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Long time, no see

Oh wow I forgot I had a blog here. So, some folks in another group were talking about this place and I got the itch to visit again. Many things have changed. I have changed. Chronic pain is now in my life. Mental illness hanging about. But my life is overall better than when I was at the call center (something that lasted far too long). My other half now lives with me. Lives around me lost and gained. Life has moved forward.

But I may have to give the forest a peek again sometime soonish.
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If you ever see my deer "fighting" in the Forest

Rest assured he only wants a playfight. Eye
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I found my screenshots. XD Many thanks to Pegasicorn for telling me how to fix it.
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New Look, no screenies

Well, my deer has a new look and no name. Sort of a night-spirit now.

For some reason my screenshots are not working at all on this computer, even trying to use the print screen method, instead of pressing P. Neither method seems to work to get screenies of my deer, so if you see me in the forest, please take some screenies and send them my way? <3
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A picture I think the Forest dwellers would like:

(not my pic, found it via a link from another artist's journal on DA)
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New Laptop

So... have a new laptop. Runs Vista, which is a change. But I see the Forest works on Vista quite nicely now. Smiling It looks so weird on widescreen... like, wow!

And I can actually run the viewer on this computer without it crashing. I'm impressed.
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So, life is still weird and stressy, but I have DSL now, so like, yay and stuff. o.o;

TEF runs about the same on DSL as on dialup. Go figure. I think it takes a good graphics card more than a fast internet connection.

Don't expect me around a lot still though. x.x I still feel like I have no time and all that. Been frantic for the last several months, and still don't know why. Between gettig sick a ton this year and trying to help my boyfriend through some stuff, it's been utter madness.
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Still alive... sort of.

Well, I'm at least on first shift now. So getting more sleep again. But day shift is much busier. And much less relaxed. But at least I'm sleeping...

I do need to get a better job still. I don't want to be stuck there any longer than I have to.

I have to work this Sunday. Nope, we don't get holidays off. If I take the day off, not only do I not get paid, but I get a mark on my record because I was scheduled to work but didn't. Even if I take off because I got sick. Nice, huh? I at least get time and a half pay for working that day. Though I think we should get paid double time for working a holiday.

Meh. I need out soon.

Haven't been in the Forest in ages... or even on the forums.

Also, the other day I bought Endless Ocean for my parents' Wii. Does anybody know... if you save the game, does it shut up after a certain point and just let you swim without trying to instruct you on everything? Because that could get annoying if not. lol
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Well, there's a blizzard today and I'm kinda snowed in, so might as well post again.

The other job didn't come through - it was a mutual agreement that the position wasn't right for me. And I have a deep respect for the company's owner for being so upfront about what he wanted. We were both disappointed about the decision, but in the end I know it was the right one for now.

One more week and my current job is switching me to day shift. I still won't get weekends, nor two days back to back resembling a weekend, but at least I should be able to sleep a little better, maybe get a social life again. I'll still have Saturdays off so maybe I can drop by for a drink or two on my way home on Friday nights.

Now I'm hunting down jobs at animal hospitals and the like, hoping to break into a more enjoyable field.

Wish me luck. I'm tired of having no meaning.
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Good news and bad news

Not sick anymore, but still having sleep troubles.

However, there may be a new job on the horizon that will give me a nicer schedule, and put me working around other artistic people. Here's hoping I get it, and that it's as nice as it sounds.

Also, thanks to somebody from the Wolfhome forums who sold me his old one, I now have a Wacom Graphire 3. Smiling It's one of the small ones, and it takes some getting used to, but I think once I get the hang of it, that will be a big boost to my digital art capabilities.
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