Hello. I'm Monster.
And this is my show.
I am a scholar.
I document unusual events.
Welcome to my Monster Show.

~Who am I?~
I suppose it is only appropriate to start my work with the most present unusual being at hand.
My name is of no greater importance, but since I come from a long-since extinct species, you may call me "Monster". I assure you I will not take offence.
I am fascinated by all things hidden, all things dangerous. And so, I have made it my life's work to document these things. This shall be my index.
Why do I document these things?
Maybe it is to warn the harmless and vulnerable, or maybe it is my own grim fascination of that which I have only barely escaped.
I take pictures of the things I see with a very helpful device created by the humans called a camera. I operate this using my mind and dexterity. Best not to ask further about this.
I have only recently appeared in these woods, though my work dates back centuries. Most of it has been lost to time and ignorance. Living beings tend to fear that which is different and so, I have wandered the earth for a long time, searching for a safe haven. This forest seems like such a place.
But darkness lurks behind every tree.
It is my mission to document this darkness.

Oh, and as a last note, if you should have any suggestions on anything unusual I could study, I will be happy to hear about it!

Entry nr. 1:
A strange creature observed among the trees.
A childish giggle accompanied it eerily.

Entry nr. 2
Managed a snapshot of the illusive Rockhound.
Very fast little critter to capture...

Entry nr. 3
Met a very fascinating individual at the ruins while searching for the creature from entry nr. 1.
Further research seems absolutely necessary. Subject is "armed" and dangerous, though recovering from, as he said, "an acid-bath".
How I ever managed to become this dangerous megalomaniac's private doctor is beyond me at this point. Luckily he is kept placid and mellow through flattery, but I can only disguise my nervousness for so long. Thanks to his violent behaviour I have acquired a limp on yet another leg. It will likely heal, but the scars and boils will last, I fear. A small price to pay for science.
I managed a look into his inner workings some time ago... It is truly fascinating! The power of his claw seems to originate from a large organ next to his heart filled with a mix of blood and some unknown pathogenic liquid, I gather. Incidentally, this little looks was also the reason for my current disability. I only praise my lucky stars I am still alive.

Entry nr. 4
-part 1-
A rather stressful week has passed by. This entry will be slightly longer than the rest.
6 days ago, I contacted the malevolent entity inhabiting the blue bowl, as locals call it. I communicated with it and persuaded it to let its current victims be, if I could manage a proper burial for its remains. I managed to recover said remains under the "watchful" eyes of a dear, old friend of mine and their... acquaintance. However, I sustained slight injury to one of my limbs by doing so. Must make future entry on the lake-dwelling beasts. They are, luckily, non-venomous, as I found out. Will bury the bones of the malevolent ghost at the ruins as soon as possible. They seem as good a place as any to do so.

-part 2-
Success! I managed to bury the bones in a quiet, sunny spot at the graveyard, close to a small field of poppies. I do hope my meagre contribution to the grave will be sufficient and will appease the restless spirit. Now all there's left to do is hope for it to work...

An artist's representation of me. How pleasantly surprising!

Another artist's representation of me! A request on my behalf ♥
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/eeek track :3

/eeek track :3



I thank you both

I thank you both <3

Trackinggg. n_n

Trackinggg. n_n

Why, thank you very much!

Why, thank you very much! ♥
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I adore you.

I adore you.
Icon Art © Beloved

Track ...Scary...



@ Serenai: I say!~

@ Serenai: I say!~ ♥♥♥♥

@ Bluejay17: Fear not, though I would be surely lying if I said I was not flattered~

bumping for newest entry.

bumping for newest entry.

Now that I'm back...would you

Now that I'm back...would you mind if our characters interact here, if you're doing RP?

not at all, I love RPing

not at all, I love RPing ♥
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Woah cool. Epic

Woah cool. Epic concept.
Track. c:
Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥

Thank you very much, Kirness!

Thank you very much, Kirness! ♥

The red being appeared to be

The red being appeared to be in a weakened state now, as if he had not slept in several days. However he still managed to walk into the Ruins with swagger, albeit a slightly disoriented-looking swagger. He found a patch of sunlight near the Altar and dropped to the ground.

