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It's been a month now...

Okay, so this started with a pneumonia-ish thing... got over that, then got the flu. And now that I'm getting over the flu I find I have a sinus infection.

When is this going to end?Question??
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I am still in awe that one of my designs made it into the game. I'm hoping they'll eventually get the mask and antlers in for it too, but I'm so happy my Nightfall pelt made it!

It's just a really cool feeling, seeing your work out there like that. I mean, I can point people to screenshots of the game now and go "I did that!" The people who have been converting our concepts over for the game have been doing a wonderful job, too.

I'm just all "squee" right now. And now, with luck, I might have a new job soon that allows me more time to do things again. Cross your fingers/hooves/wahetever for me. Interview is tomorrow, and I don't know how much competition I have. It's just a reception thing, but they want someone with a creative background, so maybe it'll use some of my fun skills too. Smiling
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Three things going right now: standard stress of a new job, standard joys of being female, and a stomach flu. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with, and caused me to utterly break down at work yesterday. *sighs and blarghs* The stress makes my stomach worse, my stomach makes my stress worse.... I can't win.

I'm ready for winter to be over.
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I'm sick again. Sad

Can't miss work though. So going in with a fever.
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Well hello thar!

Wow, the new community site looks nice! I guess now I have a place to post Treebuck's antics when I get myself settled and back into the forest. I'll warn everyone right now, I may spend more time here now than in the forums and such, so I suppose you'll all have to keep up with me here off and on.

First notice I'm going to post is a note that I just started a new job recently, so while I adjust to my shift and such, I will be scarce still. I do plan to boot Tree back into the forest eventually, I promise! I've been a little more caught up with art comissions (they're closed right now while I finish some up and get settled - stay tuned, I'm considering a total overhaul of my website!) and with roleplaying... and, admittedly, with Wolfquest. Even though it leaves something to be desired at the moment. I have hopes for it though. Even if I do think they shoulda hired ToT to do it. Could you imagine? Amazing graphics with low requirements. <3 Nobody else but these guys have succeeded at that so far, so Michael and Aureia, hats off to you and your team!

If you guys ever consider making a wolf game, I'd even pay for it (one time fee more likely than monthly... I'm not made of money XD).

ANYWAY, I know I'll wander my way back into TEF eventually here. I'm just sorta preoccupied. And I will admit to sorta taking out my aggressions by killing elk like mad in WQ.

ANYWAY. Community site looks good so far. Smiling I'm sure I'll be around.
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