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Woke up after her long Wintersleep. Confused stumpled out of the Den, legs still stiff and sore. Wondered how much Time had passed. Hungry, so hungry.


Woke to Snow. Puffed her fur due to being Cold, looks alot like a walking furball now. Seeking Heat from others alot and thus seen closer to strangers, not caring for appearances, bigger Creatures are favored and those who give off a lot of warmth.

Was found by Argus and enjoyed the warmth he gave. Until Repodus was close, got angsty and nervous. Couldnt hide the Fear the Raptor gave her and started to Flee from time to time. Run towards her burrow and hid there, noticed that Argus looked Strong and Protective today. Argus tried his best but in the end fled with him to the Pond, funny that water seemingly scared the Raptor. Stayed in the Cold Water and dozed off later. Was woken up to by Noelle, followed her out of the Water and to warm Company. Dozed off between warm Bodys, save and sound.

Noticed a Raptorcreature nearby and got anxious but also curious. Approached but in the end retreated to the warmth of the body piles, eyeing it however.


Had an interesting meeting, took notice of a Kid, Munkwon, and decided to sit close. Got Company from Argus not long before Munkwon woke and had a playseassion with both before cuddling togheter with them. Remained in Munkwons company after Argus was gone and was suprised to meet a new face not long after, Nahiri. This began a new Play session and a little bit of Rude playing. Begged not much later for his mushrooms as they sat togheter. What a stupid thing. Got some, one buried and ate another and another. Got a terrible Stomach ache and distrusted any new trys from Nahiri to soothe the ache. Luckily Noite came and soothed it via magic. Loved however the attention they both gave her and dozed off from Noite's singing.


Hid mostly those past days in the Den, scared to go out and still unsure about its own condition. Walked to the Pond to Drink and noticed Kids close, tried to approach since Kids are save or not? Got approached by One (artura). Played around with it and for once was a Child like it should be. Cant lie, is envy of the other childs Colorfullness. Wishes for Colors too.


After the Eventful days finally lets itself relax, seeking out others alot (which the Rodent doesnt care if it knows them or not, please if you feel uncomfortable with It by your Char just shoot me a DM on Discord.). Sat down by a Stranger by the Pond, resting under the Tree and listening to the Birds.

Gone from stranger to Stranger, everytime shifting away after some time. Until noticed Argus close. Kept him Company for a long Time. Got spooked by Raptor, shifted away. Made plans with the Birbstag against the Raptor. Decided that Argus needs more love and began to bind flowers in his Hair, soon there was no space anymore for even a single Flower. Content with the outcome and the chilling with him until saw a close winged Fawn, remembered seeing it before and invitet it over. Massaged its head and gave it Flowers. Even more Content with the Company now.

But everything changed as the Raptor came. Everything happend more fast and the Event was more blurry after it was Done for the Rodent. Was attacked, defended by Cenn and Argus being a Crybaby. Decided to be Brave and attack too (totaly didnt intent to impress Cenn) got scared several Times and finally Ran away. Big Mistake, got chased and couldnt hide, Seeking the only thing which may coud help but found itself more lost in the Forest then before. Stopped everytime to see where its Den was just to be attacked again by the Raptor. Finally found the Den and hid, Cenn and Argus everytime close. Glad that they where there. After some more fights and a even more scared Rodent two Strangers drove the Raptor off. Extremely scared and stressed by now. Hid under Argus together with Cenn, tending the wounds and coming back to senses. Noticed a approaching Grass Dude aka Sheba. After some time gave in into the Tireness and dozed off.


Stalked a Creature which sat in the Pond, seemingless in vain as the Rodent stayed unnoticed. Soon after the Longhaired Skynight Eyes Doe came along, without hesitation followed her. Was confused when She started to play around, like wtf? Why you jump around like a bee poked your butt? After a while decided to just join in a bit but soon after gave up again and sat down to eat some grass.
Was taken to a other Deer (Sonia) later and decided there that its now Naptime. Woke shortly after just to notice that more joined, snuggled onto one and napped more.