"Thiz forezt iz gunna kill meh..." He muttered dazedly, looking around the area and noticing a few stares from the forest inhabitants.


Ff late RP.

One of these stares was a

One of these stares was a particularly piercing one.
One giant, white orb placed low in the face of a predatory-looking being of little fur and even less mass, watching him closely... inquisitively...
Moving forward, it made the leaves on the ground rustle below black, dull claws.
"Greetings! I say, would you mind terribly in answering a few questions of mine?..." The creature asked politely though shamelessly, as if it had nothing to fear in the entire world.

Better late than never, I say ♥

His gaze flicked up to the

His gaze flicked up to the white-eyed one, scanning him over with an equally predatory expression.
"D'pends on th'questionz." He murmured, not taking his yellow eyes off of the other creature. He stretched out his forelegs, uncurling the large red claw on his left leg. He would watch this one...such a creature seemed like it could be trouble.

The creature smiled sweetly,

The creature smiled sweetly, an odd expression on his lipless, toothy face, and moved closer, laying himself down across from this new acquaintance of his.
"Simply a few inquiries of observation, good sir... You see, I am on the hunt for a very special individual..." He said eloquently, his extra leg moving around, poking at the strange, black box around his neck.

He raised a brow. "Awright."

He raised a brow.
"Awright." His dialect made him sound like something of a gangster...albeit a very smart, very tired one. "Too whupped t'walk away, so whatcha need, Virus?" Virus. So named because this strange new creature reminded him somewhat of home.
He observed the black box curiously before looking back into Virus' eye.
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;A; <3

@ ElMuerteRojo: Making

@ ElMuerteRojo: Making "Virus" smile curiously and tilt his head. He liked this pet-name, it agreed very much with him. It even made a small, bird-like clucking of a chuckle raise from his chest.
"I would like to enquire, if you might have seen something... unusual? A very tall individual, per say?..." He asked, wetting his toothy lips... It was very much tempting to take a picture of this strange-looking one... Was he dangerous, "Virus" wondered?... In any case, he seemed hurt... burned flesh and blood reeked off of the serpentine cervine... It even made the shrivelled heart of the scholar thaw just slightly...

@ Xemi: I thank you! ♥

He pondered for a moment. "I

He pondered for a moment.
"I seen quite a few tall guys. More description, if ya don't mind?"
He frankly couldn't tell how badly he was hurt, other than his skin burning slightly like rubbing alcohol poured over a wound. He had no nose and could not smell any injury he may have.
"I've had plenny'o'time ta look around. Walkin' isn't really my biggest strength right now..."


If you'd like a 'photo' of him, I can doodle you a quick reference. c:

Looking to the sky, "Virus"

Looking to the sky, "Virus" thought deeply to phrase his words as perfectly as possible... No need to make this too visual, after all...
"Around 12 feet tall, I'd say... possibly no face... Seen anything like that, mister?..." He asked, wanting a name to put on this interesting new find of his.

I'd very much like that! o3o

The ram-like deer imitation

The ram-like deer imitation racked his brain. Found nothing.
"Hrmm. Well...standing up that's jus'bout how tall I am...but..." He glanced at Virus.
"I've only stood up a couple'a times. I did see a big ol' guy, once. Just kinda shot past me and went into those big white trees over there." EMR motioned to the tall birch trees in the distance.

Okay, I'll get one right up!

Looking towards the trees,

Looking towards the trees, the big, feathery ears on Virus' head stood up in attention, his protruding eye staring, the small fingers on his crippled "hand" twitching eagerly.
"Is that so?... That's very interesting! I thank you very much... But what may I call you, dear sir?... You seem in need of assistance..." He said, tilting his head, looking at the body of the damaged deer.

He followed Virus' gaze and

He followed Virus' gaze and grunted.
"Yer welcome. You can call me any name you like. I usually go by El Muerte Rojo or Boss to aquaintences like yourself." He smirked.

