Holly on the Old Oak 2011

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In celebration of the Christmas Spirit, I wanted to write 12 more stories for the community. I don't have all of the stories planned yet but I'd love to get some ideas.

Read last year's 12 stories here! There is also some great artwork and stories from other TEF members there.

In addition, you can write your own stories or do Christmas artwork and I'll list them here.
Just provide me a link to it and I'll add it to the list!

This is my way of saying 'Thank You' for being a wonderful and supportive community for the past 4 years. Enjoy!

Preface With artwork by Trigger_Mortis

Story 1 - Peace on Earth Featuring Iaurdagnire

Story 2 - The Snowdeer Featuring Ryuu, Darkweaver, Kamikaze, Anjali, Seda, and Blue

Story 3 - The Weeping Tree Featuring Ourania and Ma

Story 4 - The Three Wise Deer Featuring Kody, Crucio, and Mar Sart

Story 5 - Christmas in the Afterlife Featuring Kinsha, Roe, Valentine, Birth, Brynhried, Laghodessa, Ghost Fawn, Shyla, and Trunks

Story 6 - A Dozen Pinecones Featuring Akemi, Mystress, and Seed

Story 7 - The Witching Hour Featuring Herla, Dillon, Nebel, Honeyfur, Umay, Medea, Marie Antoinette, Kerrigan, Sorrel, Illrose, Deadly Orchid, Nekumbra, Sparrow, Aura, Tesa, Midnight, Zerg, Aoide, SkyDancer, Violet, Kaoori, Wesker, Cay Lynn, and Yorres

Story 8 - The Endless Forest Grinch Featuring Tafari, Redd, Christoffer, Erza, Zera, Silun, Foxbrow, Scape, Aeis, Draak, and Cirrus

Story 9 - Evergreen Just for Me Featuring Bartholomew

Story 10 - The Nutcracker Strife Featuring Foxglaive

Story 11 - The Purse of Golden Acorns Featuring Luis, Tulio, Miguel, and Mr. Sanguine

Story 12 - Iugulare Claus Featuring Iugulare, Biqfiy, Tandem, Crucio, Toukan, Tails, Amadahy, Roxanne, Juniper, Virgil, and Quad


Bonus Story - It all happened so fast... Featuring Quad

Bonus Story - The Replacement Featuring Tails

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2011 Christmas Artwork and Writings

Merry Christmas!! from taytay1997
Holiday Wallpaper from Echosong
One ornament on, about a hundred to go. by Zergarikiaka

Quad's Received Gifts

Iugulare by Bluejay17
Iugulare by Sypris
Iugulare by SakuraFlower
Nekumbra 1 and Nekumbra 2 by KonohaHiiragi
Blixt by Trigger_Mortis
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Anirapio by Pegasicorn
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Pema by xXBlackFoXx

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(No subject)

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*dusts off a spot and sits*

*dusts off a spot and sits*
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-lights a fire and pulls up a

-lights a fire and pulls up a comfy chair for everybody- Hey guys, I brought marshmallows and popcorn and chocolate and gramcrackers!
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Alright I have seven stories

Alright I have seven stories decided so far, need five more. I haven't found a good Kwanzaa story to adapt yet so if anyone finds a good one let me know.

Also I'm taking volunteers for roles now, I'd love to get to work on these ASAP XD
AngelWings's picture

Can the grinch be female? Cuz

Can the grinch be female? Cuz Tafari wants to! And if not that's ok cuz maybe Demon could? He's only a temporary character of mine so he doesn't have a bio, but I wrote a few chapters about him!

quadraptor's picture

Sure, the grinch can be

Sure, the grinch can be female XD
Pegasicorn's picture

Might have to volunteer

Might have to volunteer Kinsha as the "loner" character. >>
Mr.Sanguine's picture

Purse of gold - Mr.Sanguine

Purse of gold - Mr.Sanguine could be a judge


Christmas in the Afterlife - Can offer Heika as a loner
AngelWings's picture



I'll keep ya posted whenever

I'll keep ya posted whenever I get an idea Eye
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Ohdkjfgnadf. Yes.


Signature by Terabetha
Hart's picture

Watching. I do enjoy these

Watching. Laughing out loud I do enjoy these stories!
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I'll volunteer someone in the

I'll volunteer someone in the morning~
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Fun! Roe would love to be a

Fun! Roe would love to be a ghost in Christmas in the Afterlife!
Kobal Snuff

I think Luis would make an

I think Luis would make an honest begger and Tulio can be the greedy merchant since he'd and Miguel will do anything for "money" lmao XD
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Of course you can use any of

Of course you can use any of my characters anytime for anything~ ♥
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Thanks guys! Alinaquil - I

Thanks guys!

Alinaquil - I put Miguel in the story as well, he's just going to be there along the ride.

