Anirapio - a short history...

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Just some info I wanted to write down about my dragon, Anirapio, before her summoning to the Endless Forest by Iugulare. Enjoy!

In a nearby solar system lies a terran planet called Ibuzon. Much like Earth, Ibuzon began with the spark of life, and soon countless species thrived on the planet, each adapting to new changes and challenges with their environment.

One species grew superior to the others - the Daog. These creatures were dragons - scaly green and white skin, great wings used for both flight and hunting, mantis-like forelimbs used to grip their prey. Their bodies changed and grew accordingly, sometimes they lacked limbs, other times they had legs and feet but no forelimbs, and sometimes the other way around. But unlike any other species, they never developed mouths on their faces, but instead had a slit on their chest and a tube that ran the length of their belly to the tip of their tail. These creatures devoured their food whole, absorbing liquids and nutrients from it as it traveled down their stomach. They eventually would expel the unused remainder through the tip of their tail. The Daog were superior in intelligence than most of the other species, and were able to communicate to one another through telepathy as they had no mouth to speak with.

The Daog began their species as scavengers, feeding on plants, berries, fruit...occasionally insects. But they found that they were becoming malnourished from these meals, they could not sustain their high metabolism and many of them died from it. So the Daog tried a different approach - they hunted small creatures, stuffing them into their chest slots and absorbing their blood and energy. This worked much better, they were able to sustain their bodies, and soon as the species as a whole adapted to this new change in diet, they disregarded any sense of pity or remorse for causing pain to other creatures.

And thus the chain started - the Daog became stronger, faster, and deadlier while the other species on the planet were slowly meeting their extinction. The Daog could not stop feeding, their bodies were flawed to where anything they ate was used up quickly. Even hunting the larger species on Ibuzon proved futile.

One by one, the other species were hunted down and devoured to extinction. The Daog realized they were running out of resources, and one of them rose to lead the others - Anirapio. She tried desperately to think of a way to cure their high metabolic bodies, but she had no ideas. She then fell to the conclusion that her species would either need to find a new home full of more prey for them to eat, or they would wipe out all other life on Ibuzon and perish from cannibalism and malnourishment.

Anirapio one day saw a black object streak through the sky. She would later meet this object, who was the terrible infection, Iugulare, in later years. On one fateful day, Anirapio heard words of summoning, ancient magic known and used by few who would dare try. She felt her body compress and vanish, reappearing on a new world where she saw a sleek creature stare at her. "The great...and terrible...Anirapio. You have been brought here to aid in my quest to claim this world.", Iugulare said to her.

Anirapio would soon become Iugulare's servant, aiding the infection unwillingly. She knew that her own species was suffering on Ibuzon, and Anirapio planned soon to rebel against Iugulare and claim Earth for the Daog to harvest.

But for the moment, she would be patient and obey Iugulare's every command.


Additional fun facts on the Daog species:

Female Daog are superior to males on the planet, and an instinctual 'rule' for the species is that a female will choose a suitable male and mate with him. However, after mating, the male Daog must surrender himself to the female. He is quickly devoured by the female to provide sustenance for the newly forming baby Daog. Those males who disobey this rule will be hunted down and killed by other Daog and the body is given to the female who mated with him. The process seems brutal, but it keeps the Daog species from growing too quickly, as one new baby is born, one member of the species must be killed.

In addition, the process of devouring the female's mate keeps her body from eating away at the fetus, since their high metabolism often results in accidental fetal mortality. Their bodies will literally eat at the fetus growing inside them if there is not immediate sustenance in the female Daog's body.

Very interesting - and very

Very interesting - and very enjoyable, too. <3 I can't wait to read more about your villians, all three of them are so incredibly intriguing...
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Wow, this was very

Wow, this was very interesting to read. : D
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I'm planning on writing a

I'm planning on writing a continuation of this where Nekumbra becomes the third member of the Deadly Trio. Unlike Iug and Ani, Nek is a mutant rather than an alien, so she had a normal life (that she vaguely remembers) before becoming a carnivorous spider deer. I need to develop her a little more, but you'll soon see that while they are a team, none of them really like one another. Each member of the Deadly Trio has their own goals they wish to fulfill, and sometimes they may clash with one another. I'm pretty happy with how this is turning out, too.
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So she's not technically evil

So she's not technically evil then. Interesting.
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Iug is definitely evil. She

Iug is definitely evil. She enjoys making anything and everything suffer.'s complicated. She devours to survive, but she does make her prey suffer terrible amounts of pain. Also her idea of 'saving her species' isn't such a great idea, because if she were successful, Earth would soon share the same fate as Izubon, and the cycle would just repeat. So she's chaotic but not necessarily evil.
Nek is neutral, she was good before her mutation, but she's now driven by instinct to eat fawns, and she wants to find a way to be normal once again. She feels remorse from her actions so that's why she tries to make the fawns' deaths as comforting and painless as possible.

I also had a terrifying idea, not sure how (or if) i'd put it together, but what if Anirapio somehow figured out teleportation from Earth to Izubon? She'd then capture and force as many animals as she could into the portal, sending them to a world nearly totally inhabited by her species. It would be a start to saving the Daog, but she'd have to think bigger. (I haven't decided how many Daog inhabit Izubon yet, but I was thinking it would be around the same population a species on Earth)

I'd feel so sorry for any poor soul who got teleported to Izubon. They'd have to fight off an entire world of Daog that wanted to eat them, a hopeless chance of survival as they'd be overtaken and devoured.


Interesting...very interesting. I enjoy reading about mass extinctions....they're always very interesting Smiling

You should be a writer ^^
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Sorry to bump this topic, but

Sorry to bump this topic, but I'm thinking about writing a story that relates to this - an extinction story. It would be about the last of a particular species getting hunted down by the Daog.

Would anyone be interested? If so, what kind of Earth species would you like me to base it on? Ibuzon was populated much like Earth with a wide variety of animals, but the Daog devoured many of them to extinction. Whatever species I write the story about will be similar to a species on Earth.

Thanks for any input.

Edit - The Last Achak, but I might write a few more stories like this depicting the hostile environment on Ibuzon, introducing briefly species on the planet that are wiped out by the Daog. The Achak is a herbivorous, anteater-like creature with delicate feathers on its body, so other species would be very different than it. Unlike the Achak, the next species would probably defend itself better.

Also any artwork you guys would like to draw inspired by any of this is greatly appreciated. I might try to get a few landscape drawings done, maybe even decide on what the world itself looks like.
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Added a fun-fact about the

Added a fun-fact about the Daog species, inspired by the praying mantis mating habits (the female eating the male's head).

Quad: *shuddershuddershudder* Males shouldn't be eaten thankyouveryfrigginmuch!!