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Sooo, who was the very sad/scared deer, and why was Sqishy being told "no" ? I'm very confused.
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The Last Dream (story)

The elder stag walked through the forest at an unhurried, solemn pace. His head was held high, but within he could feel his heart melting. Tired eyes gazed upon the bountiful trees and grass. In the distance the cooling babble of the stream could be heard, frogs singing a lullaby in the lush pond waters. For a moment the stag paused, his ears twitching to listen for any sign of life. But there was only silence, just as he had expected.

Grimly, he began upon his slow pace again, letting his mind wander down long forgotten paths of memories. There had been parties once, grand affairs with laughter and joy. There had been quiet times for him, as well. The faces of friends lost or rarely seen struck a chord in him, causing his steady steps to falter. Or maybe it was simply his age starting to catch up to him, perhaps he was going the way of grumpy old Walter. A choked laugh escaped at the thought.

The sound of other's laughter broke the deer's contemplation. His head swiveled to catch the sight of two young deer playing with each other.
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The Lost (Video)

>>The Lost Doe's Video
the back-up video (in case the other is deleted)
>>Her Picto

A young doe once wandered into the ruins of an old place when the air was thick with mist. She found three stones there, arranged in a triangle. Foolishly, she laid down within them, drifting off into sleep with no thought of danger. When her eyes next opened, she found herself in a strange land, where the deer had faces of men and halos above their heads. With no name and no voice, she wandered by herself, listening to the strange creature's tales of the Twin Gods. Hatred grew in her heart, and on one dark night she stole away a picto from a young fawn, letting him drift into nothingness. She wore her prize upon a string around her neck, and learned the spells and magic which only a name can grant. Whenever the mist strikes, though, she can be seen wandering aimlessly, lost in visions of a world past.

Caillte is officially in the forest! She's still only a fawn, but she may appear as one of my other deer at any time. She appears always in the Real Deer Mask, the Doe Antlers, and the Default Pelt.
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Questions For My Deer?

[EDIT] Sooooo... I haven't been on for a while, but I really felt like posting something, so I decide to revive my old deer questions thread... which no one payed attention to the first time around :C -does not feel the love- Enjoy, or totally don't <3
So, does anyone have any questions to ask Sqish, Skie, Specter, Caillte (AKA Mystery Deer), and/or Vision? Ask absolutely anything you want, whether it's about in-forest things, human deer, or just totally random.
Response Colors:

Questions asked:
MYSTERY DEER: hi what's your name -LOLSHOT- |D
Mystery Deer: -stares- I doubt your kind can pronounce it, but it is Caillte.
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|D So a day or two ago God visited the iScribble board, and this was the result. Just to warn you, it's epically long.

Who Played Who:

Pega= Yahoo, Dial up, Cable Internet, Vista, Facebook, Safari
Sqish= EvilSatan, Myspace
Silent= God, Windows, Google
Tae= Broadband, Xp, Linux

God entered this board.
Sqish: ...
God radiates holy light
Tae: OMG
Tae: lol hi
Sqish: XD
Tae: i've just had a thought....
Tae: you know how F10 freezes the game
Sqish: yes?
Tae: well does it freeze the action that you are doing?
NinjaPega: 8o
NinjaPega: hi God
Tae: so like say i rear
Tae: and then press F10 whilst i'm in the air
Tae: wait for a minute
NinjaPega: I wanna find out now! 8D
Tae: and then press F10 again, will people see me in the air for ages?
NinjaPega: oh, and I found that entry I was searching for. it was November 30 XD
Sqish: I <3 your entries, Pega
NinjaPega: they're mostly screenshots now XD;
NinjaPega is lazy.
NinjaPega: they take too long if I try to type out everything, and since I share the desktop with my sister, I like to use all the time I can for fun instead of writing out an entry that could get cut off by my sister kicking me off
God cackles
NinjaPega: 8o eh?
NinjaPega: no bus?
God: well you could always make a bus.
NinjaPega will still make the Bus someday. XD
God: Two boards are always good.
God: I can't believe the nicknames i'm using weren't taken
Google entered this board.
NinjaPega: O8
Google: I totally scored with the nicnamesss
NinjaPega: God and Google on the same board
NinjaPega is surprised the board hasn't imploded.
Google switched to the lobby.
NinjaPega: 8o
God: 8o
God: I said pig.
EvilSatan entered this board.
NinjaPega: D8
EvilSatan: MAKE ME
God smites
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Deer Updates [offline]