A rough reference I drew in Paint with very lousy shading and such on account of having to use a laptop pad - http://oi54.tinypic.com/qzn5md.jpg
Good facial reference (even though it's a really stupid expression xD) - http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj4/alucardfan/Osmosis%20Jones/thrax19b.jpg

Tilting his head, Virus for

Tilting his head, Virus for some reason felt an immediate rush of excitement overcome his body. He felt there was more to this cervine than he had at first believed, first impression impaired by his poor sight in daylight.
"Boss, you say?... Would you be terribly offended if I were to ask where you had gotten this title, good sir?" He asked, his full attention now on the red stag, white eye staring tantalizingly at him.

Good God, I haven't met another Thrax-fan in ages! I used to fangirl the living daylights out of this guy... and still do.
I love you for doing this! ~♥ /end fangirl-mode.

EMR was now smiling quite

EMR was now smiling quite broadly. He didn't mind this question at all.
"Think of me....hehe. I should be a mobster. A deadly virus. El Muerte Rojo, The Red Death. Hehe. They call me Boss because, well, hehe. Disobey and burn, as I say." A creepy grin had crossed his face.
He clearly cherished the thought of being his old self again.

Meep. I fan the living daylights out of him too, rofl. Well. Obviously. xD
I hope you can draw him better than I can. My drawing was quite clearly a massive derp. xD

All the while interest was

All the while interest was only growing deeper in the small predator's eye, his "fingers" now twitching more eagerly than ever, tracing the circle of the small button on the black box... How tempting a picture would be! This one seemed to have a quite unusual story!
"A mobster you say? Human term, if I recall correctly?... Have you had ties to the human species?..." He asked excitedly, inching closer, wetting his teeth-and-lips again, a tiny heart behind thin ribs beating furiously. He was a scholar alright, and this was a most interesting subject indeed!

Funny you should say that, as soon as I realized who he was, I started sketching xD Keeping in Monster's character though, I hope you don't mind it being black and white?

He too was quite fascinated.

He too was quite fascinated. He suddenly began to feel much more awake, since he felt like he was being praised, if even in the slightest.
"Unh-hn." He shook his head, bringing forth a long black chain wrapped around his neck several times. It appeared more like a half-inch strand of black flesh with hundreds of tiny, purple orbs inlain in it, but it jingled like a chain.
"All these here..." He took one in his thumb and claw -- because as it turned out he had something of a thumb on his left leg as well -- and pushed it slightly, causing the little purple orb to protrude slightly. "This little baby comes from the hypothalamus gland. Controls the temperature of the entire body."
He observed his chain with a certain affection, pride.
"I got one from all the humans I've been in." His expression darkened. "Well...almost..."

Not at all. Just don't expect him to be very happy when Monster snaps the photographs, though. xD
And I need a second opinion. I kinda feel like I'm missing something in his personality. Can you offer a couple of pointers, if there's something I'm missing? c:

As soon as the words

As soon as the words "hypothalamus gland" and "been in" hit the eardrums of the attentive predator, Monster rose to his feet, bolting forward, fur bristling with excitement, eye wide and attentive.
"The hypothalamus gland! How absolutely intriguing! I never thought I would see one outside the human body - no, it would be impossible without killing the human - How fascinating! And that colour is incredible! However did you get this?! Oh, you must be some form of carnal virus, I wager! But how is that possible? Scientifically it would take an immense amount of energy just to engorge the single cells enough for them to be visible to the naked eye and even then, having the result be stable outside of another living being would take an even greater amount of energy, all converted into a much more complex kind of life..." The tiny thing said in a stream of words, bouncing about like an energetic puppy, his mind on fire as it occupied itself in trying to figure out the science behind this marvellous discovery. This was indeed the find of the day! If anyone were to ask him at that moment, it is doubtful Monster would even remember what he was at the ruins for in the first place.

