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Sorry this is obscenely late. 8<
Uhhh I suppose it'd be helpful to suggest some things I'd go crazy for. Although anything you send would be FRIGGIN' SWEET because I love getting boxes in the mail regardless of what's inside. It's a sight you should see, really. Tape and box parts flying everywhere and I'm tearing into it Witch-style.


Anything relating to my deer derps is cool.
You can find their bio pages here:

Any and all fanart is great. c:

Aside from that, your options are pretty open.
I like anything relating to the following:

- art/design/illustration
- prints/posters/lithographs
- postcards
- skeletons/day of the dead
- zombies
- gadgets/toys
- unusual or quirky stuff
- the 50's and 60's
- Valve games
- books/graphic novels
- Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino movies

Here's some web stores that have a lot of stuff I like:

Valve store
Maker's Market
Chop Shop

Anything you'd think is awesome, I'll probably think it's awesome too. 8D
Good luck!

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Got my window open wide, got a good woman by my side; (short story)

Warning: Non-deer, language, mature themes
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Commissions & Trades

Hellooo good people.
I'm in need of money and I'm in the biggest art slump known to man or something. Commissions will fix this and trades will fix half of this.

- Full body vector-style illustration
- Texture
- White background or no background
- Large size

Just link me up a bio or reference picture, let me know what kind of pose or details if you want. Or I can just use some artistic freedom. 8D

I'll either take Paypal (pryorkl@vcu.edu) or snail mail if you so prefer.

As for trades, I'm less inclined but at this point I'll probably do anything to get me going. Just let me know what you'd like.
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Vroom vroom (NEW FEATURE: Doe beats up everything that moves near her babychild)

I'm really bored right now, you guys.


BITCH IS FEARLESS. Is it wrong I laughed?
Cat is like: "oh damn that shit was crazy. LOL HEY GUYS CAN I COME?" -smackdown-

Can you guys just post funny things here? I crave entertainment. :<
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Our hands, they seek the end of afternoon (roleplay)

I'm terribly bored and haven't roleplayed in ages. :c

I only ask for two things: that participants have some kind of established relationship with my characters (even if just as an acquaintance), and that you join in an ongoing roleplay if you wanted to interact with that character and they're taken. It makes for more fun and less awkward. C:

Occasional shortposts and stuff is okay, just make it readable and you're good to go. Deer and human are both fine.
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A billion and one questions meme.


Favorite color:
I like uhhhh orange and yellow and green and red and pink and blue and purple –keeps going-
Red or black.
I like blue.

Favorite kind of music:
ALL OF IT. But I like jazz a lot.
Classical is about the extent of my music knowledge.

Favorite songs:
UH right now I like All Blues by Miles Davis.
Peggy Sue doesn’t get old.
Uh Le Nozze Di Figaro is always good…?

Favorite poems:
I just started reading a Shel Silverstein book, so any of those.
Do I look like I know poems.
I like Annabel Lee, by Poe. It’s a little dark, though.

Favorite season:
All of them.
I used to like winter.
I like fall. The atmosphere is nice.

Favorite holiday (and why):
OHMYGOSH do I have to pick one? Uh. Valentine’s day because loooove.
I really don’t like any of them.
Hm. I like New Year’s. Fireworks, champagne, celebration.

Least favorite holiday (and why):
Uhhh. I like them all. 8c
Independence day. Deutschland for the win.
Hm. Halloween, I guess? I’ve never celebrated it much.

Feelings about holidays in general:
I looove celebrating stuff.
They’re like any other day. My family never celebrated anything.
[=#a9acb7] They’re a nice break from the ordinary.
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You can use this blog to address any questions, comments, or conversations to my deer, deerhumans, or me, as your deer, deerhumans, or yourself. Friends and strangers alike are welcome.

They will be elaborate and honest, as will I. <3

I only ask for no (moderately sized) roleplays or drawing-based interactions (unless you are not expecting doodles in return). From trying this before, I have learned I am not able to keep up with these in a timely fashion. 8D

F L E D E R M A U S ; M A S Q U E ; D E S A N M
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Hello good people.

-flops around-

I need to do some TEFing while I catch up on art stuff. I'm indecisive and lame enough to have to ask if there's any of mine in particular anyone would like to see because none of them have been in for 5000 years. SO LOL. Requests will be taken. Also let me know what I've been missing because I suck so hard.

This blog will spontaneously combust.
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FAA - Dewydd Rys and Terpischore

It's a twofer!
Auughh, I'm really sorry about the lateness in these and the other ones. ;___; Real life gets busy and today is the first I was able to work on these. Hopefully I'll keep up from now on. Oh, and I've lost internet at home so I did Terp's based only on memory. o~o If there's anything I should change (on either), let me know.
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To Whom It May Concern....

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