The Forest Healer [Radish]

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| Radish |
grey pelt | noah nubs | no mask

• Human Faced Deer
• Mature Adult
• Sexuality; in-the closet
• Status; Single
• Stag | Male
• Size - click here
• Pictogram - Radish Spirit
• Speaks in #FF4000
• Scent - Chopped Radishes, Herbs, and Dirt
• Appearance - hover large white buck wearing a red bowl and apron
• Personality - hover humorous, impish, kind, quiet, gentle, and protective

| RP is OPEN on his blog |

| Updates |
> The cold is coming to an end and Radish was already getting his garden ready for the spring. The time of new life, little fawns running around and love in the air. Tho, not much love for this big man.

| Interactions |

Seed: The green stag was his first customer in the forest, ordering a few tea bags in exchange for a poem.

Nemonica: The little doe came to his garden, asking for some pain killers for her shin splints.

Verve: Radish went to see the tall doe, seeking her help to make it easier for him to wear his 'hat' without it falling off as easy. She seemed rather helpful, and the buck can't wait to see what she comes up with.

: A centaur that had a large order of herbs for Radish to fill. He payed him with a beautiful stone, and the buck will be happy to do business with the stallion again.

Cecilia: A pretty doe, new to the forest. Friend of Nemonica. Thinks she is very polite and hopes she enjoys the forest.

Crier: A tiny little fawn that the buck found in the forest. They seem to be covered in wounds and burns. What was Radish to do but stay by their side and try and help.

Bluejay; A winged doe who he met in the Big Oak, she wore the pelt of a bear? How interesting.

Nika; Approached him, asking for help to clean a wound she had, a bite mark. Once patched up, shared some hot fruit tea with the doe to learn she was once from another world but came her after her death. How interesting.

Bluejay; She wears the pelt of a bear but doesn't seem like the type to even hurt a fly. Stranger and stranger, but Radish was happy to speak with the doe inside of the Great Oak as the snow fell to the forest floor.

| Images |

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| His History |

From what many can tell, the large stag wasn't from the Endless Forest; even if he had the face of many of the resident deer that resided in the forests boundaries. Traveling around from different places when ever his business goes sour in his previous home, this white deer didn't seem to mind moving around. He enjoyed meeting new faces and getting to know others. Tho, he has never found a reason to stay behind in a forest for another yet, it doesn't mean he wouldn't give that possibility a chance.

The parents of Radish have long left the stag, for they are travelers themselves and let their son go on his own journey once he was old enough to stick up for himself. Soon his size was on his side for that as well as his mind. They are tall like him, but Radish had gotten his thick frame from his father, and his horns and face form his mother. Seeing as the white male worked with herbs and plants, most would assume his parents did the same, but that is not true. The parents of this herbalist are simple fortune tellers, spreading good advise and glimpses into the future for their costumers.

His mother spoke of her grandmother being the first in her line to have such a face, flat unlike most deer. Radish was assuming his great grandmother probably came from this forest at a young age.

- - -

When Radish was almost a full year, he found his calling in caring for Herbs and creating medicines from them. Slowly mastering his abilities, his father gave him permission to begin his own life. His mother? Well, she wasn't so sure her little baby was ready yet. After all, he was her first and only born. Yet, with a little meditation and comforts from her mate, she was convinced as well. Giving him a new hat and apron as a farewell gift, Radish was off.

All he had with him was his hat, apron, and a small bag of various seeds; but that was more then enough. On his journey the small fawn grew into a large stag. Filling out like his father and growing taller with each day. Soon his hat was able to fit him properly, unlike when he was younger and it covered his whole face.

The first forest Radish stopped at was small and cold. Deer were not the only resident there, so he had to keep on alert for any danger. His garden was not impressive for the weather was unforgiving to such plants and he found it hard to find willing customers for his products. Only a few came to him every so often, asking for healing herbs for bite marks and sore throats. They never had much to offer in return but Radish never turned them down no matter how little they had. He showed kindness, hoping he would gain some in return.

Oh course, kindness came in the strangest and most painful way. A regular costumer of his visited him in the middle of the night and awoke him abruptly. The doe snapped and hissed, telling him he was no longer wanted here. He caused to much trouble and would get everyone killed if he tried to help them any longer. She claimed he was more of a curse to her family and friends then help.

