Comeback :))

Hey everyonee!!

I haven't been on here in a million years (6 years actually) and I'm really wondering how everyone is doing and if the game is still alive.
If you want to you can send me your deer for me to draw because I really have nothing to do rn
Sending love

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Hello! Welcome back! Glad to

Hello! Welcome back!
Glad to see people returning to the Forest. I've been away for quite some time as well Smiling
I'll make sure to meet you in the Forest and say Hi!
Haha, feel free to draw my Cang Yin if you'd like to ^^
© Sybilline
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Welcome back! I too just came

Welcome back! I too just came back last week after being gone about four years, so I know what you mean! TEFc seems to have slowed down, but the game seems to always have at least 15+ deer in it, so I think it's just that places like Discord and such have become more popular for posting, though I know I personally am nostalgic for the posts on TEFc and am hoping to bolster them myself, however little!
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Welcome back!

Welcome back!