Oh, I would say his temper is a very good place to start... I always saw Thrax as being bipolar, even. Also, calling everybody "baby" is a very strong characteristic xD Though I actually think you've got his smooth, sly behaviour down pretty well... But remember, he's a megalomaniac and never does anything if he can't profit from it... At least that's what I think ♥

He jumped back, pulling his

He jumped back, pulling his head into his neck.
"What the hell..?" he muttered, watching the excited creature with a somewhat worried look. His mouth was slightly agape and contorted into a snarly-grimace, not even sure what to say to the small predator.
"Hey. Hey! HEY!" He shouted, looking around worriedly and staring harshly at Virus. "Don't draw so much attention! I'm keepin' things on the down-low until I'm back at full strength." He was snarling as he spoke, claw beginning to burn slightly and turn a firey orange colour.

And that's exactly what I felt was missing. xD
Sudden off-topic question, do you have a deviantArt account? c:

Calming down but still

Calming down but still jittering about even as he propped himself down again, the tiny thing couldn't help an excited smile, biting his lower-lip... Which was pretty much nothing more but a clenching of teeth.
"Oh, excuse my excitement, sir... It is very unusual that I run into a fascinating being such as yourself..." Taking a deep sigh to calm himself down, Virus continued to fiddle around with his black box.
"Would you care to indulge my curiosity as to how you came into being?... In this forest, that is?..." He said, giving the claw a brightly curious look. He seemed not the least bit intimidated by it... Quite annoying when you're trying to threaten someone.

I'm glad to help! ♥
And yes I do, though it pretty much reveals my main tEF-account xD Never mind, I'll give you the link~ Here it is.

He sighed with exasperation,

He sighed with exasperation, rolling his eyes.
"Just...don't do that again." His claw cooled down and he twisted his neck sideways, making an unpleasant popping sound. Sitting still for so long was kinking his neck.
"Ya wanna know how I got here?" His claw heated up again and he dug it into the stone, causing it to burn orange and split off in several veins of heat. A small plume of fire erupted from the cracks in the stone and quickly died, leaving a webbed scar in the charred stone.
"I went through HELL."
He stood, and it was suddenly clear just how large he was; even taller than an Irish Elk. His shoulders were broad and his chest was deep, making him look truly ram-like, albeit a ram from another planet.
"Tryin' to get a new DNA bead for my lil' collection. I was damned close, baby. I had it. There was this one Immunity cell...Jones...the bastard..." He looked away and growled. "He took my chain, baby. You don't take the Boss' chain. When I tried to get it back, he did this freak division-thing and got away. I was trapped, and that bastard left me to fall into a lake of acid."
He brought his face very near Virus', very angry-looking. His voice was deceptively calm.
"Tell me, Virus. Have you ever fallen into acid?"

Youuuuu. xD
You don't know that you know me, but you doooooooo. /end freaky stalker moment
Random video I just found - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tpbl_QZqus

And at that very moment,

And at that very moment, Something very rare happened. Virus flinched and swallowed lightly.
He hadn't felt fear for centuries, haven't felt pain for just as long either but right at that moment, he feared for both life and comfortability.
"I don't believe I have, sir..." He said, drawing back just slightly.
"At least that explains the burns..." He mumbled, giving a swift look at the several scars covering the red stag's body. They did look terribly painful...

Yes, me XD
And I think I have an idea of who you are~ Albeit a vague one XD
Also, d'you mind if I add the burns to Thrax? You know how I love drawing mutilation~
Also... That is one hell of a funny vid XDD

The feeling of fear in the

The feeling of fear in the air seemed to satisfy the ram imitation.
"You should hope ya never do, Virus." He lifted his head.
"Yep. Dunno why I didn't stay dead. Woulda been better for all of y'all here in this forest." EMR smiled and chuckled darkly. He honestly didn't feel them anymore. You get used to the pain after a while.

orly? *slyface* >.> >.< <.<
And go ahead! I like to see mutilation. It purrdy. :'D
Yus. Hilarious. xD

Calming down as the stag did,

Calming down as the stag did, the tiny predator sighed, a small smile daring its way back onto his lips.
"I can assure you, I am quite happy to not have endured such pain... But do explain, good sir... What do you intend to do with the inhabitants of this forest?..." He asked, a serious look entering Virus' pinched face. His purpose was to document dangerous beings... and preferably prevent them from wreaking too much havoc. Maybe this Muerte Rojo was worth a more elaborate entry en his files...