Yet, once Radish packed up some seeds and saplings and left the forest, he found out from another traveler that the doe that chased him off saved his life. Later that night a pack of wolves, who was looking for the large stag that they had heard rumors about, came looking for a plump meal to feast on. Tho, all they found was an abandoned garden and a simple doe who ran the opposite direction that Radish.

Radish never forgotten the kindness that one doe had bless him with and was more careful about where he went ever since then.

- - -

Since then, over the past two years, Radish lived mostly on the move or stayed for a little amount of time in each forest that he visited. Ether because some didn't appreciate someone who sold charms and healing teas or the land wasn't fertile enough to support most of his herbs that he grew.

In one forest that he visited, he had gained the friendship of a stag that loved to purchase lots of teas and charms for the does that he fancied. And in return, the stag had given Radish a beautiful stone bowl and stone stick. Something that Radish had never seen occur in such a shape before. The stag claimed he found it in this abandoned ruins on the edge of their forest. Once the large stag had a chance to check it out, he found the ruins. Inside were many jars and odd objects.

As he explored inside, he found split seeds and dried herbs. Who ever lived here a long time ago once worked with herbs like he did. Yet, they mustn't have been like him for some of his objects seemed impossible to be held with hooves or lips.

And as always, Radish was on the move again. Thanking his friend for being so kind and others for welcoming him in to their forest. For he had that urge again, the one that told him it was time to be on the move again. The stag found that the urge was never wrong and it was best to follow it where ever it took him.

- - -

A few deer had mentioned a forest where many stayed young forever and magic was a norm. Tho Radish never payed much mind to such talk, for they spoke of a forest that couldn't be possible. Magic and living forever? Yes, he believe in charms and fortune telling, but that was one thing and this was another. He didn't need to be caught up on the search on a wild goose chase for an impossible land.

- - -

His face was different? Not like other deer? He knew his mother was looked at crossly for having such a face and a lack of a muzzle but many judged him on his character rather then his appearance when they met him. After all, never judge a nut by its shell. The outside might look beautiful and clean, but the inside could be rotten and visa versa.

Yet, with time he heard more and more stories about this impossible forest. Once a young fawn came up to him and asked if he was from said forest, for only deer there would have such a face. Luckily the fawns mother quickly apologized to Radish, claiming the old doe in their forest told the fawns of such a place each night before bed.

This sprout interest in his mind. The old doe described the deer of this so'called forest to have a face like his own, then why did he look the way he did? His mother spoke of her grandmother coming from a land far away with her mate who had discovered her home. But Radish always thought she had made that story up to entertain his mind.

Tho, his mother was not one to lie to him?

He would go see this old doe, that's what he knew he would do.

- - -

"So, our kind still survives?" The soft voice came from a masked doe. She rested under a willow, her blue eyes could be seen from the holes in the mask and she looked to Radish once he approached her.

Our kind? What was this old bat talking about? He titled his head to an angle and looked down at the female. Her mask was the shape of a deers face. Odd.

"What do you mean by that? Our kind? We are all deer here." Radish frowned at her statement.

"You silly stag, don't you know what you are? You are from the Endless Forest, a forest where all is young and magic is strong. A place of beauty and peace. No wolf has ever been know to set a paw in those trees and the forest is protected by the Twin Gods that created it . . . and "

Twin Gods? Magic? Peace? What was this lady going on about?
But before he could say anything else, she added on to her drawn out speech.

"You must go back there, it is where you belong. And I promise you this, it shall be a place that you will never be drawn away from. For your heart has been drawing you to it this whole time." The doe rose up from the ground, letting her mask fall from her face. A face like his own. Flat and unlike another deers he has ever seen besides his mother.

The doe bowed to Radish, then walked away into the mist of the night.

"Wait! What do you mean? Why do you look like . . . me." But then she was gone. All she left was her mask and a bag of seeds.

- - -

Nevertheless, the old doe was right. Somehow, some why in which was truly unknown to him. Radish had ventured into a forest full of so much beauty he was unsure if it was all real. A few does greeted him with bows like the doe did before she left him in a state of confusion. They both had beautiful faces, soft and smooth. Each looked like him in a small way. Trying to be polite, he mimicked the bow to the others and they left him standing there.

Was he really home?

