Long time, no see

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Oh wow I forgot I had a blog here. So, some folks in another group were talking about this place and I got the itch to visit again. Many things have changed. I have changed. Chronic pain is now in my life. Mental illness hanging about. But my life is overall better than when I was at the call center (something that lasted far too long). My other half now lives with me. Lives around me lost and gained. Life has moved forward.

But I may have to give the forest a peek again sometime soonish.

Welcome to the TEFc Olde

Welcome to the TEFc Olde Folks Home! We have Jello shots on Thursdays and on Fridays we go onto the lawn as a group and yell at all the youngins to turn off their dang-nabbin hippin and hoppin music.

It's good to see people come back, even for just a short visit! Ten years too is a very long time..!
I was in a call center for a while (tech support, then tier 2 tech, then QA, then I quit lmao) so I totally feel you. It's easy to get stuck in a place like that before realizing what other opportunities there are out there for you. Life moves forward, indeed.

Again, good to see you around and I hope you get to visit the Forest! A lot has changed in-game that I think you'll find very interesting C:
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Woaaa....10 years ...and you

Woaaa....10 years ...and you are lurking here again Smiling
This place is unforgettable !!
Keeps drawing us all back lol !
Welcome Home .

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