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Specter has come to a forest near you, and will be mopping along behind you and your deer friends every now and then. So what does that mean? It means I've gone insane and made another dear, though I'm pretty sure this will be my last one, because more would be suicide. Skie and Vision already get ignored enough because of Sqish. I've been thinking about setting up a kind of play-calender, where I rotate what deer I'm currently playing every few days.

BUT ANYWAYS, Specter stemmed from one of my sad days where Sqish was moping around groups of deer making the sad emote. I, or... he, or however you want to put it, inspired me with the idea of having a deer that is perpetually sad. So... that's what Specter is. He does not play, he probably won't button-smash, and he'll only cast spells if asked to. When will I play him? Probably whenever I'm tired and just want to relax. He requires very little effort to play XD. You will find him following any group of deer. Sometimes he latches on to someone particular and follows them (can some say stalker?), sometimes he just walks slowly and sad-bows to deer.

So, yeah, that's about it. I seem to have become loaded with projects to do lately, so time=minimum which means forest time=minimum, which is a bummer : P
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I Challenge you...

To discover the identity of my secret deer! lol, nevermind, because someone -coughPegacough- figured it out in the first post, and took the cookie. Sucks to be the rest of you ^^ So instead I'll just go ahead and make it official: Skie now official exists!

Skie, as the tale goes, is the cousin of Vision and Sqish. While Sqish is upbeat but still rather socially challenged and easily depressed, and Vision is friendly but has a short fuse, Skie is just crazy nuts happy. He does not get his feelings easily hurt, he does not hang on the edge of the group, he does not throw around angry emotes. He hops, he plays, he invades personal space, and he laughs at anything.
I seem to play him more when I'm sad or depressed, because playing with other deer always cheers me up, and Skie always finds someone to play with, so it all works out. Don't be afraid to nuzzle him if you seem him.
His set is: Grey pelt, Peacock Mask, and the... uhm, the big horn antlers 0.o I forget what they're called. Yeah, I'll be adding him to the bio page soon... and I'll have to squeeze him into my icon D:

Secondly: Emiva, I am working on your picture >< I finally drew a pose that doesn't look horrible, so it will soon advance to the coloring stage :3 Sorry for my horrible procrastination.
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The Plan (short story)

Well, everyone around here has been writing awesome stories and poems. This community is amazing when it comes to being creative. So, originally I wasn't planning on joining in because my writing sucks in comparison, but yesterday I was somewhat inspired by an event that happened, decided to turn it into a short story, and then... somehow built up the nerve to post it here 0.o. It's written from Sqish's perspective.
Adrenaline, fear, excitement. I could hear my heartbeat in my head as I raced towards the idols, my legs carrying me as fast as I could go. They loomed above me on the hill, staring down unchanged as always. I leaped up the incline, feeling myself weaken with exhaustion, but I couldn’t give in, not yet. Sliding to a stop I knelt down, ripping up dirt as my knees scrapped the earth. This was the hardest part, the waiting. Every time I returned, it seemed to take longer. Ever so slowly, the tell-tale blue glow began. I squeezed my eyes shut in anticipation, trying to rest, trying to catch my breath, trying to ready myself for the next leg of the plan. Slowly the minutes ticked by, the birds sang, deer bellow and played, and I sat in agony, waiting for the moment to be let loose.
… Did I do something wrong? Was I not bowing low enough? Was I in the wrong spot? Was my plan to devious for me to-
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It's Quiet...

... too quiet. :/ It's been over a month since I've seen a familiar face in the forest. Grant it I've been away two weeks, but I was still stalking the place. It's very lonely around here anymore, it's rather pointless going in the forest if no one wants to play with my deer. Where did everyone go?
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Time for a Break

Did I scare anyone? :3 I doubt I did
Yay for vacation time, I'm starting to to think I really need it :/. I'll be gone for the next few days, and then I'll be gone again from June 24-29. It seems like every time I go away something horrible happens or the drama goes into over-drive, so please play nice while I'm gone.

-hugs- Later guys, I'll miss you. It'll be interesting to see if the beach is more relaxing then the forest Smiling

EDIT: and on a happier note, today is Vision's doe day Laughing out loud
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if you're feeling daring, go here to see a drawing of her in her future set
Meet Vision <3, the doe with an attitude problem. Some of you might have seen her today, showing off and flashing angry emotes at any deer who rubbed her the wrong way. I've a few screenshots of her first day in the forest, but most of them are various shots of her sitting with Skylar XD. Expect to see her sarcastic opinion popping up in Sqish's future journal entries; the two... don't exactly get along.

