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"Online: sleeping" = I, the player, am off doing other things.
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"Even with these cracks, it resembles how it once was. Maybe someday, it'll be like we never broke it."

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7/22: new beginnings


Physical: 100%
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Physical: 100%
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Forest Updates:


Physical: 100%
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Forest Updates:


Physical: 100%
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Forest Updates:

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First: Thank you! >u

First: Thank you! >u<

Second: I'm glad you didn't mind commenting here~ I was gonna feel weird if the conversation was left on that other topic and I deleted it XD;; And I do know that Cadaver is a dragon and has dragon powers, but there's a difference between "being very strong" and "being invincible." In folklore, when a dragon runs into a sword, it dies, even though it is larger and stronger than the knight who wields the small weapon. I'm very pleased to hear that you're changing his health, although I hope it's a personal decision and not just something to appease me. Really, you're way sweeter than I expected, and I don't want to intimidate you into doing something you don't want to do D: I more just wanted you to be aware of your actions... does that make sense? I'm worried I'm not phrasing myself well.

i wanna hug you ^-^ i

i wanna hug you ^-^

i understand completely, and thank you for calling me sweet, im actually blushing right now Smiling
and im actually glad this came up because i am just awful at remembering to change that stuff, i need to get better at it Sticking out tongue

you seem like the kind of person i could have long talks with about random things and figure out the meaning of everything xD i like you. Laughing out loud
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XDD THE MEANING OF THE UNIVERSE. And how to best cook mac and cheese. Yes, I figure out the meaning of many things XD Haha~ Good, I'm glad you aren't upset XD;; I was getting really worried, haha~ OH~ And don't mind Dublin (the tiny green deer). He's extremely frightened of all new deer, and knowing that your deer is a dragon, he WILL run away from you~ Don't take it personally 8D It's all IC. Phylux probably now considers your Cadaver a mortal enemy, as well. My Vodun won't be played until around December, when I have the mind to put into him again, but he's much easier to approach |D;;

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...And my fiance would be jealous. :<

its all good xD dublin is

its all good xD dublin is adorable btw ^-^ mac&cheese is great with mozzarella in it xD and im sure i will end up meeting all of your deer sometime. if you wants to meet a deer that is almost me you should meet my Nacadia. or Pikku, he is close too. xD but cadaver is just way off.
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Ivi; No. Your logics have no

Ivi; No. Your logics have no effect here =n=
Babies. Nao. At least two. I'm not gender-picky.

lolamad; Thank you! XDD He's adorable, but he's a little shizz. Lucky he has at least one thing going for him, or he'd be OMG UNPOPULAR. /sorryIcouldn'tresist (PLZ DON'T WHITE OUT MY PAGE WHOEVER YOU WERE.)

Ooooh, I've never had mac and cheese that way *u* But mine always turns out extra thick and delicious, so I've never had any reason to change up the recipe. I'll try that sometime >u>

I'll keep a lookout for those deer 8D

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"Babies. Nao. At least

"Babies. Nao. At least two."
Don't you know these things take TIME?!
I think they would have to be girls.
We can name them...
Jamie and Jessie Jr?
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Nonsense. I'm sure we can

Nonsense. I'm sure we can pull a Y chromosome out of somewhere~
And I love both of those names~~

...This reminds me, I've always wanted to have two cats: Socks and Mittens... both acceptable cat names alone, but EPIC together.

And then there's my old roomie's cat, Shuu... Shuu, Socks, and Mittens.

Maybe we should name our daughters that, instead.

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rofl We see pet names like

We see pet names like that a lot.
Bonnie and Clyde
Peeka and Boo
Joy, Faith, Hope, and Zivah
Chevy and Ford
Tom and Gerri

I can't think of any others off the top of my head, but there are some pretty creative ones, lol.
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XDDD I think the Chevy and

XDDD I think the Chevy and Ford were my favs outta those, haha~ That's adorable.

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Gosh darnit I am so behind on

Gosh darnit I am so behind on my stalkageness, I swear~ ♥

*scent marks, runs* 8D
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Lmaoo~ Zebbie, you crack me

Lmaoo~ Zebbie, you crack me up XD

...*sniffs the air* ...D| I'm not sure I approve of this method, but at least you didn't leave track marks all over my clean floor.

