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Mini-deer can't seem to keep his pelt?

Anyone able to tell me why I can't seem to get my deer to keep his pelt? I saved his appearance, but upon reloading the game, he only has the mask and antlers? Very annoying considering someone was kind enough to help me get the nightfall pelt.
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Runnin' from my life | Altair

Hi hello I have returned
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CSS Help?

I'm absolutely no good at this v.v But I want Altair to have a pretty bio page. Anyone willing to help? From scratch, cause I have nothing xD
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Mini-deer Spell

I have no idea how to get one, but I really need one for Altair -patpat- He'll be on the bridge by the pond if anyone would like to help xD I have no idea what to do, so I will just follow others around.
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Wait what?!

Did I see three other deer with the same picto as I?
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