Next time you see her Picto, feel free to say hello -wink wink-
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B I O S //Sqish - Vision - Skie - Specter - Caillte//

Latest Edit: Caillte has arrived, and she's brought a new bio layout with her Smiling. And... also the realizations that now I have to add her to my signature 0.o
>>Human Deer Picture


[pronounced "Skish"]

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So, this month has been... interesting. Maybe that's the wrong word, stressful and emotionally-taxing might be a bit better. But I don't want to write out a big, long... post/blog/whatever about it and torture you with it, so... I won't.

Right, I have a billion screenshots here, so I figured I might as well put them to use and show them off. Speaking of which, I've made a new photobucket account to keep close-ups in (yay for multiple e-mails!), since it seems like every time Sqish plays at the playground, I end up with a ton of close-ups of everyone. So Echo and Sluggs, go here and you can see your close-ups Smiling My favorites are the ones where you're fawns. Especially the one where Sluggs looks like he's ready to pounce.

But I'll let Sqish take over, now. As usually, feel free to comment about... whatever. But let's refrain from the stupid/challenging questions this time around. You'll have to post those on my last entry XD EDIT: Hey, if anyone happens to have close-ups of Sqish in his new set, I'd love to have them. Thanks ^^

Alright Journal, I want to start this off on a good note; I got a DotD mask! It was a miracle!

Last night I was following Sluggs around and worrying, when I ran into this deer in the ruins. I stopped, greeted him, and in return he cast that mask on me! I was so thrilled, I nuzzled him for ever. I think the mask goes great with my ninja-deer set, plus whenever it's on I feel special :3
But today was just as fun. When I first woke up, I noticed two Pepokeens or who I believe to be Pepokeen... in the forest, and when I went to investigate, I found out they were multiplying!

Yep, that's right, count 'em, four.
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Questions, Depression, the Usually Nonsense...

Just a heads up that if you see a fawn with this picto, make sure to say hello and be nice, because that's my big sister! I finally got her to join. I don't think she's named her stag/doe yet, but, we shall see. ^^ If she's on, she'll probably be following Sqish around.

On a more blog-ish note, Sqish has been a bit upset lately because he hasn't heard any word from Echo since the Easter Abio. Granted, it's not a terribly long time, but the guy gets nervous about the littlest things. So if you see him acting depressed outside your group, feel free to come nuzzle him to cheer him up. He's also taken to the idea that everyone in the forest is ignoring him (which is not true, since he's had many good times with Sluggs and Scape since the Abio), so he's just in a general bad mood. He didn't even want to write his own blog entry, the sour-puss.

Mmk! Random decision! I'm gonna make this one of those "Ask me/Sqish questions" kinds of deals. Fire away, comment, whatever you please. It can even be a stupid question like "What color are my socks?" or "Is the internet serious business, or are people just exaggerating?"
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Pictures of the Day

I have never really done anything like this before, so it's... going to be a bit random and such. But, since so much happened today, I thought I might do one of them screenshot blog-like entry things Laughing out loud. So here goes nothin'. Feel free to comment about whatever, it doesn't even have to relate to any of the pictures. Smiling And this is, of course, narrated by Sqish.

My favorite part of the day! While trying to figure out how to air sit properly, I ended up getting a piggyback ride from Echo!

Not as big as last night's line dance, but still lots of fun. We performed all kinds of insane dance moves, many of which I learned from 21 as we danced.

Spell-spamming parties are the best! After we were done dancing, the group eventually found it's way over to some mushrooms, and insanity happened. The lights were so bright I couldn barely see anyone the entire time!

Just a bit of quiet time by the pond. I was very tired from all the dancing and spell casting and mushroom eating.

After our break, my artistic side came out, so I drug Echo over to the playground. She graciously posed for me so I could get these lovely shots of her.

My first encounter with RD! I actually find the little bugger amusing (when he's not trying to hump someone, that is). He brings a little excitement into the forest. XD I think he was a little overwhelmed but all the nuzzles Echo, Scape, and I gave him.
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