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CLOSED, Eve is no longer in the Forest.


•Young Adult, possibly ageless
•Sexuality: unknown
•Faun / Forest Fae
•Size - click
•Pictogram - a wheelchair
•Speaks in #ddc291
•Scent - Poppies
•Voice - Jane, from Tarzan
•Mate/Love - n/a

•Pointed 'elf-like' ears
•Poppies in hair
•White-Tail deer Pelt
•Fluffy tail
•Light green eyes
•Long brown hair


- - - - - - -

From a world of just as much magic as this forest, Eve was one of the many creatures that inhabited many myths and mysterious in greek and roman mythology. Harpies, Fauns, Centaurs, and so much more. A world where man both fears and was in awe of her kind. Still pretty young for a faun, this young doe had gotten a little to curious and ventured into the land of man beyond the borders of the trees. Wood nymph and forest fae tried to call her back, but she continued onward anyhow.

Now, man had never seen a creature like her fully; only in glimpses and the shadows. Many times normal wildlife was mistaken for a magical creature from time to time by man and their misunderstandings for them grew. Some felt that they could be dangerous or just bad news. Oh course, this didn't help the young faun as she took her first step outside the forest. The sun covered her fully and revealed her to any that looked her way.

When a single human saw this, word spread like wildfire in the village. A horned beast. A trickster. Husband stealing whore. Many rumors filled the ears, unsure what to think of her and if she was real or some crazy mans sun-baked head spouting lies again. So, they sent their strongest man to go out and see.

Oh course, young Eve had no idea that man could be so dangerous. She has heard only stories and seen glimpses of man in the shadows as they would come into the forest for wood or hunting. They interested the doe, they looked almost like her . . . but they had strange feet and legs bare of thick fur. Once she saw a couple climbing the hill slowly to her, she gasped and stared in awe. Still, her fellow creatures in the forest called softly for her. Growing frantic as the men came closer.

Eve stared, taking a step closer.
A bad move.

One of the man panicked, grabbing his sword and began to run at her. Shouting horrible things like demon and beast. His fellow men tried to stop him, but it was to late. He was already almost upon her. Sword out and teeth bared. Eve grew still, frozen inside, unable to run.

A spark of light shown from the trees behind her and the faun was gone.

The sword impaled the tree that was behind her, cutting deep.

The men grew confused, but glad it was over, returning back to their village to tell how they slayed the she-beast. Ending her quickly, and how she faded away once killed. A great tale that probably will be passed down from generations to come.

. . .

Back in the forest, many fae surrounded the spot that Eve vanished from. Once of them spoke up and said it must have been the act of the Gods. They saved her and sent her elsewhere. Many nodded, believing it was the only answer. But the next question was: Where did they send her?

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Images & Interations
Art of Eve
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Ref Sheet of Eve

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Ozzie: First resident to meet in the forest. This stag saved her from the cold of a snow storm. He seems rather nice, and Eve trusts him.
Jay:Saw him tied up, and went to help. This human-faced deer seemed rather confused and claimed he wasn't always a deer. This was rather interesting.

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Loves trees.

RPing is closed here in her bio. c:
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Thank you, both of you.

Thank you, both of you. ^^


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