any Christmas gift blogs or posts, guys. I'm trying to keep up with everything XD

Also, I added "Inspired by (whoever)" under the title of each story to give credit to those who suggested each story. Eye
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Wow...tomorrow is the last

Wow...tomorrow is the last story (aside from the 'final thoughts' I'll post a few days later). It's really bittersweet that this went by so quickly, and I'm glad that this was such a great success and that you guys enjoyed the stories.
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You can add my little project

You can add my little project to your list of on-going Christmas-things, if you want >w<
quadraptor's picture

Added, thanks! XD Is there

Added, thanks! XD

Is there anything I'm missing? I had to lose the game to post up AliceV's thing. XD

Also if any links don't work, let me know and I'll switch them to that 'node' thing.
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I have a personal dilemma -

I have a personal dilemma - my aunt sent me a $20 Wal-Mart card and told me to "buy something fun with it". The problem is that I'll be getting plenty of 'fun' things for Christmas and my Birthday, so I really don't need to spend the gift card that way.

The options I seem to have are:

- Buy something 'fun' with it anyway, even though I really don't need anything. Maybe buy a couple of random CDs or get a game that I didn't ask for on my Christmas/Birthday wishlist.

- Buy something useful, preferably put the money toward a new electric shaver since the one I have now is falling apart. It won't be 'buying something fun' but it would be of more use.

- Give the money to Mom for groceries since she could use it more than I could, although it probably wouldn't be what my aunt would want me to do.

Eh I don't know...choices choices...
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Perhaps wait until later to

Perhaps wait until later to decide?
quadraptor's picture

Yeah I think so too. Never

Yeah I think so too. Never know if I get any more gift cards to there anyway.