New Look, no screenies

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Well, my deer has a new look and no name. Sort of a night-spirit now.

For some reason my screenshots are not working at all on this computer, even trying to use the print screen method, instead of pressing P. Neither method seems to work to get screenies of my deer, so if you see me in the forest, please take some screenies and send them my way? <3

I might try and help from

I might try and help from time to time :3

...I lol'd when seeing your name xD I have a stag named Lorak.

-- Dannii <3

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8D Cirrus saw you and was

8D Cirrus saw you and was one of the ones spellspamming you before XD. Uhhhh I'd have to see if I took any by accident...if I have any I'll add them to my next screenie journal.
She...had the Peacock feathers, Orca Pelt and skull mask before getting spammed XD


DraakxMitra C:
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Do you have Vista? If so,

Do you have Vista? If so, using the P key for screenshots does work, but you have to hit this button or something called "compatibility files" in the screenshots folder. Also, to get Printscreen to work, you hit that, then open an art program and hit paste. Printscreen basically just "copies" the screen.

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Yup I use printscreen for

Yup I use printscreen for every other program, it just wouldn't paste. x.x;

Compatibility files.... hrm... any ideas what I click from there? I'll have to nose into it, since right now it claims my folder is empty.
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Haha no worries I don't mind

Haha no worries I don't mind the spellspam. Helped me find the pelt I wanted. XD
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aah nevermind! found the

aah nevermind! found the compatibility files button and there they are!!!