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Well i added this option back BUT WITH THE WARNING UNDER IT THAT it does not work correctly yet Sticking out tongue
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hmmm.... Sticking out tongue
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? ummmmm looks good though.

? ummmmm looks good though. Take care now and happy galloping.

Will we be able to use them

Will we be able to use them soon? *hopeful stare*
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Auriea you're always the

Auriea you're always the first one to comment on your own blog. Sticking out tongue
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Hi Auriea. Sorry to bother

Hi Auriea. Sorry to bother you with this, I realise you probably have your hands full with all the upgrades and stuff... but due to the glitch with the displayed name (my displayed and the actual name differ) I lost the ability to post comments on the community under my main account (http://endlessforest.org/community/sandrilyona) although I can easily post blog entries... I had to use mu second deers account to comment...this is really confusing, will this be fixed soon? Sad
Due to my commenting glitch I'm using Sands account. Sincerely yours,Rain. Rain Sand
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Hey Sand. You should be able

Hey Sand. You should be able to go back and change that now. This is why I turned it back on. If you go to your account (choose Edit, then Personal Information) you can just delete the Display Name and then you can comment again as normal. I wasn't thinking about the consequences when I turned it off before. Really sorry about that.
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aah! thanks a million for

aah! thanks a million for this, i felt so bad not replying to comments for a while. Sticking out tongue
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Thank you very much!)

Thank you very much!)

Auriea,Your just so kind to

Auriea,Your just so kind to people,Thank you so much for doing the endless forest,i hope maybe i could meet you on the game if you want Smiling

Signed,Sbrina101,Thank You

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