Yeees < w < Am I right when I say, you have a liking for small, black things?~
And believe me, I'm gonna knock myself out! OwO

He held his foot in front of

He held his foot in front of him, checked his claws.
"I intend to find a way out." He glanced up before going back to vainly examining his claws. "By force or otherwise."
His face curled up into a menacing grin, jagged teeth meshing together crookedly.
"Maybe add to my nice lil' collection a bit. Not sure how I'll do it, but I'll find a way." He chuckled.

Yay, mutilation! *applauds*

Monster frowned. He did not

Monster frowned. He did not like the idea of this individual hurting any of the forest's inhabitants... Still, it might be interesting to watch his methods. And with that thought in mind, his frown turned to a soft smile.
"You will have to recover first in any case. Those are 2nd to 3rd degree burns, it's a miracle you can move at all... Here, I know of a soothing herb that will help if you would care for my treatment?..." He asked politely, though he really wanted to see if the body of this virus-given-flesh was as stable as that of any other deer in this forest. He certainly looked like he reacted to the elements in a basically normal way... but a physical examination would be pure gold for his files!

Never mind XD;;
Also, the finishing of the picture might take a while...

EMR glanced around, seeing

EMR glanced around, seeing several deer that would be fantastic candidates for DNA beads, if only he could get them. His attention shifted to the tiny deer.
He thought for a moment. Faster recovery meant more time infecting locals and finding a way home.
"Don't see why not. I can't navigate this forest at all. Where are we gonna go?"

That's okay, take your time with the picture. c:

Getting up lightly, Virus

Getting up lightly, Virus smiled.
"Oh, no need to get up, I'll bring you the herbs. After all, in your current state you need an excessive amount of rest... Eh... Would you mind if I take your picture, by the by?..." He asked, his tiny claw grabbing at the box around his neck eagerly. He was still itching to document and catalogue this fascinating specimen and the sooner he got to begin the better! Also, for the sake of everyone in the forest, he needed to know about his methods. Yes. Of course the inhabitants of the forest were his first priority.
He was still so fascinating, though!

And done!~ Hope the grayscale isn't too distracting...

He lowered himself back down

He lowered himself back down to the stone.
"Uhh..picture?" He raised a brow skeptically, obviously unsure what a picture was. He then remembered, but it wasn't really photography in the cell world. Honestly, he didn't know what to call it. He just knew that he always saw it on the news, sometimes even pictures of the destruction he caused.

I saw it. And died. <3

Smiling and bouncing like a

Smiling and bouncing like a giddy schoolgirl, Monster was quick to snap a picture of his newest subject, tail flickering like that of a hunting cat.
"Thank you very much, sir!" He thrilled, a small piece of paper coming out the bottom of the camera only seconds later, which Monster snatched in the air, waving it around to dry it.
He looked like a kid at Christmas... A brilliant mind, undoubtedly, but an easily excitable one as well. A strange combination indeed.

That makes me happy! ♥ *buries you* xD

He shook his head and blinked

He shook his head and blinked several times. The flash was awful.
"Yeah, whatever. Herbs, now?" He said, seeming a bit pushy and eager now. He tapped his claw on the ground, clearly losing his patience.

Short post is short.
*is buried* Oouf. <3

Nodding and seemingly pulling

Nodding and seemingly pulling himself together, the tiny scholar quickly bolted off, running fast and lightly. The born ambush-hunter.
He returned minutes later with a toothy mouthful of some strange, brown herbs looking like the roots of some kind of thorny bush.
"Here we are, then... This might sting a little at first, but I implore you to bear it... It'll help your skin regain some elasticity..." He said, only to moments later chew the herbs into a soft paste and dexterously apply it to the much bigger stag's burns... all the while feeling as much as he could of his anatomy...
Muscles rippling under scarred skin, an internal warmth seemingly emanating from the very core of the beast... Truly, he was a fascinating creature!

