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Well i added this option back BUT WITH THE WARNING UNDER IT THAT it does not work correctly yet Sticking out tongue
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server outage

okay, that sucked. but at least for once it wasn't my fault. Frown
we experienced a situation where the server hosting our databases crashed out. so it effected everyone they are hosting, not just us. everything should be returning to normal now and hopefully that won't happen again! if you notice something wrong ( moreso than it has been lately) let me know by leaving a comment Barf!
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and does the video embedding work now??

don't know why it is putting in extra line breaks. this is kind of frustrating and will frustrate everybody if i don't figure it out :/
so whats the deal here?

testing the color bug

this entry will not be here long.
soon i will delete it because

it is just a test.
of the color BUG in bBBBBBcode!

seems to only be a problem when set to filtered html....
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Just in case you missed it ;)

The Endless Forest 3.30 released with new feature “De Drinkplaats” -

De Drinkplaats

Download The Endless Forest here. It’s free. Like, for real, not as in “free to play”.

We have upgraded The Endless Forest engine and added a new feature to the game for the occasion of the exhibition Fantastic Illusions which opened in Kortrijk last week. It’s an exhibition of work by contemporary Belgian and Chinese media artists that explores the idea of immersion (there’s two games in it: The Endless Forest and Flower). The show ran in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai in September and can now be seen in the Broelmuseum in Kortrijk until February.

The Broelmuseum collection includes several paintings by 17th century Flemish painter Roelant Savery, many of them featuring animals very prominently. One painting, entitled “De Drinkplaats”, or “the watering hole”, served as the inspiration for the addition we made to The Endless Forest.

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About TEFc

About This Site

The Endless Forest community is a social site linking the silence of The Endless Forest multiplayer game with the chatter and creativity of its real life players.

Learn more about The Endless Forest game here.

The game is free to play but if you give your deer a name you get more features in the game and you get access to this website. Using that username and password you can log in and contribute your drawings and stories, make new friends, and have discussions with other players.

The TEF community is very diverse and for all ages. Please keep this in mind when posting.


We do not host your image files but the posting interface makes it easy to link to your images on your own server or hosted at one of the many free online image hosts. Many players use Photobucket. And I can recommend Flickr, where we also have the official TEF Image Pool. There is also Deviant Art where players have started The Endless Forest Fan Club!

Image widths are limited to 1024 pixels across. Anything larger will be scaled down. Please be courteous to people's bandwidth and compress your images as .jpgs if you can.


What you choose to write about is up to you. Reading and commenting is also fun!
When posting to your blog, consider entering relevant entries in one of the available categories so that other players can browse entries of a particular type.


This site is maintained by Tale of Tales and we are always listening to your feedback.
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And We're Back!


Feels good to have the community back online!
Well, that took a lot longer than I wanted it to. :/ It was much more difficult than I had hoped to upgrade things and iron out bugs and I know its probably still not exactly perfect. So, I want your feedback (leave a comment here.) Let me know if something doesn't work the way it used to (if you want it back.) Let me know If you'd still like something to change, I will let you know if it's possible. I will still be testing some things and tweaking once you all start coming back and using the site... It's easier to see how it's working when there is some activity.


  • You can now assign your blog entries to a category the same way you've been doing for Pictures. It is not required but it will make it easier for people looking for your deer bio or for your creative writing if you add it to a category.
  • post URLS are now by node/# and not the same as the title of your entry. This way you can edit the title and the url will not change. None of your previous posts urls should have been effected by this.
  • you can use more HTML tags now for formatting. I added IMG, blockquote, h1-h4, i, b, br, p, tt, pre and strike... more info here. If you don't know what i am talking about, you don't need it Laughing out loud
  • I put in a hard coded limit of 1024 pixels across for images. Anything wider than that will be scaled down. And I hope that you will try to limit the size of your images as sometimes they get really huge and that is not so nice for browsing around. (And you can always put in a link to a larger version.)

    I would like to implement some sort of personal tagging system, so you can organize your entries for yourself also, but that is a bit more complicated and will have to be for the next time I do some crazy upgrade adventure >} Exclaim
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    "The freakiest, sickest, scariest thing I've ever seen!"

    The Fawn

    “Ok, with that human face part I’ve gone from relaxed to petrified (I guess you could say I’m like ‘a deer in headlights!’!!).”

    “Sweet fucking Christ, that’s terrifying. That’s going to be chasing in my nightmares tonight.”

    “That has to be one of the freakiest, sickest, scariest things I’ve ever seen. That’s like Omaha Beach, Iwo Jima, Alien, F.E.A.R., a botched surgery and evil evil evil Bambi all rolled together.”

    If you think that picture is terrifying, their main pages background will make you shit yourself.”

    Recent thread on Penny Arcade Forums

    And here we were thinking our new fawn character looked so cute.

    It’s not the first time that we have heard people respond like this. The human face on the deer in The Endless Forest sometimes freaks certain people out. Granted, most of those people would not be interested in playing the game. But this thread on Penny Arcade happens to be about non-competitive games.

    Anyway, if you can see what might be so immensely unsettling about our Endless Forest characters, please let us know. We just think they’re cute imaginary creatures…

    See Lina Kusaite’s portfolio for more concept sketches of the fawn.

    [The Endless Forest News from Tales of Tales]
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    test blog

    is just a test to make sure nothing happens by itself
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    Chaos in The Forest!

    Chaos in The Forest! -


    This screenshot pretty much tells it all. There were a record number of deer in attendance for The Endless Forest ABIOGENESIS: Summer Solstice! It was almost more than our server, or we ourselves, could handle but it was a great time and we hope it was good for you too. :) Thanks to all who logged in, for the patience and participation. Till next time in Phase 3, you bet! ;)

    see more images in the Gallery.

    And our favorite Endless Forest videographer, Anduin, video captured the experience perfectly!

    [The Endless Forest News from Tales of Tales]
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