Eeek, sorry, Vodun. I'll

Eeek, sorry, Vodun. I'll apologize to you guys all later, but... just want to say something must have been messing up with my connection, because I was hanging out with you all for a while and no one greeted us. xD I figured it was a forest glitch, and when I realized that, I had to keep reloading my forest.... And then I got caught up and saw an old fawn friend of Ravus's, so I wanted to help her get her set because I have to leave now and I'm going to leave Ravus with you all because you never interrupt her ever evarrrrrrr. ♥
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Lmfaooo~ I knew it was

Lmfaooo~ I knew it was something like that, but Vodun is naturally guilty, so he immediately thought the worst XD He's happy that Ravus is with him now, though, even though he feels a little hesitant in fully approaching her~ ♥

OK, I thought you would

OK, I thought you would probably give me the benefit of the doubt, but it still worried me to see this updated like that and everything. xD You freak me out with your IC-ness sometimes, Jessie. >> In a good way.
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Lmfaooo, sorryyyy XD Yeah,

Lmfaooo, sorryyyy XD Yeah, never assume that my own thoughts are bubbling into my chars, unless something unfair/unjust is happening... then I can't stop myself >>;;

I'm going to attempt to update this more often, since I haven't really been writing journals for them XD;;

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Prettttty Css I need to

Prettttty Css Shocked

I need to make one!!!
Still don't know how.
"With Gorilla gone, will there be hope for man?" ~Ishmael
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I admit, it's quite a bit of

I admit, it's quite a bit of work XD;; You're welcome to look at my source code, though :3 I have no problem with people using my code as a base, just as long as you change the colors/patterns/etc.

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Thanks! I'll have to go and

Thanks! I'll have to go and look for some backgrounds. I also have something cool in mind for a media player. Do the little MP3 players work here? I think i saw somebody with one....
"With Gorilla gone, will there be hope for man?" ~Ishmael
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Aaaaah this is hard!!!

Aaaaah this is hard!!! o_O
Css is like... way different than html.
Must have taken you days!
"With Gorilla gone, will there be hope for man?" ~Ishmael
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Yup! The mp3 players work! X3

Yup! The mp3 players work! X3 I would just put some thought into making a player auto-run, because that can sometimes irritate people who visit your page. It's a personal decision, though. Oh, and make sure you put your css under the cut so that it doesn't flow into the main thread listing.

Haha~ I've been doing it for a while, but it still takes me a few hours to put something together XD;;

*loiterwaits for a post on

*loiterwaits for a post on Vodun's bio* >w<
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Ryff; Please read my response

Ryff; Please read my response on Vo's bio. All of these reminders are making me nervous ;n;



Omg, a day with Phy and Vass can't be bad ever. ♥
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LMFAO. I think... we just got

LMFAO. I think... we just got really lucky XD

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Have not seen Vodun in a

Have not seen Vodun in a while. <3
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Vo hasn't seen Gustiro in a

Vo hasn't seen Gustiro in a while! He's a very happy boy right now, aside from the phoenix-related drama. Sorry I disappeared suddenly for a bit. Our router was doing funny things.

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No need to be sorry. I have

No need to be sorry. I have disappeared plenty myself without a proper excuse. ^~ I also know the feeling of troublsome routers.

Poor Vodun is not going to get any peace hanging around Gustiro. lol He is the embodiment of trouble.
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It's usually a decent router,

It's usually a decent router, but we've begun overloading it with things over the Christmas holiday, so it isn't happy :3

And lmfao, I believe he's beginning to understand this.
But as with everything else, he'll just take it in stride. He's more of a masochist than he'll admit to himself, so this is just fine.

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The large red bull moved

The large red bull moved swiftly through the forest. He steadily made his way to where he was certain he last saw Vodun, seeking the pale stag out. He seemed rather determined about something.

(Let us say this is before Gustiro got himself seriously injured. I meant to do this last night.
I hope you do not mind doing a little biography hopping. Gustiro is on a mission. XD )
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(Ooooh, I'm intrigued~ I

(Ooooh, I'm intrigued~ I forget exactly where they met up, so if I may pick the pond?)

Vodun dragged his nose lazily through the water, counting the ripples as they spread against his legs. The cold water bit into him like a hook. He couldn't tear himself away. The wind changed directions, bringing a new chill and a new array of scents. His ears flickered, and he finally managed to pull himself from the pool, eyes roaming across the far bank. It was Gustiro's scent; he was sure of it. He headed back to dry land, shaking off the excess water.

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(It is not too interesting

(It is not too interesting but I am amused by it none the less.
And the pond is just find they wont be there long. Sticking out tongue )

Gustiro paused atop the Twin Gods’ hill and peered out across the lake. He spotted Vodun easily enough and without further hesitation he was galloping to the other stag. He pulled up at Vodun’s side, fur brushing wet fur. Looking over his shoulder, still pressed against his companion, he spoke. "We go home," he announced. Without explanation he set off back towards the woods expecting Vodun to be at his side.
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Oooooh~ &hearts; You say it's

Oooooh~ ♥ You say it's not too interesting, but I'm already thrilled XD

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Why haven't I tracked this.