A Restless Soul today, Run trought the Forest with seeming endless Stamina. Why was it running? Where does it want to go? Questions the Rodent reckless pushed aside until the Body couldnt bare it anymore. Exhausted it walked into the Big Oaktree, suprising that others did think alike (Cennetic, Yarrow,Melanie). Shameless the Rodent sat right beside the others, like it belonged there from the start. However, it wasnt until much Later Airut looked into the Eyes of the Doe right next to it, Such beauty, like the Nightsky in her Eyes. Felt deep inside a feeling of Envy, was it right to feel like this? Guilty for staring a bit to long the Rodent curled to a ball to sleep for now.

Woke later to the Echoing Emptyness of its own shriek. Everyone was gone, shrug it off and wandered around to seek new Company or maybe to learn more about this odd Forest.
Found a Green Dude in the Ponds Waters, Intrigued decided to check him out more and simply sat it fat ass right next to him (sheba). Was accepted and glad that Airut could stare from a closer range, decided that one day the Rodent will steal a green scale from that dude. Content with that looked around, counted the ponds Frogs or even tryied to eat some Plants.


Woke in the middle of the Day, Sunrays danced to the bottom of the Forest Floor and without any noise the Child Woke and stood up. It wasnt its First Day but its still seemed like it. Unsure and curious it walked around, away from the Place where it has taken refugee for the Night. Not a Single Soul seemed to notice the Rodent but surely it did notice every single one which it saw. Exhausted it layed down at the Pond, not only to refill but also to bath in the Sunrays. So many beautiful Faces around, so much to see and to try out, this Forest is truly magical.


Airut is IC 100% at all times, Except for Nameless.
Airut does not represent the Player. I do however take responsibility for her.

This biography may use, but I strongly do favor myself to keep it PG14, strange language, sexual themes, Violence | gore text or pictures and mature stuff. If you get offended easily, I will ask you to kindly turn around from this biography.

Please Interact with Airut, be it via RP or Ingame, Bad and Good ones Welcomed. Damage is accounted for. Yes you can Hunt Airut.

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i love them

i love them

Sig: Aihnna

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Yess there they are.

Yess there they are.
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thankies ya both

thankies ya both <3


Exclaim hiii
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Mel sends her greetings~

Mel sends her greetings~
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*waves furrious* Hiiiii :3

*waves furrious*
Hiiiii :3
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oh, hello?

oh, hello? Idea

by Draak

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Hello nice green Dude

Hello nice green Dude o/
looks like grass *-*
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/has the nickname

/has the nickname Dill/

by Draak

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The cutest &hearts;

The cutest ♥

By Draak
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goes back to you

goes back to you <3
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hello little one

hello little one Exclaim
By Draak <3

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Hello Hello :3

Hello Hello :3
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Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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&#9829 &#9829 &#9829

♥ ♥ ♥


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sweet lumbp, you dond have to

sweet lumbp, you dond have to pissz me offw ;(

by Draak

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you ruined my super relaxed

you ruined my super relaxed Day >:|
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ohh @Fish Cenn is the Knight

Cenn is the Knight in Shining Armor aaaaa

He did his best 8')

He did his best 8')
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Hullo little one

Hullo little one
Icon © Sluggs
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Hullo big one

Hullo big one
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by Draak

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Friends? Yas lets be Friends.

Friends? Yas lets be Friends. All Friends. Cant have enough
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Tracking this cutie

Tracking this cutie
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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Seen few times, and already

Seen few times, and already adore this cutie.
by Hautakumpu / Discord: Maddie#0610
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thank you

thank you Smiling
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eeeeee yiss :3

eeeeee yiss :3

hey-yo,i am very glad to meet

hey-yo,i am very glad to meet you,blob

your Tamato
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Aww, how come I haven't seen

Aww, how come I haven't seen this adorable creature before?!