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Well, there's a blizzard today and I'm kinda snowed in, so might as well post again.

The other job didn't come through - it was a mutual agreement that the position wasn't right for me. And I have a deep respect for the company's owner for being so upfront about what he wanted. We were both disappointed about the decision, but in the end I know it was the right one for now.

One more week and my current job is switching me to day shift. I still won't get weekends, nor two days back to back resembling a weekend, but at least I should be able to sleep a little better, maybe get a social life again. I'll still have Saturdays off so maybe I can drop by for a drink or two on my way home on Friday nights.

Now I'm hunting down jobs at animal hospitals and the like, hoping to break into a more enjoyable field.

Wish me luck. I'm tired of having no meaning.
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I wish you all the luck and

I wish you all the luck and blessings in the world. I hope you run into a job that you'll love and that's right for you.
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