-end scene-

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So interesting ^-^

mmmm..herbs and tea.. and oh, oh my... those are the boxes with the scroll bar that I was looking for some time. Can I please bother you for the code for it? It would be much help but if you wouldn't instead I can understand that. Either way very nice character and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for him in the forest!
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Thank you, and if you like, I could give you the box code.
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...Probably the most epic character on here XD
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Awww, that's so sweet to say. c:

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added a little update slot.
More stuff on Crier.
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what a cool character! Tracking this.
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Shhhh..... I may interact

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I enjoyed reading this bio! I

I enjoyed reading this bio! I look forwards to interacting with Radish sometime. :3
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Awesome, and I'm glad you

Awesome, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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me is tracking this awesomeness. 0-0 track.
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thank ya :3
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Awwwww, I love it RikkaChan.

Awwwww, I love it RikkaChan. Very cute, Radish looks adorable. c:

- - -

I've been meaning to just post an opening post here on his profile/blog . . . to get things rolling. D8

The wind was icy on the large males white pelt, glad to have many layers of thickness to help with the chills. Radish looked to his garden and at how low stocked he was since winter would be coming soon but he didn't let that get him down. He would be going out to collect some forest mushrooms today and had a nice stock of dyed herbs stored away. No need to worry. Looking to the sky, curious when the first snow would be here. Maybe he should go to the Big Oak and ask others on their opinions? After all, Radish did with to find out where some of these deer are getting winter cloaks. They seemed like a great idea before the snow.

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Ahh, I am so relieved. Glad

Ahh, I am so relieved. Glad you like it. <3
Oh, I think I will make a post to your RP, but it will have to be later tonight. Not enough time right now. ;u; Okay, I will be using Bluejay. As you can see her bio is not yet finished. 8'D

Bluejay shuddered as a breeze slipped through her wings and easily passing through her thin fur, for she was incapable of growing an extra layer thanks to her inheritance; thus relied greatly on her large wings to blanket her through such times. However, today felt especially cold to the feathered female.

Bluejay spent most of the day hidden away in her branch hut just outside The Endless Forest - a brown bear pelt covered her and warmed her as she stayed close to the small fire just outside her home. Unfortunately, the fire began to run out of wood again. A white cloud escaped the birddoe's lips as she yawned, standing up and taking the pelt with her to check on her wood box. A frown came upon Bluejay's lips when she gazed upon the few tiny pieces of wood that laid pathetically at the bottom of the box. No, this would not do.

"Ah, but I do not want to go out there." Bluejay groaned as she began to strap the pelt around her body. The weight was inconvenient, but the birddoe much preferred the warmth and there was no way she was going to fly. Bluejay stepped out into the snow - instantly appreciating the sun shining proudly overhead.

She looked around with a grumpy expression; Bluejay had already used all the fallen wood around her land, which meant she would have to travel further. Perhaps a visit to The Forest would perk up her spirits a bit, and maybe find some broken branches.
The walk was not that long, but Bluejay was panting hard from the weight of the pelt upon her back. She stopped at the great oak - collapsing inside to hide from the wind.

Hope I didn't overdo it. x'D
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Ears perked, breathing in the

Ears perked, breathing in the icy air, feeling the sting from his nose down his throat and into his lungs. Snow had yet to fall in the forest but on the outskirts there was already a blanket of white covering the floor. "Soon . . ." Shaking off a shiver as the great had come into view, noticing a couple forest residences were there; seeming to be getting up to leave off somewhere else. He bowed his head to the group, and they returned the gustier to him before going on their way. Around his neck was a sort of bag made out of strong leaves woven together, a gift from one of the other crafting deer in the woods. He already had a few mushrooms gathered but stopped in the oak to work off the chiils.

Once inside, already feeling the temperature difference; at least by 10 degrees warmer. The white stag made made himself comfy inside away from the mouth of the tree and set his bag down. Not many came out in this cold unless they had thick pelts.

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Bluejay's teeth clattered

Bluejay's teeth clattered loudly. The doe began to regret coming to The Endless Forest, but how was she going to survive the winter with no wood? The birddoe hid her head beneath her bear pelt more - eyeing a strange looking.. male? that arrived to the Old Oak shortly after she did. Bluejay was at first thrown off by the short horn nubs, but when she took a closer look; Bluejay instantly noticed his manly face and figure.

The feathered doe found herself staring a bit longer than necessary; the red head accessory the stag was wearing was shining prettily in the winter sun - instantly stealing her attention. Without thinking; Bluejay inched closer and spoke to the stranger,

"That.. sir, where did you obtain that?" The feathered spoke without thinking, still eyeing the hat.
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Radish's ears perked high at

Radish's ears perked high at the sound of a voice behind him, turning to notice a winged doe that was inside of the belly of the Oak as well as him. Where did he obtain what? Glancing up in the direction she was looking and then realized. "Oh, it was a gift from my mother as a fawn." The bowl sat snug on top of his head, with his nubs sitting perfectly on the outside of the rim. Looking the doe over, taking note of her feathers and extremely long tail.

