Hella vs Sunfyra

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this was a big fight!
it lasted about 1 and a half an our!
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Impressive! And who

Impressive! And who won?

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i won!

i won!
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good! [url=http://endlessfore

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FGAJ,GAKT Surely not that

FGAJ,GAKT Surely not that long O.O
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Impressive! My stag Queze

Impressive! My stag Queze watched some of it, after he got tired of trying to get you two to stop lol He was a little annoyed when you ignored him afterwards though, nothing to start another fight over though hehe


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Yeep! .......... *hides from

Yeep! .......... *hides from the scary fighting*

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@ Terabetha:yee! i sow

@ Terabetha:yee!
i sow him/her laphing at us! Eye
but yee i ignord him/her because i did not want to lose the fight!
@ Custard:actualy we did fight for so long!
@ LighttheSky:my deer actualy loves to fight so it's never scary for her!
i mean she is not afraid of enything!
and when it's halloween,if you are a fawn she will scare you to deth!

Oh yeah, you two were

Oh yeah, you two were amusing hehe.
I understand, it's just Queze's character is very polite so he takes things like bowing a little too seriously .__.'


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my character is almost

my character is almost always good !
but to mes with her you will get skars after!
(not the best thing)

hehe, Queze tries not to

hehe, Queze tries not to mess with anyone, but he will break up fights if they get out of hand (or try to anyway!).


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xDDDDDD!! that was funy!

that was funy!
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O__o Now it was you who

O__o Now it was you who Sun's deer had a fight with.
I wonder what's wrong with her, having fights and such all the time... *sighs*

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0.0 THAT WAS YOU! well...i

well...i were a little upset on this day,[so i played 'Nightmare'] and your deer was so agressive...he didn't stop fighting...it was a little bit creepy...
( and...well..it didn't take THAT long x))

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