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and does the video embedding work now??

don't know why it is putting in extra line breaks. this is kind of frustrating and will frustrate everybody if i don't figure it out :/
so whats the deal here?

testing the color bug

this entry will not be here long.
soon i will delete it because

it is just a test.
of the color BUG in bBBBBBcode!

seems to only be a problem when set to filtered html....
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Strange enough it doesn't

Strange enough it doesn't work for me. Bummer. Same thing with 'size' and 'font'. Maybe the whole BBCode was messed up in the process? Or maybe it's just me, that would suck.

But you go watch your movie, I'm a whine ass. Sticking out tongue

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That almost sounded like

That almost sounded like poetry, Auriea.
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BBCode should work as

BBCode should work as expected now.