Such an interesting looking female, with such bright fur markings. And what that a pelt she was wearing? "Keeping warm I see?" Motioning with his head to the pelt.
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Bluejay was a little

Bluejay was a little disappointed. A gift like that would mean it was priceless, so the birddoe did not bother to ask how much he would sell it for.

"A nice, bright colour." Bluejay fixed her face into a smile before surprise quickly took its place, "Sorry! I am Bluejay; Cherokee runs proudly through my veins! You are..?" The feathered doe asked curiously. Her right ear remained focused on the white male as Bluejay relieved herself from some of the straps that kept the bear pelt from falling off - leaving just the one around her belly and wings. Bluejay didn't think that she was going to move in this wind anytime soon.

"That I am." The feathered eyed him while tilting her head, "Are you not cold?"
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The large male titled his

The large male titled his head to the side but only smiled; lips curling into a welcoming grin. "Radish, my name is Radish." Head titled down and giving a little bow. "It's nice to meet you Miss.Bluejay." The stag was happy to have a chance to chit chat with another, seeing as the cold normally pulled many closer to home and less surprising visitors to his garden. And the male loved visitors; he was a friendly creature after all. Cold? "Ahhh, I am. Tho, being a bit of the pudgy side helps me keep warm I suppose." Trying to hold back a chuckle, but it slipped out anyway. Not seeming to mind being a bit on the larger side.

"But I can see that you have got a smart idea there; I've seen a few who have a similar garment but none with such a thick pelt." Most that he had seen were a thinner fabrics and furs but seemed just as warm once the cold picked up.

Nika checked her wound under

Nika checked her wound under her rabbit fur wrap. It seemed to be closing up, and the tight tourniquet was preventing it from bleeding. But she knew that she needed more than a tourniquet and a wrap. She needed something to prevent infection, and she had heard of a healer who could probably help. She slowly limped her way through the slush that the Sun created, and her white, rabbit fur cloak hung over her. She started to come up what appeared to be the healer's spot.
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@NikaGika The large stag was

The large stag was pushing the thin slush off of some of the mounds of dirt that were holding dormant plants that were just ready to pop up once the winter cold would melt into a sunny spring. Tho, that wasn't going to happen for a great deal of time. As he turned to check on a few herbs that were hanging out to dry, the silhouette of someone approaching came into his view. Ears perked, his best welcoming grin formed even if his teeth gave a slight chatter. Good thing he was on the hefty side, or he would be a shivering mess.

He called out, "Hello there! how are you this fine day and how many I help you?" Not yet seeing anything wrong with the tall doe with a thin pair of antlers on top of her head.

"I am in need of aid," she

"I am in need of aid," she called back as she limped towards him. She was still weary from the loss of blood, and her skin was a little paler than usual. "I have a severe bite wound. It hit an artery, and I lost a lot of blood, but a tourniquet was placed on it before it was too late. But, now I am concerned about infection. Is there anything you can do?" she asked. Her eyes were a little glazed over from being lightheaded, and her pupils were dilated because she had eaten poppies for the pain.
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@NikaGika; His brows pressed

His brows pressed forward once it was clear that the doe was limping, walking forward to meet her as she explained what was wrong. A bite? Concern for infection? Quickly the sweet grin fell to a serious expression. "Quickly, come over here." Motioning to a pile of soft dried grass that he used as a bedding, laying it out around his stone table to have a place to sit that was not directly in the wet slush.

If and when she would relax, the white male had his whole body inside the hallowed out tree that held most of his supplies and searched around. "Aloe . . . aloe . . . ahh there. And where is the Barberry root . . . " Muttering as he moved things with his nose and hooves. Once things were found, he set a few things on the stone near her. "May I?" Glancing to the wound and he wanted to get a better look.