Why haven't I tracked this. <3

Don't forget to add me..

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A track for you.

A track for you. <3

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Ah, so I think the deer

Ah, so I think the deer Gustiro was trying to push away from Caen was Phylux. X3
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Darling; *belatedly loves

Darling; *belatedly loves on*

Lumossuuuuu; *flying love attack* Does this mean you're gonna be around more? I still find it odd that despite being the one who hooked me onto TEF, I've only seen you once in-forest~ XD NO PRESSURE THOUGH. ............../pressure pressssuuure

Gustiro; Indeed, it was! As a player, I was totally cracking up XD

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Track &hearts;

Track ♥
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"You're so pushy, annoying

"You're so pushy, annoying and weird! I can't stand it!" The small buck shouted, as much as his little voice could manage. He stomped his pink hooves on the ground as if it was the only intimidating action he could display and it wasn't much. His ears fell back and he glared daggers at the red male, a pout twisting on his lips at that constantly grinning face, always laughing at his misery. Oh how Vasska could ruffle up the little white one's feathers, press those buttons that no one had ever managed to do before.

DERP you don't have to reply just thought it might be cute lol <3

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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All of the tiny white buck's

All of the tiny white buck's intended frustration went coasting over Vasska's head, its meaning lost. To garner such a reaction... usually the white one only wanted to play tag. He was excited to find a new game.

"Can't you? We'll do it again soon then, aye? It'll be much more fun when the rabbits are moving, don't you think?!" He let out a peal of pleased laughter, wanting more than anything to bound over and finish their game, tired as he was, but not wanting to incur his mother's wrath. Her bouts of anger were so unpredictable. He felt it best to simply do as he was told... for now.


ldskfja ♥

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I am surprised Vodun has not

I am surprised Vodun has not suffocated yet. Just thought you should know. lol
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LOL. I was afk to fix a

LOL. I was afk to fix a frozen pipe (still having issues with it, in case I disappear again) and was surprised to come back and find him so squished XD;;

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Feyrbrand watches the little

Feyrbrand watches the little one quietly. She is so calm, so... simple. "Why did you pursue me that day? The day we met..." He asked lazily.

//Derp Sticking out tongue
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Tzipporah looked over at him

Tzipporah looked over at him questioningly, and then raised her eyes thoughtfully. After a while, she furrowed her brow, the action mostly hidden by her mask. Her confusion evident, she said gently, as if afraid she might upset him, "Pursue is... to chase, yes? Day was... long time ago. Am... was... very little. Did not pursue. Was sleep. Did not pursue."

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I've seen all of your

I've seen all of your characters at least once. Why am I not tracking this??
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Feyrbrand confused as well

Feyrbrand confused as well decided to sit down. Suddenly memories of a fawn, alone and cold shot through his mind. The scent is what lured him, upon seeing the fragile creature Feyrbrand remembers moving without thought. He remembers laying down next to it's side, and when it woke, fleeing from the scene."We met... along time ago. Yes, I remember now. You lured me in, and before I knew it I was laying down beside you, keeping you warm.". His eyes smiled as he remembered the surprised expression upon the young one's face.

Quietly Feyrbrand got up and watched Tzipporah some more. "You are afraid of touch... yes?" He asked, his voice calm and reassuring.
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Pega; I feel like I can say

Pega; I feel like I can say the same about yours.. but it's so easy for me to track you down (you're always two clicks away, for some reason~) that I've never gotten around to it XD

Cocking her head, Tzipporah hung on a word. "Lure? What means this? Is... fish?" The gentle creatures in the pond came to mind, although she could not understand why the stag had used a word that somehow connected to them. But he seemed to have his facts straight now, and she was pleased about this.

She frowned at the next question, and although the frown could not be seen, it could be heard plainly in her words as they broke apart. "No afraid," she corrected. "Are... are... big feel. Are respect. Is bad feel... no comfort... discomfort. In mind, is discomfort. Fur crawl."

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Feyrbrand chuckled, it

Feyrbrand chuckled, it sounded odd coming through his hollow mask."To lure... to catch the attention of another. To pull them to you, without the other knowing nor you. You could call it... fate if you wish.".

Feyrbrand tilted his head and chuckled again. His eyes were warm and not cold like they usually were.
"You are confusing with your words, yet I understand you. You mean that others touching you without your... permission discomforts you? Your fur crawls because... they... invaded your space, yes?"".
He understood her words but wasn't sure how to talk to her seeing as she had trouble communicating.