Chickenwhite - I hope it's okay I put Birth and Valentine as ghosts in the ghost story (I know they're really zombies, but close enough for me XD). I also put Redd as the Grinch's companion (basically the dog in the story). Let me know if I need to change anything.
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Track, I'm really glad you

Track, I'm really glad you are doing this again this year. :')

Stalking this~ Might offer up

Stalking this~
Might offer up Kody at some point if there's a role that would suit him :'D
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Changed the first story to an

Changed the first story to an adaptation of an amazing MGM cartoon called Peace on Earth. As a matter of fact, I'm writing the story right now Eye

And it had to have Dag in it, because one of the characters tells the history of the last men on Earth.

Track! I have a story for you

Track! I have a story for you - if you want it, anyway ^^

The Italian witch/old lady I was talking about is called la Befana or just Befana. Apparently she gave directions for the baby Jesus to the Three Kings and the shepherds. When they asked if she would accompany them on both occasions she said no. However, she had second thoughts, gathered up all her children's toys and went to find Jesus. She couldn't and instead gave all the toys to the children of Italy.

Another version is that her own child died soon after birth and after hearing about Jesus she brought him toys. He was delighted and made her the mother of all children.

The modern day la Befana brings toys to the good children and a lump of coal or dark coloured candy to bad children - and, according to legend, she bashes anyone who sees her on the head with her broom! xD

Also, feel free to use any of my characters - Link to their biographies and everything Eye
quadraptor's picture

Ahhhhh okay, well the idea I

Ahhhhh okay, well the idea I had was maybe adapting something like that with the Endless Forest Witches. Thank you for the help with it!

And guess what everyone - I just finished my first story for December 1st! I hope Iuardagnire is okay I used Dag for the story, he's just perfect for the role XD

That sounds great...thank you

That sounds great...thank you Chris. What's a greedy Tulio without a less-greedy Miguel playing on his mandolin? XD

And I can let Juniper be the main character of the Legend of the Evergreens if it's not too much Eye
quadraptor's picture

Sounds good, I can get to

Sounds good, I can get to work on that story as well. Thanks for volunteering Juniper Eye

Not a problem Chris...anytime

Not a problem Chris...anytime you are looking for a character, feel free to ask. I can prolly throw in one of my does if needed to be Eye
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Oh Jesus how I laughed at

Oh Jesus how I laughed at that XD
That's perfect XD Redd as the dog... God, that's brilliant! XD

And don't worry, like I said, you can use them for anything >w<
Keep in mind Birth and valentine to be rather... melodramatic XD
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Wrote another one inspired by

Wrote another one inspired by Foxglaive, who drew a pretty awesome artwork of Quad as a Tree as well as other interesting artworks. I really liked the character so the story is pretty funny and loosely inspired by The Nutcracker Suite.
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I've decided on all of the

I've decided on all of the stories this year. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! Although these last two I still can use some help with thoughts on:

Last year one of the stories I wrote was actually a poem/song so I think I want to do another one of those this year.

The other idea I had was writing the traditional "Santa is late and needs help delivering presents" story, but possibly involve my Iugulare as "Santa" for the Endless Forest. But I'm not sure yet...could pick someone else for the role. I wanted to do a "bad character gets a chance to get some redemption" story

All of these ideas are really

All of these ideas are really good so far~
I like the sound of the last one (8
I actually think it'd be cool if Kody was a ghost for the Christmas in the Afterlife story 8D
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Brynhried could be a ghost in

Brynhried could be a ghost in the 5th story?
Seed's picture

I'd love Seed to be in a

I'd love Seed to be in a story if there's a place for him in one -- none of them sound just right, but I bet there's a generic role out there.
trigger_mortis's picture

While she isn't a mother in

While she isn't a mother in the traditional sense, feel free to use Ma for the Weeping Tree. Smiling

These look like some great stories Quad! ^^
Zergarikiaka's picture

*tosses Laghodessa over for a

*tosses Laghodessa over for a ghost character role* <3

And maybe Zerg or Mar for townspeople or any other suitable miscellanious role you see fit? <3
quadraptor's picture

Got most of you guys added.

Got most of you guys added. I'll figure out somewhere for Seed, Zerg, and Mar Sart in a moment. If all else, they could be townspeople in the Grinch story or they may receive gifts from Iugulare Claus XD

I had considered Seed being "Saint Nick" in the Baker's Dozen story but I wasn't sure if that was an okay role.

Three more things - I've got plenty of ghosts for the ghost story but of course if anyone really really really wants their ghost character involved, I'll still add them in Eye

Second, I decided that Iugulare should be the Endless Forest Santa in the last story. It's going to be a personally fun one to write, and anyone can get a present from her, even if your character is in another story.