She limped herself onto the

She limped herself onto the pile of grass, and sat down wearily onto it. "You may," she responded and moved her injured leg closer to him. "I did the best I could to clean it," she said while slipping off the wrap. "And if it also helps you, I ate about five poppies before coming here."
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@NikaGika; The wound didn't

The wound didn't look as bad as it could be, but it seemed she had already did a great job taking care of it so far. "Alright then . . ." Radish picked up a few things and seemed to mix some things with a stone and bowl-like stone. The mixture became like a green mush. Aloe, finely crushed bark with a few other things that help fight off germs and infections. "This might tingle, but I can assure you that this will help." Giving a reassuring smile before using a leaf to rub on the concoction. It spread over the wound thick, cold and stayed; soon using a larger leaf to press over it to keep it concealed. "And there you go miss, might I ask what happened? You said this is a bite wound?" Tilting his head to the side, "Oh, if you don't mind me asking that is." Hoping she didn't as he began to put a few things away.

The cool concoction felt nice

The cool concoction felt nice against her fevered wound, and she let out a relieved sigh. "Thank you. It feels much better." And when he asked about what happened she said, "It is alright, but it is a strange story." For it was. She didn't know whether or not to refer to the person who bit her as a "friend", but for would for the purpose of the story. "My 'friend's' nose was bleeding, and I put my hoof under his nose to try and stop it, and he bit me," she said, "I started losing a lot of blood, and I passed out. But he was the one who put the tourniquet on and stopped the bleeding."
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@NikaGika; Her friend bit

Her friend bit her? That was strange, but it wasn't his place to judge and assume anything. After all, her friend was also the one to try and stop the bleeding when she was passed out. "Well, I am glad that they were able to do what they did, and that you were able to come to see me." His expression warm as he turned back to her, "Would you like some tea?" A warm drink is always nice on a day like this after all. The white male was turning to get a few things before looking over his shoulder, "Before I forget, may I know your name? Mine is Radish."

"Yes," she said in agreement.

"Yes," she said in agreement. She thought about his tea offer. She never really liked tea, but maybe his tea was different. "Sure," she said with a nod and smiled when he mentioned his name. "What a sweet name. I am Nika." Unlike other knights, she saw the benefits of eating vegetables and fruits that weren't in main dishes and sweets, and she liked the taste of radishes. She rested her head down onto the grass and smiled at his hospitality. She had been so sick from the loss of blood, and she was happy someone was able to take care of her wound.
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@NikaGika; There was already

There was already a tiny fire on the other side of his hallowed tree which a bowl of water was sitting on to heat the water. After already setting a few cups on the table, he carefully picked the pot up by the handle and poured out the water; a mixture of dried tea at the bottom of the cups already. "It is nice to meet you." He made himself comfortable, "Just let it sit for a moment." Once it was ready, it was a sweet tea, made from dried flowers and fruits from the last spring. Very lovely.

She lifted her head up and

She lifted her head up and watched the tea darken. "And it is nice to meet you as well," she said with a polite bow of her head. The tea smelled sweet and nice, and she was so thirsty that she couldn't wait to drink it. When it finished seeping, she brought her lips to the cup and took a careful sip. "This is wonderful," she said with a smile, "I do not like tea very much, but this is simply wonderful."
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@NikaGika; Nodding, "Well,

Nodding, "Well, I'm glad; tea is always a great form of relaxation plus I find the flavor of the leaves is always the strongest when with company." Radish took a pause to sip at his cup, savoring the flavors of the herbs and petals. Company was always a treat, even if most of the time the company he has is ether in pain or needs medicines and didn't just come to visit; yet the stag didn't mind at all. After all, he was grateful to be able to help those who needed him.

"Try telling that to my

"Try telling that to my comrades. They will tell you that wine and beer is a 'great form of relaxation'," she said with a laugh. And even though she had been here for about five minutes, she was feeling a lot better. "I must ask, how did you come by all these dishes and cups?"
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@NikaGika; Looking up from

Looking up from his cup, Radish took mind to what she asked him. Where did he get the cups? "Oh, here and there really. I brought my mortar and pestle with me when I came here; and the other items were gifts from a few other residents here. Most are just stones shaped from the stream as well." Nodding a bit as he took another drink before sitting up straight, his neck long and thick with his white coat.

"Ah, I see," and she raised

"Ah, I see," and she raised an eyebrow in curiosity, "And may I ask where you came from?" She lowered her head and took another sip. She was enjoying the company of this gentle stag and his warm hospitality.
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@NikaGika; "From a place far

"From a place far away from here, a place where deer don't have a face like ours. My mother was apparently from this forest, but left before I was born. So, in a way, I am from this forest. How about you?"