C U R R E N T__D E E R_____________________________________________SQISH
Skie has been updated again :3


>> B i o s
___________________________________S Q I S H_____________________________________

*Being Played*

>> P i c t o
Mood: Depressed... again
Currently: Feel like an old fart
Thinking: "I'm so lonely......"
Song of the moment: What's It For? by Yokko Kanno/Emily Curtis

___________________________________V I S I O N______________________________________

>> P i c t o
Mood: Pissy
Currently: Looking for someone to terrorize
Thinking: "Why don't I get in the forest more often?"
Song of the moment: So What by Pink

______________________________________S K I E__________________________________________

>> P i c t o
Mood: Crazy Hyper
Currently: Burning of energy by the pond
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Decisions/Story Idea

F' it, emo time is over. I had a pretty big rant/drama post, but I took a look at it and decided all I was doing was fishing for sympathy instead of actually addressing anything So I'm going to try this again. But this isn't just about me ranting, for those interested, the last paragraph talks about a story idea. Skip ahead if you're so inclined.

I haven't been in the Forest for a while. Part of that is because there are so many people these days I don't know. I look at the first page of journals, and it seems to be all names I've never seen. I don't make friends fast, certainly not fast enough to keep up. But then again, sitting by myself and crying because I feel unimportant doesn't solve anything, either. So instead of leaving, I think I'm just going to play anyway, and maybe hopefully make some new friends.

And Echo, I'm sorry for being on so little, and for being such a crappy friend. I'm going to try and get in the Forest more. I've decided leaving only ever ends badly, and sitting here doing nothing makes me feel bad, so I'm going to instead just enjoy the Forest, even if you're the only person left who knows who I am -hugs- And I've been meaning to ask for sometime, do you have MSN or IM or something?

Lastly, I've been considering starting a story. The full plot hasn't been figured out, but I do want to include a bunch of players from the forest ^^ In short, the story is about a normal deer who awakens in the forest to find that, unlike the other deer, she has no voice and no name. She begins to steal the names of other deer, and the deer of the Forest must figure out how to stop her. But, uhm, if no one is interested in it, I guess I'll just write it for myself.
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HAI GUYS need some help...

Sooooooo, I was looking through the journals a few moments ago, saw something about phase 1, forgot where, spent a couple more minutes searching the forum for help, until I eventually went "aw, screw it" and posted this. So, here we are: I have a question about having both phase 1 and 3 installed >> I've downloaded phase 1, but when I try to play it, the only thing that opens is the beginning screen, and then it stops. I think I remember on the forums someone talking about doing something special or what not. Anyone got a link or a little advice? :/
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How to be invisible

Apparently, someone figured out how to do it XD Or my computer is seriously glitching

the TEF map tells me it's Montie Smiling

mmk, just wanted to, dunno, amuse you all. I'll go away again now.
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The First Day...

for Specter as an adult in the forest Laughing out loud I think I might keep a journal going about him, updating every now and then, since he's more of a character than any of my other deer. All my other deer are very similar and far to like me, but Specter gets to be different, so, uhm... >> Here goes : ) It has pictures, too! 8D "The Guardian" is how Specter refers to me, by the way

Dear Journal,
I awoke in the forest today. It was bright and sunny and not foggy like I was hoping it would be. The Guardian promised me the dark days were coming, but I have yet to see that promise fulfilled. The longs hours spent in the company of Sqish and Vision are becoming unbearable, but even a moment spent with Skie makes me feel like I'm in a hell of puffy clouds, rainbows, and cute fuzzy ducklings dancing to Caramelldansen. That song has been stuck in my head for days -.-

But on to the day! Yes, it was sunny, and and there was mooing in the distance. I remembered the sound from my days as a fawn, and I ran off to find the creatures. There were just a few of them, playing with each other. The one.. he tried to nuzzle me o.o. I tried to evade him, but he followed me for a time, crying and bawling his eyes out. So, out of mercy, I gave him a small nuzzle back, then quickly retreated to the trees. I liked that little fawn, I followed him for quite some time, but he learned to ignore my presence like so many others, so I slipped away to the graveyard.

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