*digs you up again so you can answer* There ♥

He watched him run away and

He watched him run away and wondered if he should just ditch the crazy little thing...but then again, he NEEDED that healing. So he stayed.
EMR was slightly intrigued at how dextrous this particular deer seemed to be. Well, for a deer. A little bit of the prodding made him turn to face the smaller stag, slightly peeved, before he decided to think nasty.
"Ya checkin' me out, Virus?" He asked, smirking.

Lol I could really see him asking that. xD

Though the one-eyed predator

Though the one-eyed predator only gave him a positively shocked expression.
"I beg your pardon?..." He asked, though the touch did become a lot less curious almost in a heartbeat.
Then he pulled away, looking just a little miffed.
"Young man, it's about as wise asking your physician that as it is discussing politics with your hair-dresser." He said, a serious look on his face... though his curious eye still strayed to the different parts of the bigger stag's body. Almost impossible to detect, since his pupilless stare was quite difficult to follow and detect. But still, his face soon fell back to its old expression of utter fascination as he continued applying the paste.
"Hold still now... and, uh... could you possibly... bend down slightly?..." He asked, a small, apologetic smile on his lips as he reached for the burns on EMR's face.

Oh, you and me both XD

The ram imitation started

The ram imitation started laughing quite hard. He often found his own jokes funnier than everyone else did, and this scenario was no exception.
"Ahahahahehe...come on now. I was just kidding, hehe." He was still smiling as he bent his head down for the smaller deer to reach. His face was scarred the least, only up one side of his jaw and under one of his cheekbones. The skin wasn't as rough there, and actually turned out to be quite smooth by comparison to his other wounds.

This seemed to fascinate the

This seemed to fascinate the tiny predator quite a lot as he made sure to spread the paste as skillfully as possible, careful not to get any in the red ram-stag's yellow eye. Sure enough the paste stung a little, but after a moment it cooled down the burning skin and soothed it very effectively.
"Of course..." The tiny "Virus" seemed slightly awkward about this... A true nerd, he was. He probably didn't get "out" much aside from his little research-trips.
Staring intensely, he took in every little detail about the stag he could. The yellow eyes, the texture of the skin, the colour... There was almost a sort of hunger in his expression, as if he'd rather be dissecting EMR than treating his burns... His claws were even lightly scratching the ground, itching to examine... Needing to feel and know...
"Hmm..." He said after a while.
"Would you mind terribly if I asked you what kind of virus you... used to be?..." He asked, that hungry look only increasing, even as the paste made it easier to move and relax.

It's a little too tempting to just have Monster cuddle the hell out of him... I'm too much of a fangirl, I tell you xD

(nuu dun dissect meeee! :c

(nuu dun dissect meeee! :c /fails)

EMR's eye half-closed as Virus worked around it. His expression had gone back to a normal, bored face. He glanced at Virus' claws, how they scraped the ground as if he was about to bolt and run...or attack. Being a deadly virus, EMR was skilled at reading both human and other body language.
"Me?" He asked innocently, raising a brow.
"I'm a lot of things, baby. I'm scarlet fever. I'm Anthrax. I'm a brain disease. El Muerte Rojo..." The way he rolled his 'r' and breathed the 'h' sound in 'Rojo'. "I'm The Red Death, baby. You won't be findin' me in any medical books." He laughed coldly.
"Not yet."

It's tempting for ME to cuddle the hell out of him. *jumps in the fangirl boat*
Hurr I like the way it would sound if Thrax actually said 'El Muerte Rojo.' *squee*

[edit]; what font do you use for your italics? I love that font. :]

Monster's eyes

Monster's eyes shone.
"Fascinating! How do you approach a body?" He asked very directly, his claws only scraping more eagerly, the cold yet immensely fascinated expression of the experienced scientist on his reptilian-avian-canine face. He was as jittery as ever, yet kept working calmly and skilfully, soon moving to The Red Death's neck, strong and thick as a log, it made even the small scholar shiver slightly... If he wanted to, EMR could kill him with a toss of his head.

You and me both, man, you and me both! TwT *drooooOOOOooooOOOoools*
And the font I use is a simple tag, really, it looks like this, though without the spaces: < i > words go here < / i >
-And comes out like this~ ♥