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US Trail Cam Livestream

So this has been showing up in my YouTube feed for the past couple of nights, and I thought I should share! There's currently a trail cam set up in Minnesota, capturing the local wildlife. I know we have a European deer cam somewhere, but this one's a nice look at American side of things.

You can watch the stream here:
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Plot Casting Call

Because I didn't know what else to title this, aha.

I've had a plot in mind for the past 2-ish years that I'd really like to finally start implementing, this time for real. I imagine it will be a medium scale, long term plot with in-forest and RP elements, collected into those cool fancy CSS posts for non-participants (and participants, I suppose!) to view and enjoy. With school winding down within the next few weeks, I believe that now is a good time to start brainstorming and working towards this story.

This plot will involve violence and major character death. Not all the details are set in stone though, of course. I am more than willing to accept input from all participants to make this story as good as it can be!

For more information and to express interest, please comment below with your Skype or other contact information, if I don't already have it. Or, you can message me at the following:

Skype: theonlymockingbird (Kerze)
Email: the.lichthund[at]

Skype is greatly preferred.


aha i hate myself for letting this slip god sorry everyone. Finals were a complete bitch and I've been lazy, admittedly, but I'm ready to get this show on the road and I think it will be better if I actually include more details here instead of being vague and cowardly. SO. Here are the characters I am still in need of:

A Villain - This can be... sort of any character, really. You can make them specifically for this event or you can offer up one of your own, but do know that it's imperative that they do some really bad shit. Like really bad. Please only apply for this if you are comfortable with the implications of a seriously bad guy and can do this justice. The more monstrous, the better. Do also be aware that I don't intend for this to be a shallow 'bad just because' bad guy, which is why I would sort of prefer a preexisting character.
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Magnhildr; Bloodmilk

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Commissions. [HOLD]

4|9|2016 - Currently, everything's on hold until I get done with schoolwork. Sorry... just struggling to keep up.


Sketch - 5.00

Coloured Sketch - 10.00

Lines - 15.00

Flat Colour - 20.00

Cel Shaded - 30.00

Full Shaded - 40.00

Design Sheet - 10.00/hr
- Single character reference
- Contains 2 main images, 2-5 sketches, and a colour palette
- Message for more specific information

Add Character - +50% commission price (eg. 60.00 full shaded)
Add Background - x2 commission price (eg. 80.00 full shaded)
*Complexity - +25% commission price (eg.
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Pictos won't spread completely?

Hey there. I'm immediately sorry for making this post because there are SO MANY but I suddenly can't find any of them for answers.

I usually don't post these because these issues tend to clear up on their own for me, but tonight the forest is being particularly frustrating. I can connect, and some of the pictos spread, but not all of them. My deer's picto is still trapped in the bottom of the screen, following us about like it does when pictos aren't spread. It doesn't usually do this to me, and I've tried disconnecting/reconnecting within the game and restarting the game so far.

Any of you know what causes this or how to fix it? Thank you!
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Help out an old member of TEFc

Hey there everyone. So I'm not totally sure if this is appropriate to post, but the old member Eyestrain is currently taking emergency commissions. They don't use the community anymore, but I know that many people here knew them, and they were always a good and friendly person. They run a tumblr, and you can find their commission post detailing this here.

I've already signal boosted it on tumblr, since I don't have any means to commission them currently. Hopefully you can do the same and some of you can commission them; their art is amazing and they really need some help right now.
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Will trade Art for CSS (because I'm bad and have no money)

Yeah, basically that. Currently I'm just wanting to get some new CSS for Ryff, since she's my most developed and personal character, and I think she deserves something more than what she has. The problem is that I am absolute trash at CSS and coding, and I don't have any money to commission anyone, so I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to trade?

Some bios I really like the CSS of:
o, o, o, o

A lot of these are really complex examples, and I would like really complex-looking CSS instead of the simple little boxes I have. I'm willing to wait a while and take low priority from things like actual commissions, for one thing, and I will offer art of equal worth, something fully coloured and shaded. Possibly with a background even though I'm very bad at them. Unfortunately I don't have any examples of this kind of art that are recent.

I'm willing, and would very much like to be in touch with you through the whole process, as if it was a commission. That way I can make sure I'm drawing something you like and you can make sure the CSS is coming along well too! This is the one thing I think I'm kinda picky about, since Ryff is such a dear character, I want to make sure the CSS fits her well, hehe. And like I said, I want to make it worth your while! So keeping in contact is important.

You can reach me on Skype: theonlymockingbird
OR you can reach me by my email: fall-into-me-- [@]
And you can always leave a comment below if you're interested. Thank you!
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Whoever owns the pictogram 'Shoebox'

If you're even on the community, haha. You're a blessing, and we love playing with you. It's really refreshing to find good playmates!
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Emailed M&A about the server issues we've been having...

Haven't got a response yet because I just sent it (as of 12:42 AM EST) but given the timezones I am hopefully expecting one within the next few hours or maybe by the time I wake up later today. Either way. After some discussion with Jala, Nazzard, and Onowl I decided to email Michael and Auriea about the server and connection problems many people have been having, as well as a couple other suggestions and concerns that I think could really benefit the game and the community in the long run. You're welcome to track this blog and leave comments and discuss as you wish, as long as you stay civil (not that I expect anything controversial to be in this email), as I will later be updating this with M&A's response if I get one. So, without anymore stalling, here's the copy of my email:
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