Questions, Depression, the Usually Nonsense...

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Just a heads up that if you see a fawn with this picto, make sure to say hello and be nice, because that's my big sister! I finally got her to join. I don't think she's named her stag/doe yet, but, we shall see. ^^ If she's on, she'll probably be following Sqish around.

On a more blog-ish note, Sqish has been a bit upset lately because he hasn't heard any word from Echo since the Easter Abio. Granted, it's not a terribly long time, but the guy gets nervous about the littlest things. So if you see him acting depressed outside your group, feel free to come nuzzle him to cheer him up. He's also taken to the idea that everyone in the forest is ignoring him (which is not true, since he's had many good times with Sluggs and Scape since the Abio), so he's just in a general bad mood. He didn't even want to write his own blog entry, the sour-puss.

Mmk! Random decision! I'm gonna make this one of those "Ask me/Sqish questions" kinds of deals. Fire away, comment, whatever you please. It can even be a stupid question like "What color are my socks?" or "Is the internet serious business, or are people just exaggerating?"
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I think Echo must have got

I think Echo must have got lost during the Easter Abiogenesis! Shocked She'll find her way back, don't worry!

*Thinks up a stupid question*

OK, what did I just make in the Kitchen?
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XD um.... a sandwich?

XD um.... a sandwich?
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WRONG! It was a cup of Tea!

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Now how on Earth are we

Now how on Earth are we supposed to know something as complicated as that!?

Here's my question,
I have a snooker table (measuring 8 metres by 4m) with 4 'pockets' (measuring 0.5m and placed at diagonal slants in all 4 corners) and contains 10 balls (each with a diameter of 0.25m) placed at the following coords:
2m,1m...(white ball)
...and red balls...
1m,5m... 2m,5m... 3m,5m
1m,6m... 2m,6m... 3m,6m
1m,7m... 2m,7m... 3m,7m

The white ball is then shot at a particular angle from 0 to 360 degrees (0 being north, and going clockwise).
Just to make it clear, a ball is 'potted' if at least half of the ball is in area of the 'pocket'

Assuming the balls travel indefinitely (i.e. no loss of energy via friction, air resistance or collisions), What exact angle/s should you choose to ensure that all the balls are potted the quickest?
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>> That's not a stupid

>> That's not a stupid questions, that's a freakin' complicated one! Uh... uh... 154 degree angle. And that's my final answer! I think I had better odds with Slugg's kitchen question, though XD
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...I honestly have no idea.

...I honestly have no idea. I guess I can give you the benefit of the doubt and say, 'Right!' Sticking out tongue

*Heads off into the forest to frolic for a while...*

OH! OH! I gots a question!!

OH! OH! I gots a question!! *raises hand*

OK! So, what's my favorite animal?!?! (it's a mammal)
and it's not a monkey
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That's a tough one, lol. And

That's a tough one, lol. And HOW many mammals ARE there on the planet??? *thinks for a moment* Hmmm, maybe it retorical question...?

Okay, I'm going off into the forest now, and this time I'm going to get snapshots of me as a genderless avatar and a pink floating blob! Laughing out loud
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XD We'd better get to see

XD We'd better get to see some of those screenshots, Yuki!

And.. favorite mammal? Um... I'm gonna say wolf. Because deer seems too obvious of an answer XD

>.> <.< Na! I like horses,

Na! I like horses, and next to them are deer!
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D: I was gonna say that,

D: I was gonna say that, because that's what I like! Oh, poo. -cries- Maybe I should change it to "painfully obvious" questions >>

... but... I predict that wolves are your THIRD favorite, right?

Correct! :3 Yay for you! Oh,

Correct! :3 Yay for you!

Oh, darn it! I was just about to get my butt into the forest, and I think you just got off.. :c
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D: ah, man! For a while it

D: ah, man! For a while it seemed like everyone was logging on, then everyone... left/ditched Sqish. Very depressing. At least you got to avoid some of the tension spilling into the forest because of the mate issue on the forum ><

Honestly I don't like that

Honestly I don't like that 'mate finder' thingy. I don't think it's right to just say; Hi my name is Someone, and I'm looking for a something. Would you like to be my mate, Someone2? I think you should meet someone and get to know them! :/
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I agree! I thought it was a

I agree! I thought it was a bad idea form the start, and now it's brought the whole mate vs. no mates issues to light again and is making drama. -shakes head- I just wish there was some kind of reasonable compromise or something...
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Hey Someone2! (Squish) Would

Hey Someone2! (Squish) Would you like to be my mate? Sticking out tongue Lol, no, I'm only joking, but I'm not saying I wouldn't like to be your mate or vice versa, I mean your really nice and I like you, but as a friend...I mean, we could be friends but not those kind of friends....uh...ummm....nevermind...>.>*blushes and stares at the ground, walks off into the forest...*

Lol, you two were just ASKING for it weren't you???Eye
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LYK, OMG, YUSH! I WANTZ 2B UR MAET! [/bad joke]

XD you were asking for it back!

I don't think I've ever officially seen you in the forest, though 0.o I keep looking for you when I log on, but you're never there! D: Sqish wants to play... -pouts-
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....You got me. -__-; Awww,

....You got me. -__-;

Awww, sorry Squish,, I have only ever seen you once in there but Yuki would definitley love to play with you some time. What timezone are you in?? Work has been busy lately so we'll se when I get the chance...Sticking out tongue *cusses...>.<*
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um.. off the top of my head

um.. off the top of my head I'll say GMT -5? I'd have to check, though. You? (lol, it's just Sqish, by the way, no "u". Everyone likes to added that in so it makes better sense XD)
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Sorry Sqish/Echo, I'm just

Sorry Sqish/Echo, I'm just not myself right now. Run's Uncle died recently, so I'm very sad for Run. Sad

Oh, I'm sorry to here that.

Oh, I'm sorry to here that. I was wandering why you seemed so sad. (besides the fact that Run hasn't been in the forest in a while)
*Nuzzles* Hope Run comes back soon.

Well, I've got a boyfriend at school now, and he might be able to play TEF. <3 <3

OMG i love Wolves and

OMG i love Wolves and horses!

ok i HATE maths so im not gonna ask a Q like that EWWW

Anyway something not to hard/ not to easy
i kno what is my deer Ammy Scared of?

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-uses amazing search

-uses amazing search abilities- She's scared of air-sitting deer, right?