Help Please!!!!

I've been playing for about a week now, and everything was going fine until a few days ago. Endless Forest stopped connecting to the network! It won't let me log in, and simply says 'Error'. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the game. I tried waiting a few hours (days even). I have been searching for this error, and so far I have found a few other people who have also had this problem, but I can't find anywhere that it has been fixed.
Is anyone still having this problem or knows how to make the game work again??

Also, I still haven't received my confirmation email for the Tale-of-Tales forum. I didn't even get my email for the game and had to search for the web address to confirm register my deer. I even tried making another forum account using a different email address; nothing doing.
Does anyone have the web address so I can post in that forum? Maybe I can then try and contact the admins or something.

Thank you for any help you can offer!

... It started working on

It started working on campus, but it stopped working when I got home.

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Hm. Sounds like it might be

Hm. Sounds like it might be something with your firewall or connection speed, if it works in one place but not another. I'll try to see if I can help you out a little when I get home. I may still have the forum activation link in my email somewhere, if it doesn't require a code. Edit: The activation link for the Game Design Forums does require a key, which I can't reproduce for you. You'll probably have to E-mail the game creators to have them get you through, if it isn't in your junk Email or something.
Make sure you check your hunk mail folder to see if the email got put there by mistake.

As for the "Error" you get when you try to connect - have you tried re-starting your router yet? Also double check that your firewall is not blocking the game, and (if you are not using Windows XP) try right clicking the program and choosing to run it as an administrator.
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Hi there sweet pea! Moss

Hi there sweet pea!

Moss doesn't need a mask, but thank you for offering him one! We enjoyed the little game.