Happy Halloween 2020! [ +Video ]

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Heavy images under cut!
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I just had so much fun when the event and halloween came, I didn't got that much screenshots, but I took videos which I will edit to be longer halloween video thing..and that will happen sometime, maybe next week.

Happy Halloween 2020

Abiogenesis & Halloween 2020 Video!

Next events will be Christmas and New year! Eye
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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! <3 Love these. So beautiful ;u;
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Waiting for the Video. Happy

Waiting for the Video. Cool
Happy Halloween my dear friend!
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Hopefully I can make it

Hopefully I can make it soooon.
Happy halloween you too <3
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Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the video, I love how a weird antlered tree sneezes at 30:50 Laughing out loud
And your screens are very beautiful, as always.
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thankyou for recording the

thankyou for recording the abio and uploading the screenshots!
After the abio had finished, I realised my game had glitched and didn't save any of my screenshots in the folder, so it's really nice to see these.
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You are very welcome both of

You are very welcome both of you!

I tried my best to record eveything in the abio and halloween and I sometimes even got so excited I started to run and jump around xD
But I'm very happy to hear if anyone who missed the event, feels the moments while watching the video.
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Halloween was a lot of fun

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Thank you for the wonderful screenshots and videos!

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It was really fun and I loved

It was really fun and I loved the event and the time with friends. Thank you very much aswell! <3
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