"I died in the human world

"I died in the human world and was reborn here, and that was only a month ago," she said taking another sip. She had forgotten that her hair was down and pushed it back in modesty. In her time, only your husband could see you hair down, but she knew this forest was different and did not mind it down. But she felt a little modest for some reason, her cheeks tinged a slight pink as she pushed the rest of her hair back. Nika had long, nearly-black, dark brown hair that was to her knees. And since now it had dried from being wet earlier, it had formed perfect ringlets.
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@Carry "Radish.." What a

"Radish.." What a curious name for the stag, but somehow fitting. Bluejay did a little curtsy in response to his bow, "I like it. What is the history behind your name?" She tilted her head in question, Radish triggered her curiosity - making her want to learn more.

Bluejay giggled at the male's next words, but quickly replaced it with a innocent cough - huddling more inside the thick pelt to act like she had gotten a chill. The birddoe eyed the old bear pelt and smiled at the memory behind it. The old, worn thing had helped her through ten winters; some which were very harsh. It also served well as something to lay on when the ground was too hard.

"Ten year old pelt I take everywhere as my trophy. It does not look nice due to constant use now. I obtained it during my younger years - when a bear attacked my village. I was a promising student to my teacher and proved it when I cut that bear's throat." The feathered doe was wiggling in excitement now, maybe even acting a bit full of herself, but the pelt upon her back weighed with pride.
"It is sometimes a problem. Heavy, yes? Today was not smart of me to bring it. Those deer are right to wear something more thin." Another giggle escaped Bluejay's lips.

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@NikaGika; She died? "Hmmm?

She died? "Hmmm? Oh, I have heard of others . . . with a similar case like your own. There are quite a number who came here after their endings in another life. I have even met a deer here that was a tree before they were born as a stag." Finishing his tea, the stag nodded softly. "I do hope tho, that your new life here isn't a disappointment." Most still left lost here, even he has from time to time but he still did feel right at him ether way.

Radish only gave a slow shrug, "I suppose my mother named me before I was always interested in plant life." Nodding as she explained more about the pelt she wore. It did seemed aged, but well suited for when the real cold would hit the forest. For now, it was just a bit nippy. There are some years when it feels like all the heat has been stolen . . . even from ones very chest. "There is a very tall female here, one with the pelt as black as night, who might be able to help make you a lighter garment to wear. She is known in this forest as a talented crafter."

"Ah, tha sounds like Seed,"

"Ah, tha sounds like Seed," she said with a smile, having met the stag recently. "And I am enjoying it here so far. Though, there is not much to do sometimes." She drank she more of her tea. It was just simply delicious. She stretched her injured leg out and wiggled her hooves. Her leg was feeling significantly better. "You are very good at what you do. My leg is feeling much better."
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@NikaGika; "Yes Seed, I fine

"Yes Seed, I fine fellow." He remembered the young buck and the lovely poem he wrote for him those many months ago. Slowly, Radish lifted himself up and moved his empty cup aside and turned back to the doe; glad to see that her leg was feelings a great deal better. "I was hoping, should be as good as new in a few days, but I can't guarantee that you won't scare." Fur always had the problem, never grew back the same after any damage to the skin underneath. Most of the time, the fur ether grew back discolored or not at all.

She nodded in agreement. She

She nodded in agreement. She did enjoy Seed's company in the short time she spent with him. "I do not mind scars," she said, "I had many when I was human." She did have many scars from swords, axes, arrows, etc...But they did not bother her. She knew that she would get injured being a knight, and with injuries come scars, and should be worn proudly. They were badges of her bravery in war, not fearing the blade of the enemy.

She looked at her healing wound, then back at him. She was curious about something and asked, "Why do you wear a bowl on your head?"
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@NikaGika; Returning to rest

Returning to rest down on the dry grass, just in time for the question given. A warming chuckle crawled up her chest and to his lips. "You are not the first to ask, and I can say you won't be the last." Glancing up to the red rim that hung over his forehead. "This bowl was a gift from my mother, before I began my journey to become a buck. Also, helps keep the rain out of my eyes as well as the sunlight." Ears twitched a bit as he made himself comfortable; shifting his weight a bit before relaxing.

"That is very kind of your

"That is very kind of your mother," she said, "I wish I had something of my family here." It had been a month since she had died, and she missed her father terribly. The thought of him alone without her made her want to cry, and without her noticing, tears started welling up in her eyes. She wished she could see him and tell him that she is okay and to see if he was too.