Lastly, the poem/song story may be about someone and how they enjoy Christmas or something, still don't know yet.
quadraptor's picture

rofl...now I have a dilemma.

rofl...now I have a dilemma. Play more Oblivion or write another story? XD
Foxglaive's picture

Quadnod! It enjoyed

Quadnod! It enjoyed thoroughly your last holiday story! If you have room for a [porcharter cangitus] ... I mean supporting character ... perhaps I could volunteer? Deerman holidays are fascinating and it did have a wish to study them more. One request, yes? No bread pains form acorns if okay. [Youknath, youknath!]
Seed's picture

Seed as the Saint Nick for

Seed as the Saint Nick for the Baker's Dozen story would be great, Quad!

I'd like to add that I'm impressed at all this stuff.
Foxglaive's picture

Wait ... you write story all

Wait ... you write story all about Glaivexof, Quadraprot?!

Thanking, kind sir!
quadraptor's picture

Seed - Got you down as Saint

Seed - Got you down as Saint Nick then XD

Foxglaive - Yep, I had an idea and ran with it for a story. It will be posted on December 10th, so I hope you don't mind waiting for a while.

Hey Alinaquil, I hate to ask, but I just realized that the Legend of the Evergreen Trees may be a difficult story to write about a deer, so if it's okay with you, do you mind if I write it about Quad Hummingbird instead? It would be more fitting since the story involves the trees sheltering him.

If you'd like, I could have Iugulare give Juniper a present in the last story. Would that be alright? Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sure you can add Quad

Sure you can add Quad Hummingbird in that story but I'd prefer for Juniper to be the pinecone hoarder in Baker's Dozen Eye
PLK217's picture

Feel free to use Silun and/or

Feel free to use Silun and/or Foxbrow as townspeople, unless you know of better roles for them.

And by the way, what about a song/poem about the Three Wise Deer, who fare after the shooting star? This Christmas story still wasn't mentioned so far.
mismatched's picture

Could you possibly include

Could you possibly include Aoide?
And also, if you need someone who needs gifts: poor Biqfiy needs a little love and attention :'D which I haven't given her nearly enough of, haha.
quadraptor's picture

Alinaquil - Well I want to

Alinaquil - Well I want to make sure anyone who wants a major role for these stories gets a chance to request their characters in it. Since you have Luis, Tulio, and Miguel in "The Purse of Golden Acorns", I'd like to leave the role in "A Dozen Pinecones" open in case someone else wants wants it. However, in the next few days if nobody asks for that role, I'll give it to Juniper. It's nothing personal, I just want to make sure as many people get to be in these stories as possible. If someone does ask for it, I'll put Juniper in one of the other stories.

PLK - I added them as townspeople, thanks! And yeah, I may go with that for the poem. If that's the case, I may ask for three people to be wise deer XD Thanks for the suggestion

Mismatched - Is there a role you'd like for Aoide, or do you want me to put her somewhere I'd like? I can really use a "daughter" character for the Weeping Tree story.
Hart's picture

If you want, you can use any

If you want, you can use any of my deer for minor roles. Smiling

Oh, do the characters in that

Oh, do the characters in that Christmas in the Afterlife story actually have to be ghosts? Or is it just for the story?
I just looked at the first deer's biography that was in for a ghost role and saw they weren't actually one so decided to offer up Kody. Sorry if you did actually want ghost characters. If that's the case then feel free to remove him. <3
He'd probably fit more into the Wise deer story...even though he's not a deer. Completely up to you though. :'D
Pegasicorn's picture

If any of my other deer fit

If any of my other deer fit any roles (they can fill a few minor ones), go for it.
quadraptor's picture

Vee - Thanks, I'll put Virgil

Vee - Thanks, I'll put Virgil down for a gift from Iugulare, but if there's anyone else in particular you'd like for a story, let me know.

Starbright - XD It's alright, I really wanted ghost people for that story. But yeah, Kody can be a wise man instead. He doesn't necessarily have to be a deer either

Edit - Ninja'd by Pega. Sure, I'll toss a few of your deer in, I can really use them XD
quadraptor's picture

Okay for Pega I put Blue in

Okay for Pega I put Blue in as someone who plays with the "Snowdeer"...UNLESS...I may switch Toukan and make HIM the snowdeer...hmm........

Well I put Toukan as getting a present from Iugulare in the last story, Kinsha in the Witches story, and Scape as a townsperson in the Grinch story

I also went ahead and put Zerg's characters in roles - Zerg will get a present from Iugulare, and if it's okay, I made Mar Sart one of the wise deer in the three kings story.

Edit #2 - okay the plan now is making Toukan the "snowdeer" and having Kylar be the meanie that loses his antlers. Gotta ask Mick for permission before I jot that down
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I don't want to take too many

I don't want to take too many roles, but if you feel like Tails could fill in a spot, feel free to use him for a minor role. Smiling

Hopefully you get some fawns soon!